Options Weekly Paychecks System F – Heavy Duty Micro Swing Trading Cash Flow System

Heavy Duty Micro Swing Trading Cash Flow System.

Cash flow machine style trading system. easier, more laid back than the famous owp system b 1.0. very little time involved for micro swing trading with some huge cash flow numbers systems results. come on and see! click for more info!

Performance Sample:  TSLA

32+74-13+9-9+23-5+4-5+1-5-5-5-5+59-9-4-4+15+14-3+7-11+2+3-3+61+9+9+5+39+15-8-8+4-7+11-12+13+15 = +303 in 5 months. 

  • That’s $303,000 profit on stock.   
  • Take 1/2 that in options with ATM options roughly. 
  • Although you can make more with in the money options.
  • Trades 2 hour bars, more laid back.
  • Place your trades on Friday.  Your entries can be preset for automatic triggering.  From there you passively watch the markets with a glance here and there after your trail stop mechanism triggers. 
  • This is a very solid system and approach for being there, for netting out, for smashing out trades.   Smash mouth types of systems usually d0 best in consistency over the long term which is great for compounding.
  • Performance sample from May 1 2021 to Oct 1 2021 Micro swing trading.  Easier than OWP System B 1.0.  Exact profit trailing mechanism. 

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