OTA CORE Intuition Translated Trading for a Good Living Options System

Fundamental Foundational Options Trading System - a 25 Minute Work Week System

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Are you in for a treat! You're about to learn an amazing system translate it out of a long-term well developed highly successful intuition that for example at one point ran approximately $13,000 up to a peak of around $425,000 in 4 months, 4 trades.

This was done intuitively but later I found that there were actual trading entry and exit setups on a price chart that coordinated with my intuition. I was stunned to say the least that such a thing could be done time. What thing was this?

The thing was the discovery that price charts hold all the secrets and can make train so much more easy.

And a problem with intuitive trading is that it is very time-consuming and exhaustive. Plus if I had the OTA CORE trading system with it simple rules at the time I could have kept on trading, taking in way more profits overtime versus just taking those 4 trades.

You see intuitive trading got me so focused on one event, one story. But there are many stories that keep on going and going and going in a stock's price action flow.

What's price action? It's just simply a time period a price range plotted on a graph of time vs. price. And there are many secrets on a price chart. In fact you may even argue that there is a " universal code", " fabric of the universe" and so on, sitting right there on a price chart. Of course after studying price charts almost every single day for nearing thirty years i've gained quite a bit of insight... So I'd like to share some of that Insight with you to help you potentially start profiting right away.

Again, whoever thought that trading could be so simplified. Most people get sucked into the markets noise and emotionalism. The noise and emotionalism of the markets are how the market place takes amateurs money. You can get greater insight about this by reading Nicholas Daravas' book, "How I Made $2000000 in the Stock Market"
  • You're going to get the foundational system to the reason behind this whole site and all of our trading systems development through our other brands.
  • You're going to get a way of trading that could potentially help you make a lot of money overtime.
  • We're going to show you how to compound options profits for potential dramatic advancement of one's account.
  • We're going to show you the mystery price action trading with options.
  • You are going to learn the best options to pick and how to pick some of the best stocks for options trading.
  • This is a video based home study course that teaches you the secrets of the system so you're going to own a skill for life.
  • We'll show you how to learning system without actually trading money yet so that you're ready to go when you do trade money. And when you do trade, it may be better to start small and let the system grow over time so therefore you learn the system better that way.
  • Understand that when you have a good trading system it's very smart to put it to work at least with a tiny position and turn the trading of the system into a habit because these days it's easy to get distracted and you could be leaving the potential fortune on the table overtime.
  • And yes like you see in the logo, this system is traded in roughly 5 minutes a night. Now if you're trading a bunch of stocks with options then it may take a few minutes longer. But in order to trade a system while it's better to just simply execute the system and not watch the markets all day. So therefore OTA CORE could help produce extra free time and flexibility for you too.