Practical Options 102 Course

So in Options 101 we covered the basics of the mechanics and the basic concepts of moving forward and options trading Forum options 101. Now let’s going to some very interesting new Concepts in options 102.

In options 102 we want to uncover the possibilities with trading many of the important options strategies. And by the term option strategies we are referring to options, strategies whereas we are combining calls and puts long or short or with stocks.

Ultimately the way to get an option strategy to work consistently overtime for profit is to avid lineup with price action. Will cover basic concepts of making money with the various options strategies in this course.

This course will be in the format of videos and print.

Is course will cover:

  • The prime option combination strategies and how to go about profiting with them consistently
  • Interesting concepts such as “no-lose” trade with options straddles and our variations of options strangles
  • Fast Cash opportunity with options using options strategies versus options systems
  • Cash flow opportunities in swing trading examined
  • Cashflow opportunities by selling options naked
  • Cash flow opportunities through smarter approaches with covered calls to cash-flow ones of stocks trading potential far more income then real estate
  • Opportunities to make absolute Fortunes leveraging options while riding big trans and dig chart pattern positioning scenarios
  • How to take a small account and turn it into a big one without wrecking it in the process
  • Massive opportunities in options with a lot less work by trading weekly bars and monthly bars