OTA CORE PRO Options Trading System - Stock Trading System

OTA CORE PRO Options Trading System or Stock Trading System for a Turbo Booster Upgrade to the Original OTA CORE System for EXTRA Options Swing Trading Cashflow

Discover a powerful new discovery made years later after the original OTA CORE PRO System was developed that was able to add incredible amounts of EXTRA cash flow with impressive ACCURACY.

Understand that the OTA CORE Trading System is the foundation bedrock upon which we built this powerful Options Trading AUTHORITY website filled with incredible options trading systems most all of which have the potential to generate fortunes and compound those fortunes over time.

With OTA CORE PRO Trading System Upgrade for Options Swing Trading Cashflow you're going to get an opportunity to discover new, pretty mind blowing opportunities, to which you'll probably agree once you learn this method for extra powerful profit trades that are in addition to your OTA CORE trades.  These are EXTRA trades that you can do to ADD to your OTA CORE opportunities. 

OTA CORE main system captures a lot of opportunites.  But yet, there are still other big moves that OTA CORE doesn't do.  I wanted to capture those extra juicy moves so one day, I stumbled upon the secrets behind OTA CORE PRO.  Now you have a chance to access OTA CORE PRO yourself!

OTA CORE PRO Performance to Be Added to OTA CORE System, Additionally



  • Based on stock points
  • These days we like to use shorter term options ITM (In the Money) for higher deltas.   Also going in the money plus high delta gets you quickly towards 100% deltas making premium decay a non issue with winning trades.  Plus when you go In The Money you have less premium for decay.  
  • Use longer term options ATM or OTM for less premium decay. 


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