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The “POPS” principle is a popular one so we’ve decided to elaborate on that approach, evolve a POPS system of ours and release a signals service.
What’s this good for?  Well we’ve been noticing that high flyer stocks tend to have a bit of an edge with extra momentum.
They are usually hot, popular stocks.   We talkcing about the PCLN, NFLX, AAPL, GOOG etc… whatever is fast and flies!

Click to Watch this Explanatory Video Below:

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You may say ‘oh but the options are so expensive’.  I say “who cares!  Just buy less.  We’re playing stocks that can move 10, 20, 40 points in a day.   Contrast this to the cheaper options stocks that struggle to move a point or two in a day.  Edge is to the high flyers especially since you can use short term options, weekly options, 2 week options with this service.


Unless we are on a super momentum tear of a swing, our trades usually only last a couple days.  That said
super hyper swings can last up to two weeks.    You can use weekly options and if you run out of time, just roll
out to the next week while locking in your profit from the previous week’s weekly options at expiration.

This service is built for FUN.  We wanted to make the feel of this service more like a “free money jack pot super duper high percentage pay out slot machine that was hacked to produce 60% to 90% winning for us.

What’s in the signal service? – FAQ answers

  1. POPS Signals!
  2. We give you the entries and the exit mechanism.
  3. We want to ride high momentum quick moves, excited swings, POPS! while 1. Taking profits fast!  2. Cutting non performing POPS even Faster!
  4. All signals can be performed in under a minute each before the market opens the next day.
  5. We use contingent orders so price entries are triggered automatically.
  6. FUN!  This is fun service.  We designed it to be so.  Frankly the concept was to create a system for POPS that could have a similar feel to a slot machine rigged way in our favor.  Sounds a little silly but we’ve also found that if we, you make trading more positive, simple and fun in your mind that success is more likely to follow vs being negative.  At least that’s what we’ve seen in our own trading and student’s trading over the years.
  7. We’ll give you the entry point, options we’re looking to play, other ideas for options and we’ll usually give you the exit strategy before we even enter (so no worries or panic when you have those “hot potato profits” on hand
  8. You can trade with weekly options!  If you get stuck because of an expiration simply roll out to the next week.  That said, for these high flyers there are now 2 and 3 week, weekly options.
  9. It may sound ‘scary’ playing weekly options but you’ll see that you don’t have to be scared.  Why?  These trades are about fast momentum NOW.  If it’s not NOW then ‘see ya’ we’re out. (is this not the perfect system, signal service for the modern ‘microwave’, ‘want it now’, ‘instant satisfaction’ world?!   We can talk about ‘the old days’ all we want but we’re living in the now.  Hate to say it but this system, signal service was DESIGNED for instant gratification.  Sorry, it’s just more fun that way.
  10. You can trade with OTM “Out of the Money” options for cheaper options
  11. Average holding time is 2-3 days.
  12. Signals delivered before the markets open the next day via email, posted in your back office.


Talk about fun check this out. It’s almost feels like “Free Money” a lot of the time when we pop on a trade and POOF the stock explodes in our favor.  And there are not many better feelings than a stock exploding in your favor with a nice options position!

Now I’m going to show you the stock points.   With this service you man initially think “oh those options are so expense” but wait!   There are other ways to play!  How?  Well firstly we’re using weekly options.  Secondly we can use OTM or out of the money options for cheaper options.  Why?  Most trades will last only 2 to 3 days.  Now if something lasts longer that means we’re “rocking it” and the stock keeps going quickly in our favor.

Check out the stock profit points below.  A positive number is a profitable move.  Negative means loss.  Just understand we are playing, buying call and put options so if there is a 36 point loss in the stock the max we can lose is what we put into an option.  So if we buy PCLN calls at 7.00 weekly options OTM then the max we’ll lose is 7.00 although there would have been plenty of premium left on PCLN after that move.

One more note is that we are holding for very short time frames so on one side premium decay is less of a worry, although weekly options will decay over the period of that week.   That said:  we are playing high momentum setups.  So we look for our stock to move quickly and rightaway.  If not, then we get out.


2014 START 8.3
open  Stop end of Apr 14

 Totals for 4 Months!

386.53 Stock Points

So converted to options points, depending upon the type of options you used regarding Deltas (how far out of the money), premium decay rates (how close to expiration), while understanding that as a stock advances past your strike your deltas increase and your premium decay becomes less of a worry…  We’ll just take 40% of the stock points as options profit points to give a fair overall representation (understanding that if PCLN is 100 points past your strike in a single move you’ll be making close 80-90% of that move (depending how far out your strike is).   So on 1 contract 386.53*.40 = 154.61 in approximate options points.   So…. with just one contract, simply capturing all of those POPS that the system spit out then 154.61 options points equals $15,461.00 profit!  And that’s a 2,600% return on your investment in our signals!

Now for those who have a few more bucks in their account 154.61 options profit points would have equaled an extra $154,610.00 on 10 contracts.   10 Contract is not really a big position but on stocks like PLCN, as of this typing, the options can be very pricey.

Now you know I can’t promise you future results.  Plus performance will also depend on our execution of the system, delivered to you.   But hey for a few minutes a week of ‘work’ that’s not bad at all!

2014 2.82
Stop end of Apr 14

 Totals for 4 Months!

111.47 Stock Points


2014 -8.6
Stop end of Apr 14

Totals for 4 Months!

140.14 Index Points


Service:   $197 a month.  Right, that’s pretty dang cheap.    If members are making too much money then we’ll have to increase the rates to $497/month although that would be easily worth it if that’s the case.
That said you get to keep the rate you get.  If you quit no deal.

How about this:  the first 100 $197 a month.  The next 100 subscribers for $297.  For the next 100 the fee will be $397 a month and so on. We’ll change the price as the new membership levels hit.  You get to keep your price that you pay today as long as you stay a member.

What you’ll get:

  • We’ll give you POPS4 signals on the 3 Instruments you see on this page
  • We may add special opportunities as they arise.  We really don’t want to overwhelm you with too many trade ideas.   Focus makes more money in trading.  But if something is HOT we may not be able to resist in sharing.
  • You get entries, stop losses.  Exits we’ll give you an exit mechanism.  If we have a specialized exit point for profit maximization we’ll tell you about that.

Although we are playing derivatives and not actually influencing the stock some heavy hitter members could challenge the options open interest so increasing the fees will be essential as we grow.  Let’s see how things go.  Hopefully all will make a lot of money out of this POPS4 experience.  We aim to make it fun!

Sign up and join the club:  $197/month:

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