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We Teach a Highly Focused Style of “High Velocity Swing Trading” which Means We Look to Identify Trading Opportunities from Price Charts that Tend to Move Far and Fast on Average.

Speed of Swing + High Probability Winning with Leveraged Options is What We Target for All the Swing Trading Systems, Strategies and Courses on This Site.

The SlingShot Options Trading Program Plan for Potential Exciting Levels of CashFlow – Get Started Now Before the Opportunity Passes Your Focus By….:

We made a step by step program from beginner to MASTER SlingTrader!  Get a “Masters” that could actually benefit you and potentially make you a lot of money while enabling you to compound that money over time.  So get started learning and practicing.  You can be up in business with your very own Sling trading company quickly.  And there is no better business on the planet to run than your very own swing trading business working 5 minutes to 15 minutes a day max.


Options 101 for Swing Trading

Options 101 for Options Swing Trading


SlingShot Options Trading Strategies – to Get the Ball Rolling

SSWANGO Swing Trading Strategy

FIBFOE2 Swing Trading Strategy 2


Time to Get Serious About a Real Trading Business and the Prospects of Trading for a Good Living, Increasing Cash Flow &  Net Worth Development with One of Our CORE SlingShot Systems:

SlingShot Options PRO

Super solid long term winner system.  Look to get started putting SlingShot3.0 options trading system to work for you so you could start potentially compounding your trading account to very large levels over time.


SlingShot Options PRO 2

SlingShot7.0 is a very solid system designed to compliment SlingShot3.0 providing extra trades that the 3.0 system does not cover.


SlingShot Options ULTRA

SlingShot4.0 is an extremely powerful system, not for beginners, but you can work your way up there that looks to dominate a stock with options plus more.  So it’s DOMINATE+.  We just added ANOTHER profit overlay multiplayer to take advantage of certain bigger picture moves in coordination with dramatic compounding swings with options that SlingsShot4.0 provides.



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swingtradingdna.com/slingshotoptions/ is a center for High Velocity Options Swing Trading.Discover your own SlingShot Options trading system solution and get started building your own trading account for net worth potential prolific cash flow over time.

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We value your privacy and will never spam you

Of course we don’t guarantee you future returns our future success or future or anything for that matter. We can’t tell you that and you can see all the disclaimer details below. We have well thought out and tested options trading systems, stock trading systems and options trading strategies and stock swing trading strategies that we’ve developed in addition to many others on our other websites as possible trading solutions for you and or for us. For the correct mindset approach to the markets you can see our disclaimers below.

We hope you take a fair-minded approach to the markets because if you do and are willing to put in the work which is not much compared to most other things in life to learn a system well that works well and has the potential for doing incredibly well in the marketplace near unlimited profit opportunities are available. You can find a lot of success and if you’re willing to learn and practice. (Wait didn’t your parents and your teachers tell you that as a kid?…

Move on to our Products Page and pick a solution.  You can contact us with your questions here.  There will be a support ticket service in your members back office to help answer any order or trading questions you may have.    So you’re all set.  Get a solution!  Start compounding!   We bet Warren would be proud of you if you started compounding for sure.