POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy for Short Term Weekly Options

POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy for Short Term Weekly Options

POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System And Strategy Offers A Unique Way Of Looking At Price Action For Explosive Profit Point Accumulation.

In Fact This Method Can Potentially Produce A Lot Of Profit Point Mileage On A Stock.

What does “point mileage” mean? That means the number of points you can collect as profit!  And then use options instead of stock and you have something that is really powerful. 

We trade short-term options with good deltas. And also we show you how to provide enough time to let some moves mature.  Regardless, if you run out of time on an option  you can simply roll out your position to an expiration further out in time by closing out the current position then opening the new one. 

You can trade for high velocity short-term moves. And we also show you a method of how to ride a bigger move through our additional trail stop mechanism. 

POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System for Gobs of Options Profit Points with Quick Style Trading

POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System is an evolution of the POPS trading method concept that allows for the collection of potential prodigious numbers of profitable points on stocks that we can capture with options.

If you go take a look at the results below you can see the extraordinary number points collected through the system’s performance results.

We using unique mechanism and approach to managing trades as well that allows us potential extra profitability in addition to a lot more fun while trading. Hope you understand that some systems are not very fun to trade although they can produce a lot of profit.

It’s actually difficult to find a system that is fun to trade by emotional feeling and do well at the same time. Why is that? Well that’s because the market is set to go against your emotional feelings,  although that’s a pretty complicated topic and we can discuss more about that later or you can learn more about that in our options courses.

POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System Can be Used as a Strategy

What does that mean to be used as a strategy? It means that you don’t have to run POPS TRIPWIRE as a system where you take every single trade signal there is. You can use the POPS trading setup to take advantage of hot opportunities on other stocks. Some stocks become very hot in terms of price action speed because of some new event on the price chart or some news event or even an anticipation for an earnings announcement or other news.

Mostly stocks become hot when an event happens on the price chart. You want to be able to take advantage of high velocity price movement with pin point precision and POPS TRIPWIRE will give you that exact method of entry and exit. Therefore you can just simply use this system as a strategy, meaning you can take the enter and exit rules and apply those rules to that hot stock so that you can have a way that is very smart so you can take advantage of that hot price action movement stock.

What if You Ran POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System on Many Stocks at Once?

Now you hear people talk about diversification a lot don’t you. They tell you to buy a bunch of stocks and hope for the best. Of course they have no plan of entry specifically. They have no plan of risk limitation and they have no idea when to take profits.

We have a better idea. Why not invest in a system and achieve diversification by running several stocks on that system? Doing so is much more intelligent. When you have a good solid system you put yourself in a position for much greater for consistency and long-term profitable success. So instead of basing your investing on “buy and hope” you are investing into a business system of buying and selling according to price action off of price chart. So therefore your entries and exits are very specific. This trading as a business and in our opinion, it’s a much more intelligent way to be involved in the markets.

And on top of that the time requirement is only five minutes a night roughly. That’s it. Any more time is counterproductive. Those who have no idea what they’re doing when they do “buy and hope” tend to worry a lot and check their portfolio way too often which becomes consuming, a big worry, while wasting time and emotional resources.  So then therefore, you just start applying POPS TRIPWIRE to another stock to “diversify”.

You may also want to consider looking at different types of stocks to run POPS Tripwire upon. Instead of trading all high flyers you may want to look at lower priced stocks with good options that can put in some decent swings. Of course on that note you’ll need to get your money management position sizing math down pat. But once you do you can put yourself in a really good position to succeed while diversifying for potential maximum success.



Systems Results Performance:

  • See results in stock points below. Points rounded out and down with factored in slippage.
  • “0” means that position lost in options. (using no stops allowing position to come back later).
  • This track record was based on using no stop losses but building money management risk into the amount of money put into the options position. You can do that, you know. You’re just buying less options to the point of what is usually lost when a trade loses.  A lot of the time, our options position wins and sometimes wins big by using no stop losses. 
  • Bigger moves captured using a bonus big move capturing profit taking trail stop method
  • You can trade for short term 2 to 4 day pops and out or use a tighter trail stop that we provide.
  • GREAT System / Strategy – you’ll definitely want to get this one down pat and put to use in your trading account.
  • 38 total trades. 30 wins. Losses. 79% winning, and a whole boatload of +850 Stock points in one year off of Google as a performance sample. Now you don’t have to trade Google of course you can trade whatever you want. Stocks going to move around in their own price action character. But if you can collect 850 profit points in a year, that’s going to translate to an incredible amount of cash with options. And this is trading and only roughly 5 minutes at night.

Just imagine if you took an average Delta of 50% on 850 stock profit points. With options on 10 contracts it would be about $425,000 profit. Of course you have premium decay but you also have higher deltas to factor in when you go further in the money. And also we’re only staying in these trades on average two to three days for a profitable trade.

Jan-2016 GOOGL
22 38 T
12 8 L
14 30 W
51 78.95% W%
Dec-16 45
850 Net Points

Approximate options points = 374. So on 10 contracts that’s $374,000. So on 50 contracts that would be $1,870,000.

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