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OTA CORE System Was Directly Translated from a Highly Developed, Long Time Intuitive Method That Was Used For Ramping Up Tiny Options Accounts to Large Ones.

  • This means it has a very solid approach with a lot of market price movement momentum “wind” at your back. 
  • It is very high probability especially when combined with my “Story Trend” method and concept for finding  extra motivated swings within a trend. 
  • But now with OTA CORE you don’t even have to strain your intuition. Just trade the translated system rules over and over and over again – this way you can capture way more opportunity than trying to hone into the best of the best (guess) of a series of swing trades to ride for a while then forget to keep going.  Systems trading, simple habitual systems trading is the way to meg fortunes over time. But who is smart enough to be simply systematic like that over time? How about you! 

OTA CORE Options Swing Trading System is a Must Learn, Must Master Options Trading System & is the Core Foundation off the Whole Options Trading AUTHORITY Movement And All Of Our Revolutionary Options Trading Systems & Strategies.

Learn How to Trade for a Potential Very Good Living with a Solid System.   Discover How a Well Developed Intuitive Trading Method Was Translated into a Simple Set of Rules, of Actions that Any Trader Can Follow from Beginner to Advanced. 

Intuition Trading Takes a Lot of Focus and Energy and Can Tend to Focus on Only One Opportunity in a While. But OTA CORE Now Makes it MUCH Easier to Trade this Powerful Intuitive Method Over and Over and Over Again in Order to Take Advantage of Way More Opportunities, in a Simple, Low Time Required (2-5 min a night or less), Low Stress Way!

Find Out Why O T A CORE Is an Absolutely Important Fundamental System that is a Must Learn and Go To Stock & Options Trading System… You can use O T A Core for options trading and for stock trading too.

What This Means is if You Buy OTA CORE Today and Learn it Today:  Tomorrow You will Have a System for Life, that  You Can Use Over & Over to Trade for a Potential Very Good Living, for Cash Flow Generation and for Compounding Returns Overtime…


   Limited Time Student Starter Special: $997



Why Buy OTA CORE Options Trading System?

  1. Immediately have access to a very solid way for trading for a potential good living.
  2. Learn how to become a simple & systematic trader because that’s the key to making profits over time.
  3. Start a way of trading that can continually put you on the right side of the market’s trend flow.  It’s a nice feeling to be on the right side of the markets trend, having market momentum “wind” at your back…
  4. Know the best options to play.
  5. Learn how to swing trade options.
  6. Know how to get in and out exactly in options trading without having to watch the markets all day.
  7. Learn how to trade in as little as five minutes a night.


  8. Have a Repeatable Way of Trading that You Can Do Over and Over for Compounding Profits Over Time!    The big wealth is made in compounding.  In order to compound profits over time you need to be trading a solid and consistent method, of which OTA CORE is.   And you’ll want to trade assets that are solid assets that move around in a solid way to maximize profits.  Once you consistently increase the size of your account, you simply increase your position size in proportion to the increase size in your account. 

How Does OTA CORE Make Money with Options?   See the Charts Below for Approximate Options Profit Points Per Move: Performance Examples of OTA CORE Options Trading System on Home Depot Stock – HD:

  • Your personal profits from options trading with OTA CORE will vary depending on which options strike you buy and how much time left till expiration. 
  • You can trade shorter term options buy going further in the money on the options chain, but not too far.   This way you can get optimal deltas for making more profit points per stock move.   And you can usually get a better percent gain by trading short term options. 
  • You can go out further in time to minimize premium decay concerns, although your deltas will be smaller, meaning you get paid less in options profits per stock move, unless you get a big move on the stock. 



  Stock-Trading-Profit-Points-OTA-CORE-HD-2017-5-2019 10-Options-Contracts-OTA-CORE-HD-2017-5-2019 

100-Options-Contracts-OTA-CORE-HD-2017-5-2019 1000-Options-Contracts-OTA-CORE-HD-2017-5-2019 1000-Stock-Shares-OTA-CORE-HD-2017-5-2019



OTA CORE System Performance Example Explained

Here you can see a graph of OTA CORE trading system’s performance based on the systems rules, all trades in a row.   You can use OTA CORE to trade stocks or options.   

Your options profit points will depend on the delta of option that you are using.  So if you’re using an ATM option of 50% delta on average then you can take the stock points and divide those in half to get your options points, if you bought the equivalent in options to stock shares.  So if you’re comparing 1000 shares of stocks to options, then you would need 10 contracts in options. 

You could use ITM in the money options, for example, which could give you, say, 75% deltas on average.  So then you would look at the performance of the stock and multiply it times .75.

You’ll be able to find your best options, best time to expiration and best strikes over time, that you like in a balance between premium decay rates and deltas.  We’ll tell the types of options that we like in this course. 

Remember this is swing trading.  The average move last 3 to 5 days.  But some times we get great runs of 2 weeks even 3 weeks of deep ITM options profits, which is always fun.


QQQ OTA CORE Systems Trades

QQQ P/L Running Totals
2021 6.73 6.73
  6.64 13.37
  15.56 28.93
  -5.2 23.73
  22.83 46.56
  3.45 50.01
  15.18 65.19
  4.53 69.72
  6.57 76.29
  -0.63 75.66
  5.63 81.29
  4.18 85.47
  2.72 88.19
  8.34 96.53
  16.65 113.18
  9.52 122.7
  -5.85 116.85
  1.48 118.33
  -7.42 110.91
2022: 23.16 134.07
  -9.99 124.08
  9.26 133.34
  -7.67 125.67
  5.99 131.66
  0.7 132.36
  11.61 143.97
  15.02 158.99
  0.69 159.68
  7.9 167.58
  8.27 175.85
  11.66 187.51
  2.26 189.77
  4.11 193.88
  14.11 207.99
  8.96 216.95
  2.35 219.3
  6.5 225.8
  10.3 236.1
  -8.82 227.28
2023: 8.79 236.07
  7.31 243.38
  11.8  Total Accumulated QQQ Points = +255.18


Limited Time Student Starter Special: $997


Features of OTA CORE Options Trading System

  1. This is a home study video course that teaches you all the tricks, secrets and techniques of the OTA CORE trading system.

  2. If you have trading questions you can ask them easily through the support ticket system in your members back office, which you will receive after purchase.   Please do ask your trading questions.  We genuinely want to see you break 7 figures and get on our OTA Hall of Fame wall. 

  3. We’ll teach you the intuition to rules based transition logic.  It’s very interesting!  It took a while to figure it out at first but eventually I was able to develop a new technique that you can use for figuring out right when a swing in trend was about to trigger, which I was able to do intuitively before.

  4. OTA CORE is a crystal clear way to trade.  You won’t be guessing in real time.   Having clarity in trading is very powerful. 

  5. What you want to do is find stocks that like to move around a lot.  They could be stocks that move up and down, back and forth or stocks that like to trend.

  6. You can also use OTA CORE to play stocks that are going into a down trend and tanking, or even crashing to make faster profits and potential fortunes with long, buy put positions.  

  7. Actual intuitive trading takes a lot of effort focus and energy but systems trading takes very little effort focus and energy. Whew…  What a relief it was to discover systems trading!  Plus systems trading can be done in less than 5 minutes a night.  Yes.  What used to be on my mind umpteen hours a day, occupying my thoughts, my focus now was reduced to 5 minutes with zero emotional involvement requirement (although it is emotionally exciting to make money over and over and over again, I must confess)

  8. Also with systems trading we can just simply repeat the price action trading movements over and over and over for putting ourselves in front of juicy profits time after time vs. the “epic” approach which ends up only capturing one or two trades.

  9. Intuitive trading takes so much effort, focus and energy to trade intuitively.  I’ve learned over time that my highly honed intuition that I developed from a young age can be easily replaced and many times better by distilling that intuition into a repeatable, simple set of trading rules that you can do over and over in just a few minutes a night.

  10. If you can get this system today or even this week, I would really try!  It’s THAT good!

  11. Learn an exact set of rules that you can get down pat and use to trade the markets. Learn how to trade stocks and options. You can also use the system to trade other instruments.


OTA CORE System Performance Update

It’s all according to system rules so if you had the OTA CORE System you could have had very similar if not the same results.  These results are based on taking every single system trade.  

NOTE:  Options Profits vs. Stock Profit Points:  For figuring out options profits from stock total profit points you take the stock profit points and multiply times your average delta.  What’s your average delta?  Well if you are buying an at the money option your delta is usually .5 or 50%, at the start.  As the stock goes in your favor, your deltas on your options increase, meaning you make money faster.  As the stock goes against you, then your deltas decrease which means that you lose money slower.  And that’s great.  You just need to pick the options that give you the best bang for the buck and lowest premium decay. 

You could trade shorter term further ITM options for faster, bigger profits with much higher deltas while quickly going to 100% delta, tick for tick with the stock. 

You could trade OTM options a bit further out in time.

You want to compare from week to week or month to month to estimate your average daily premium decay rates.  If you run out of time on your options you can simply roll the position out into later expiration by closing out the current position and simply using those funds or part of them to buy a new position with a later expiration. 

So, if your average delta per swing move is say .65, incorporating trades that don’t advance much, lose or advance a good amount or advance your options deep in the money.  Then to get a ball park picture of options profits, you would take the total stock points and multiply by .65.   

So if you had +239.3 stock points, your options points on a standard 10 contracts would be 293.3x.65= 155.54 so $155,545 dollars in profit on the options. 

WYNN – OTA CORE System Performance


+.43+37.21+4.21-7.52+15.21+12.21+4.87 +6.08+20.21+12.13 =+105.04


4.58+3.98+4.21+1.25+5.21-3.54+11.12+7.08+16.21 = +50.1  Till Aug. 4 2021.

AMZN – OTA CORE System Performance


AMZN P/L Running Totals
July 1 2022 3.05 3.05
Post split 8.34 11.39
Cheaper Options 16.39 27.78
  0.9 28.68
  9.84 38.52
  3.43 41.95
  6.26 48.21
  7 55.21
  -4.62 50.59
Feb 3rd 2023 6.56  Total Accumulated AMZN Points = +57.15

ROKU – OTA CORE System Performance


ROKU P/L Running Totals
2020 7.05 7.05
  31.1 38.15
  31.88 70.03
  3.66 73.69
  -7.58 66.11
  16.46 82.57
  -9.67 72.9
  1.83 74.73
  -5.69 69.04
  38.92 107.96
  44.53 152.49
  8.19 160.68
  7.29 167.97
2021 72.15 240.12
  -19.97 220.15
  15.36 235.51
  -20.48 215.03
  26.62 241.65
  -22.02 219.63
  28.67 248.3
  9.22 257.52
  35.82 293.34
  -20.02 273.32
  13.34 286.66
  -14.19 272.47
  5.78 278.25
  7.35 285.6
  8.94 294.54
  76.24 370.78
  9.26 380.04
2022 27.56 407.6
  19.28 426.88
  -10.57 416.31
  15.61 431.92
  0.92 432.84
  -0.56 432.28
  13.42 445.7
  8.11 453.81
  0.14 453.95
  2.14 456.09
  11.35 467.44
  -0.79 466.65
  1.16 467.81
  -4.18 463.63
  8.48 472.11
2023 -2.36 469.75
  6.4 476.15
Feb 2023 4.04 Total Accumulated ROKU Points = +480.19

QQQ OTA CORE Systems Trades

ROKU OTA CORE Systems Trades


Finally, A Real, Workable, Options Trading System Designed for Purpose of Trading Options for a Good Living.

Learn the System that Started it All for Options Trading AUTHORITY Systems Develop When, in 1998 I Discovered that My Intuitive Skills Developed Starting at Age 6,  for Finding Big Uptrends in Stocks, “Story Investing” As I Called It, Could Be Translated to a Few Rules on a Price Chart AND THEN Duplicated Over and Over Again Instead of My One Time Wonder Only Intuitive Trades…

You are in for a treat! You’re about to learn an amazing system designed for CRUSHING IT WITH OPTIONS that was  translated out of a time where I intuitively (and with lots of focus) “rode the waves” of a “story trend” move as I used to call them. 

I was initially a stock investor and trader.  Then I got into options.  I learned the instructors “options strategies”.  But they were weak.  So one day I thought, “what if I just do what I know and instead apply options to it?…”  And the rest was history.

In my first running I took approximately $13,000 up to a peak of around $425,000 in 4 months, 4 trades in my whuppersnapper days as I decided to apply my stock picking skills to options. 

Obviously you can see that I got a little aggressive on my position sizing… ahh youth… but I had a well built up intuition in the markets that started to be shaped from age six. Yes age six. 

My dad loved the markets.   He had me trying to read the Wall Street Journal and listen to Paul Kangas’ Nightly Business Report even from that age.  He got me into the markets.  Since it made him so happy, I decided to keep learning.

Back to the trading story:  So I was following this certain stock of a certain company.  They had great options prices back then that correlated with the stocks average moves quite well.  You could buy a near the money option at about 1.00, ride a move and sell it for 5 to 8 on a decent swing.  It was great.   And so I rode swings along a motivated “story trend”for a  highly anticipated product approval, product launch launch that was very much in demand (no it wasn’t AAPL – I’ll tell you in the course…).

You can still find these types of options on good solid stocks.  And you don’t need to play the popular stocks which often have more expensive options.  But hey, if a stock can put in a great move, then options pricing is just relative to how much that stock can move.  So do keep that in mind.  The max the stock I was playing got to was around 115 points or so.  It was just a basic stock but it did have a compelling “story trend”.  So I just rode the swings of that trend.   

And I knew enough about options back in those days to know that I needed momentum and speed, with a good amount of follow through,  “point millage” in order to make a lot of money with options.  So like a cheetah hunting for it’s prey, I searched and surveyed the land and eventually this opportunity popped up out of the blue. 

And I knew with my “cheetah instincts”, that this stock was going to make a highly motivated move over the next 3 months or so even to the point of nearly being a “for sure win”.  So I waited until I had the right setup; I waited for my prey…. And just at the the right moment, I pounced with explosive speed and fury into an well figured out, ideal, aggressive options position.

I did this 3 more times and CRUSHED IT taking a tiny account into a nice sized account, a very nice sized account for me at the time, taking the whole account upto a 3000% gain in the account in about 4 months.  I ended up getting out with that last trade a little late with only a 1,700% on my entire account in 3-4 months,  since it was my first experience with options ultra euphoria which got me to hang on and not get out when I intuitively knew better.  (And now I developed the systematic trick to avoid missing out on those max profits that I built into the system.) 

So, the whole process of intuitively making the series of trades I did took a lot of time and effort, a LOT of time and effort.  And so I realized, even though that was a great victory,  intuitive trading sure does take up a lot of time, effort and focus. And my intuitive approach really limited me from doing other things. And I wondered if there was an easier way…

Then one day down the road, I stumbled upon some technical analysis books. And one book in particular really shocked me. They were talking about a method that was similar to mine that I used intuitively to take that small amount and turn it into a large one over 4 trades.  It was similar but not the same so I went to work in trying to figure out how I could translate my accurate intuition into a set of simple, clear rules so I could trade in a much easier way and repeat the process more often.

I thought it was an epic move in the stock at the time.  But then later I realized, these types of moves were happening on a regular basis!  I used to think I had to find some sort of epic move in the stock but later I felt kind of silly realizing that these trend moves were happening on a pretty regular basis, up and down and up and down in stocks. When I realized that, it dawned on me how much money I was missing out on because these types of moves could be rode over and over.  But I needed to crack a more simple way of trading those moves.  Eventually I DID.  And that method became OTA CORE!

So I translated my entire intuitive process into a simple set of rules and now have decided to teach this method to YOU.  I even refined this method over time with a couple additional boosters.  You can access this system today if you take action now. Click add to cart to get started if you want it. 

If you’re interested in learning this system then do it now since it’s very easy to forget later.  And just imagine:  if you forget to get this system and put it to work:  Just imagine the years of compounding profits you would miss.  There is no perfect time to start except NOW.  Get compounding.  Click the add to cart button and start trading today!

I was watching the markets like a hawk, as the expression goes.  Because after I put position on I now had to figure out intuitively when to get out of that position at the right time in order to make sure I capture the most profit I could. And that took a lot of focus and a lot of time.  Now with OTA CORE, it’s SUPER EASY. 

I realized that my trading achievement of $13k to over $400k in a few months was really not that big of a deal because I could have done that many times over, over and over and over, over the years, compounding my account to ridiculous levels, by simply following a few set of rules!  it was mind blowing. It was incredible.

Of course you probably wouldn’t want to be as aggressive as I was without the special sauce technique that I teach in the course.  Yeah I was a bit aggressive. You don’t need to be that aggressive.  You’ll likely do better by following the money management methods in the OTA CORE System course. But if you did want to be more aggressive, at least now, you’ll have a high probability plan. 

The discovery that price charts hold the secrets and can make trading so much more easy was a massive one.

Because now I can reduce my effort in watching the market by 99% while taking advantage of these types of  moneymaking moves over and over and over again. Plus, now I would be able to compound my account since now I can take a systematic approach, and repeat it, trading these types of moves over and over and over again, even on the same stock.

So I translated my intuition into a set of rules into this trading system called OTA CORE.  And also I mention the secret sauce needed if your looking to get really aggressive and crush it like I did as I explain that in the OTA CORE Options and Stocks Trading System.

Plus, if I had the OTA CORE trading system with its simple rules at the time I could have kept on trading, taking in way more profits overtime versus just taking those 4 trades.

You see, intuitive trading got me so focused on one event, one story. But there are many price actin stories that keep on going and going and going in a stock’s price action flow.  And quite frankly you don’t even need a special story anymore technically speaking.  The OTA CORE removes the need for all extra thinking.  All we need to do is see the charts and do the system.  Eventually the doing of the system goes into the subconscious mind so it becomes easier than ever and seems like it’s on autopilot – that’s where we want to be.

You’re just getting in front of opportunity every time so you capture most if not all moves up or down, calls or puts.  All we want to do is simply be in front of the market on our favorite stocks, or any new hot stock you find,  before they move with our nice options position or stock position.  And then just collect the profits as the market moves.

As we keep doing the trades, the idea of a system is that the revenue out paces any costs.  So then therefore, like a business that is continually making sales, we would then be continually look to make profits as our revenues are higher than our costs.  Revenues are winning trades.  Costs are largely losing trades.  And as profits keep growing, then we increase our position size in proportion to the new account size.  And then… account values start to take off like a rocket producing that geometric curve!

What’s “Price Action Trading” for Options?

It’s price bar movement on a price chart.   It’s the way price moves around on a price chart. It’s the language of the marketplace.  The marketplace speaks.  It says things.  I’ve learned how to read the language of the marketplace so we can listen, and profit.

Price actions is just simply a record of price, moment by moment, on paper or a computer screen, a range plotted on a graph of time vs. price. And there are many secrets on a price chart. In fact you may even argue that there is a ” universal code”, ” fabric of the universe” and so on, sitting right there on a price chart.

Of course after studying price charts almost every single day for nearing thirty years I’ve gained quite a bit of insight… So I’d like to share some of that Insight with you to help you potentially start profiting right away.

Again, whoever thought that trading could be so simplified. Most people get sucked into the markets noise and emotionalism.  And you don’t  have to get sucked into market traps anymore!

The noise and emotionalism of the markets are how the market place takes amateurs money. You can get a greater insight about this by reading Nicholas Daravas’ book, “How I Made $2000000 in the Stock Market”

   Limited Time Student Starter Special: $997



  • You’re going to get the foundational system to the reason behind this whole site and all of our trading systems development through our other “AUTHORITY” brand trading sites with OTA Core Options Trading System.

  • You’re going to get a high probability way of trading that could potentially help you make a lot of money overtime.

  • We’re going to show you how to compound options profits for potential dramatic advancement of one’s account.

  • We’re going to show you how to crack the code for the mystery of price action trading with options.

  • You are going to learn the best options to pick and how to pick some of the best stocks for options trading.

  • This is a video based home study course that teaches you the secrets of the system so you’re going to own a skill for life.

  • We’ll show you how to learn a trading system without actually trading money yet so that you’re ready to go when you do trade money. And when you do trade, you can start small and let the system grow over time so therefore you learn the system better that way.

  • Understand that when you have a good trading system it’s very smart to put it to work at least with a tiny position and turn the trading of the system into a habit because these days it’s easy to get distracted and you could be leaving the potential fortune on the table overtime.

  • And yes like you see in the logo, this system is traded in roughly 5 minutes a night. Now if you’re trading a bunch of stocks with options then it may take a few minutes longer. But in order to trade a system well it’s better to just simply execute the system and not watch the markets all day. So therefore OTA CORE could help produce extra free time and flexibility for you too.

   Limited Time Student Starter Special: $997



Why OTA CORE Is an Absolutely Important Fundamental System that is a Must Learn and Go To Stock & Options Trading System…OTA CORE 2

  • OTA CORE is a fundamental trading system that needs to be mastered by all options traders in my opinion. 

  • Having OTA CORE can help prevent you from going on wild goose chases that make you unstable in your pursuit of becoming successful in trading.  And with OTA CORE Stocks & Options Trading System you’ll have a system you can come back to that makes you feel good!

  • Learn a method that you can use with good average momentum stocks for targeting a racking up of swing after swing, compounding those swings in to potential huge gains.  And then, do it over and over and over again…

  • When performed well, especially with good swinging Stocks, OTA CORE Options System has the ability to help put you in positions to make FORTUNES by proper compounding your account over time.

  • Use OTA CORE to trade you favorite stock’s options, ETF’s  and index options. 

  • You can also use OTA CORE to trade Forex and Futures, digital assets too if you want.



OTA CORE 3 (1)


Benefits of OTA CORE Options Trading System

  • Learn OTA CORE for an options trading system for life.

  • Have a go to, dependable method of trading.

  • OTA Core has been a long time solid concept.

  • Learn the secrets translated from my highly developed intuition at the time that provided me high precision swing trading opportunities.

  • Unlock secrets from an intuitive series of runs which brought about a roughly 2000% return on my ENTIRE ACCOUNT at the time in just 4 trades.

  • If I would have known before, that my intuitive method could be reduced to a set of mechanics, rules and optimizations, I would have done those runs over and over and over, racking up years of compounding that I missed.  Well now you have the opportunity to not miss years of compounding on the OTA CORE approach.  Learn this system and put it to work!

  • OTA CORE Is a SOLID dependable trading system that could provide for you a huge confidence boost that is very important to have for trading the markets.

  • Learn a way to trade to trade for a potential very good living.

   Limited Time Student Starter Special: $997





Get Started with OTA CORE Options Trading System and or Stock Trading System Today! 

Start Putting OTA CORE to Work For You, Helping You Increase Your Winning, Better Avoiding Pitfalls, Saving You Time While Putting You in Position to Potentially Trade for a Very Good Living!

   Limited Time Student Starter Special: $997