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Options Trend Trading – Arguably One of the Best Ways to Become Wealthy Trading

Options Trend trading is overlook method of trading, which is unfortunate for those who want to make a lot of money.

Note:  See our Power Trends Trading Systems page – Power Trends are 2 week to 4 week trends and can be very powerful to play as shorter term trends.

It’s very easy to get caught up in quicker and quicker and shorter and shorter term Trading.  But it’s not very smart to do.

I mean think about it. If you can play one trade and how that trade grow your account significantly versus taking 20 trades which type of trade is better to do?

We think that doing a lot of work is what’s right. We think that you have to work really hard for long hours in order to make a lot of money. But that’s just simply not the case, not with today’s structures come assist opportunities.

In fact the more you require of yourself too physically work and do things the more likely you won’t make much at all. When everything depends on you doing lots of back hurts what happens? You get tired. He gets stop. Things just become no fun and not enjoyable. Your subconscious revolts.

I’ll tell you right now that I believe most folks will be able to make a lot more money if they focus in on trading Trends with options.

A worry and panic over ” time is short” “I’m so busy”, “I need money now now now” our minds states that will surely lead you to the Poorhouse.

It’s time to wake up and slow down!  Let’s cut junk out of our lives that are wasting our time and enticing us to waste our time.  For of the fastest way to make a lot of money in the markets is to slow down.  You may want to read Aesop’s Fable The Tortoise and the Hare once more.

  • When trading Trends you start buying options that have very slow time decay. This provides you a mental Edge and a financial one too.
  • Huge major happening over the place all the time and stocks. Simply need to learn how to spot these moves ahead of time and take advantage of them. This is where we come in with our options Trend trading systems and options Trend trading strategies.
  • When you start Trend trading and Trend trading only you start to get into the mindset of wealth building. This is a very important mindset have if you want to become wealthy.
  • Trend trading helps you get out of the rat race and finally helps you build wealth.
  • Once you build wealth Trend trading you can make cash flow off of your wealth, for example, from our covered calls methods.
  • For those who buy shorter-term options you tend to be swimming Upstream against time decay. This become very annoying and very frustrating towards wealth building.  Additionally, frustration can lead to damaging mistakes which we certainly do not want to have.


Options Trend Trading Systems

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Looking to ride one month power trends?  Try JackPOT System D

Looking to take advantage of Monthly Trend Cycles without much thinking?   Try JackPOT Cyclone

Options Trend Trading Systems and Strategies

We’ll add one by one. Contact us if you’re looking for something specific.

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