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  • OTA Core – Options Swing Trading System – Intuition Translated

    Options Trading AUTHORITY CORE – Options Swing Trading System

    Get a Trading System Business Plan Blueprint for the Sake of  Developing Your Own Options Trading Business & Trading for a Good Living

    OTA CORE is the method that was the starting point of Options Trading AUTHORITY over 20+ years ago.  We should have launched this system a long time ago. It’s the secret from scary accurate, highly developed trading intuition which was then translated to paper in order to trade this method over and over with very little effort or thinking.

    This system which was figured out intuitively before even knowing much what a price chart was CRUSHED it running $13k up to $425k in 4 months – now it’s been translated into a set of rules so you can do this method over and over and over again.


    Options Swing Trading System