RightSide5.0 Options Trading System – Trading for a Living

Welcome to RightSide5.0 Options Trading System where we shift our focus strongly toward getting you to trade for living potentially a very good living.

This is A homestudy based course that you can access online that will teach you the secret methods of trading options with the RightSide5.0 Options Trading System.  The intent is to get you to get started trading in a methodical way, in a small instable way so that you can develop a base of trading correctly and learn how to compound options profits correctly overtime.

One of the main goals is to get you to grow a small account into a large account in a very methodical way. Then when you grow to a size that is large enough you can then cash out profits on a regular basis just to fill your desired lifestyle.  Or you can simply keep compounding those profits over time.

So with the RightSide5.0 Options Trading System we have a plan, an exact plan for trading the stock market with options.  Now we can’t guarantee you things in the market. But we can tell you about historical results and are 30 years experience in the markets to date.  And what we have seen overtime she’s repeating itself over and over and over and over. So what we want to teach you is that it is important to have a solid trading plan and to stick to that plan over time. Because that play can put you in position to keep on taking profits on a net profit basis from market Price action moves that simply repeat over and over and over.

Trading as a Business.  Trading as Your Business.  Trading as a Job.  Your New 50 Minute a Week Job

have you ever heard of the term trading as a business? I bet you have. You gets overused a lot. What does it really mean”trade is a business”? Frankly it seems to me that a lot of people who keep saying “trading as a business” have no idea what they’re talking about. Most never operated a business nor have they owned one.  Well I have on several types of businesses from online to off-line, real and professional businesses.  Those were great learning experiences.  And I learned several things that need to be applied to trading such as:

  1. The concept of trading versus investing is needs to be defined and made clear.
  2. “Investing” needs to be defined because this is a much used and abused term.  Most people claim to be investing or as they are just winging it, Rolling the dice without a clue of what they’re doing really. You don’t want to be one of these people.  They tend to always lose, and if they don’t lose a first date in the end.
  3. Trading as a business as we defined it means that you treat your training as you would have A retail business. You buy inventory. You sell inventory. You looked the buyer inventory at a lower price and sell your inventory at a higher price thereby looking to net out a profit.
  4. You test different products, Different packaging, Different sales presentations until you find a combination of variables that prove themselves and not out a profit on average, Consistently
  5. Once you fine your combination of variables that can net out a profit consistently then you keep on doing that combination of variables over and over and over and over
  6. You reflect, review the results from time to time to make sure your results are keeping up to average, if they are above average or below average. It look to gain more insight into your combination of variables to see if there is a way to potentially optimize that combination even more to get out more profit over time
  7.  but ultimately there is no business until one firstly get started, dives in starts testing combinations of variables
  8. Also when one is happy with their consistent results they look too spread the exposure of the combination of variables two different marketplaces
  9.  in with the real business you professionally executed. There’s no excuses or feelings about it. Just get the job done day in and day out.  And that’s what you require of your employees as well

Do you see where were going here?

  1.  In trading you have inventory:  what you need to buy and what you need to sell
  2. In trading you have costs
  3. And trading you have revenues
  4. In training you have a net profit or as you subtract your costs from your revenues

So we have evolved the RightSide5.0 Options Trading System into away that’s even more user friendly and easier to trade.

We now include A variety of profit multipliers allow you to stack potential profits and make more money as add-on modules.