OTA CORE Trading Signals Service for Options Swing Trading Cashflow

Discover a few minutes a night trading business you can get started right away for cash flow compounding overtime!

We're going to send you the entry and the exit in addition to the stock and or auctions position. So we send you all you need to know for getting in and getting out according to the OTA CORE Trading System.

Understand that the OTA CORE Trading System  is the foundation of Bedrock upon which we built this powerful Options Trading AUTHORITY website  filled with Incredible options trading systems most all of which have the potential to generate fortunes and compound those fortunes over time.

With OTA CORE Trading Signals Service for Options Swing Trading Cashflow  you're going to get an opportunity for us to hold you by the hand and guide you from day-to-day on how to trade this system. Fortunately this system is very easy to trade especially when we aren't telling you the entry and exit signals so you don't have to do any work other than of course putting in your order and getting out when you need to get out.

An advantage of using OTA CORE Trading Signals Service for Options Swing Trading Cashflow  is that you can follow the stocks that were using. Traditionally we're going to add hot opportunities as certain stocks step Into the Hot Zone. That's when you have stocks that can really put in some great highly motivated moves that we would like to capture and I'm sure you would as well.

Here Are More Advantages by Beig an OTA CORE PRO Signal Service Member

  • We run 2 stocks on the OTA CORE PRO system for a cash flow base.
  • Note:  this is the PRO version of the OTA CORE system.  So we have extra profit factors and profit taking optimization factors for making more money. 
  • Also we provide extra opportunities for strategy traders who look to take advantage of hot and bothered, extra motivated swing or super swing trading opportunities. 
  • And on top of that... OTA CORE PRO incorporates an additional opportunity where we will look to take advantage of special POWER TREND opportunities when available.  What does that mean?  Fairly often stocks will go into power trend mode.  This power trend is usually a 3 to 5 week, highly motivated move that usually incorporates several swings.  So power trends, when you hit them can be extra profitable since we aren't getting in and out multiple times and the power trend is usually a very strong directional move that can drive our options positions deep into the money for large, high delta, exciting profits!

That said we have the core system we run on one or two stocks which will provide the bread and butter cash flow targeting 4 pursuing stable cash flow generation.


  • Based on stock points
  • Use shorter term options ITM (In the Money) for higher deltas.   Also going in the money plus high delta gets you quickly towards 100% deltas making premium decay a non issue with winning trades.  Plus when you go In The Money you have less premium for decay.  Overall, more money can be made by trading In the Money options. 
  • Use longer term options ATM or OTM for less premium decay. 


2020: 33.5+40.28+.97+3.54+.85+5.09+28.09 +3.21-8.97+31.37+43.04+58.39 = +239.36

2021: 33.79+16.39+5.21+30.72+5.64+43.06-8.76+1.49+64.11+40.94 = +232.59 UNTIL AUG 1ST 2021


+.43+37.21+4.21-7.52+15.21+12.21+4.87 +6.08+20.21+12.13 =+105.04

2021: 4.58+3.98+4.21+1.25+5.21-3.54+11.12+7.08+16.21 = +50.1 Till Aug 4 and last trade still open

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