“Set and Forget” – Binary Vanilla Options Trading

Set and forget “binary vanilla options” options trading is a new style of trading. We look to use an approach that melds benefits of vanilla options and with the benefits of binary options to provide a new angle towards making money in options.

Now “Set and Forget” isn’t really setting and forgetting since in most cases it’s not a good idea to forget about an options position.  Why?  If you’re in the money by expiration you get exercised if short or long.  Now if you have a spread to cover the other side, or have your short side covered by a stock then fine.  But if your stock expires between the spread, then you have to take assignment.  If you own ITM calls at expiration: then you get the stock.  Most brokers have computer systems to manage risk and you want to talk to them about it.   You can also use time based contingent orders to get you out right before expiration.

That said, a lot of folks really like the concept of low maintenance trades.  And really the concept that people are looking for when they think of set and forget is that they are looking for a concept where they don’t need to use a stop loss. They want to put on a trade that makes money or just simply forget about it.  They want a more binary options trading concept in their vanilla options swing and Trend trading.

Why is this? Quite frankly it’s because people hate taking a loss. They just don’t want to deal with it so the solution is to pricing your maximum risk into your position size from the start. Actually this can be very helpful for a lot of people in their trading.

A lot of people put on trades without any concept of their risk. Also other people think about risk in terms of their stop loss but then forget to set their stop loss.  In reality most people don’t think about the details in the map of their trading unfortunately, which is why they usually don’t do very well.  So by learning how to trade in this new binary options vanilla simulated set and forget Style kama if you’re this time, actually learn how to trade much better!

The money is in the math.  So if you’re able to preset your risk and I set and forget style trade then you have much more peace of mind and confidence and taking that next trade that you are supposed to take according to your system or strategy.

Success in options trading depends on a mindset approach. Many different ways to approach options trading. Really need to find one that’s going to work for you.

Most folks don’t like to put a lot of effort into managing trades. Many traders just want to be able to put on a trade in let it do its thing and make money. They don’t want to deal with stop losses although they’ll be excited about taking profits when they are there, nice and juicy.  One reason for this is that they get very upset over a losing trade.  So they don’t want to deal with it. Well, understood.  So this is why we came up with this “Binary Vanilla” Options Trading solution.

What is this Set & Forget “Binary Vanilla Options Trading” really?

  • We use time to expiration and distance out of the money up the strike chain to fix how much we are willing to risk up front.
  • So therefore if the position hits a traditional stop loss point we don’t care.  We just leave the trade on.  And often the trade actually comes back to make money, which is nice.
  • But if the trade is just not going to work out then we are willing to let the position go and we’ve accounted for that with the amount of money we put into our position.
  • But of course now we focus our vision for entries so we enter better – just like in binary options.  When we have the approach that we are going to “roll the dice” with the money we are putting into the position it gets us a lot more focused on our entries and that’s a very good thing.
  • And when we make money, well we’ll certainly be there to collect that!
  • This approach is a hybrid approach from my many highly advanced binary options systems, some simple ones too and other new ideas to create these new creation approaches for this very cool concept called Set and Forget  “Binary Vanilla” Options TradingSo we’ve created a set of strategies and a set of systems to meet this style. These systems and strategies are also designed to provide for you the idealized feel making trading more enjoyable for a lot of people. I hope you like the systems and the strategies. I think some of your are going to be able to do very well with them and this style of trading.
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