Learn How to Trade Options from Scratch with New, Smarter Ways, a New Strategy Monthly and Learning Options Signals...

We Use a Stream of Multiple Courses to Teach You Options from Over 30 Different Angles.  We Provide Historical Success Studies So You Can Be Ready to Duplicate those Successes into the Future.   And We Teach with Real Time Options Trading Signals for Real Time Anticipation of Winning Options Trades so You Have Opportunities for Making Money in Options at the Same Time!

OTA Options MASTERY Program - Learn Options - How to Trade Options

What's in OTA's Options MASTERY Program?

  1. Learn Options from the Bottom up for Practical, Strategic and Intelligent Use
    1. Monthly Core Options Education - Learn Options.
    2. Learn Options Secrets, Insights to Win & Avoid Losing. 
    3. Master Options Mechanics.
    4. Master the Inner Game of Options Trading & There is No Long Term Success without Mastering the Inner Game of Trading (Mastering the Minds:  Cerebral, Heart and Subconscious Minds as Pertains to Interacting with the Markets)

  2. Historical Success Studies.  Learn About Profit Opportunities in the Past, Why they Worked & How You Can Be Ready for Each of These Opportunities in the Future.  Book Reviews - Historical Trading Books Pointers.

  3. Beginner Options Trading Signals:  Educational Trading Signals. Home Run Options Trading Signals. Low Hanging Fruit Trading Signals.  Learn How to Trade in Real Time While Potentially Making Fortunes at the Same Time...
$297.97  Only $97/month for a Limited Time
  • Learn How to Trade Options...
  • REALLY Learn How to Trade Options!
  • Learn the ABC123's.
  • Learn the Mechanics.
  • Learn the Inner Game of Trading.
  • Learn How to Win and Keep Winning.
  • How to Trade as Business.
  • Learn How to Trade for a Good Living.
  • Learn How to Generate Cash Flow.
  • Learn How to Build and Compound Wealth with Options...
  • Plus Options Powerful Options Learning Signals for Huge Potential Opportunities and Historical Success Stories.

  1. Learn or Re-Learn Options from Scratch.
  2. PLUS... Options Signals that Teach
  3. And Historical Success Studies on Scenarios You Can Learn to Anticipate in the Future for Huge Profits.
  4. Have Fun Learning a Skill that Could Pay of BIG into the Future.
  5. Learn Pitfalls to Avoid too!  Tap Our 35 plus Experience to Avoid Trouble and Put Yourself on the Right Side of the Markets!

$297.97  Only $97/month for a Limited Time
There are tons and tons of opportunity in options trading! there are so many options exploits, strategies, special opportunities that repeat over and over and over that you can become very good at taking advantage of in a very smart and strategic way so you can leverage options for incredible gains.


  • The mechanics of options
  • How to deal and dance with premium decay
  • How to take advantage of short-term options for juicy profitable high deltas exploits which can turn into heavy duty leverage cash returns.
  • Learn how to take advantage of options selling so you can also take advantage of a multitude of approaches for plucking off rapidly decaying, juicy premium from weekly options. Put premium decay on your side. It's a nice feeling.
  • Learn which options to buy and which ones to avoid.
  • Learn how to find hot stocks so you can ride them with options.
  • Learn options strategies, options combination strategies combining calls and puts for more strategic opportunities to take advantage of different price action scenarios.
  • Learn how to play both sides of the market at once so you don't have to pick a direction. You just let the stock move and collect profits. And on that note learn how to find the high probability points for entry out of which a stock can make a big move.
  • Learn how to combine technical analysis and news related concepts to gather at the same time to play extra motivated opportunities which allows you to then be even a bit more aggressive.
  • Learn options trading for the purpose of taking advantage of the bigger picture bigger timeframe moves to ride very large price action scenarios with options for incredible percent return on those options.
  • Learn about risk to reward ratio is and how to get your trading math right in line with concepts from the business world.
  • Learn how to turn your trading into not just as a business pipe into an actual business. Discover how to develop your own operations manual for your business.
  • Learn how to run multiple trading businesses at the same time.
  • Learn how to run a trading business in as little as 2 to 5 min. a night for real and anything more would be counterproductive.
  • 101
  • combo strategies
  • Dynamic Dancing with Premium Decay
  • Blunders in History - Plus Pitfalls to Avoid
  • How to Win :  Systematically
  • How to Win: Strategically
  • How to start your own options trading company
  • Super spreads.
  • Credit spreads as binaries.
  • Debit and credit spread trading advantage.
  • Better ways to go naked in your options trading.
  • How to be a good systems Trader.
  • Super strategy Trader how to become an master strategy plus intuitive Trader.
  • POPSTrading for Fast Cash and massive short-term with short-term weekly options.
  • Power Trend Trading what are the easiest way to Mega profits. Secrets to success:
  • Paper trading. Dealing with Success: Know How to Deal with Success Before It Happens.
  • The 1 Hour Work Week.
  • Weekly paychecks Trading.
  • How to back engineer a plan for your first million in options. Ideal money management position sizing for your Trading.

Courses that Will Be Taught Over Time in the Options MASTERY Program

  • Inner Game of Trading Courses
  • Options Millionz – Strategic, Logical, Reversed Engineered Planning to Your First Million Online
  • Consistent Loser to Consistent Winner – Secrets of Consistent Winning in Options Trading
  • How to Make More Money in Options
  • Covered Calls Cash Flow Early Retirement Plan
  • Making, Keeping and Compounding Options Profits
  • Trading Goal Setting – Learn to Set Trading Goals the Right Way.
  • Super Strategy Traders – the New Breed of Super Traders
  • Intuitive Trading Mastery – Learn to Tap Your Intuition and
  • Differentiate it from Erroneous Emotion
  • Winning in Trading: Winners Make it Happen. Most Fall Short in
  • Trading Because they Do Not Follow Through. Discover How to Make the Breakthrough to Victory and Consistent Compounding Options Success
  • Dealing with Success: Know How to Deal with Success Before It Happens
  • The Compounding Options Profits Trader
  • On Becoming a Winner and Being a Winner in Trading
  • Why Are You Really Trading? MOST Are Not in the Markets to Actually Make Money
  • Starting and Growing a Trading Business
  • How to Treat Trading Like Your Job
  • The 1 Hour Work Week
  • Optimal Trader Mindsets for Peak Trading Performance
  • Strategic Courses
  • Covered Calls Accelerated Cash Flow
  • Options Exploits
  • Credit Spreads Cash Machine
  • Story Trend Investing – How I Turned $13,000 into $425,000 in 4
  • Months in the Vgra Approval Anticipation
  • Investor Trends – Fortunes with LEAPS
  • NINJA Box Miracle
  • Options Fibonacci Fan Fortunes
  • The Fibonacci MATRIX Running All Price Action Behind the Scenes
  • Last Day Low Hanging Fruit Premium Profit Grabs
  • Set & Forget Binary Vanilla Options Trading Explained
  • Covered Calls Retirement Program Concept Course
  • Fibonacci Circles and Options Profits Fortunes
  • Core Options Courses
  • Practical Options 101
  • Credit Spreads Cash Machine
  • Weekly Options Loopholes
  • Covered Calls Retirement Program