SlingShot Options FAQ

  1. Is this software?  Answer: No it's a home study course of videos, audios and pdf's
  2. How much does it cost?  Answer: simply click on the order button or "add to cart" button on the home page (click on the logo at the top left to get to the home page or if there are more than one.
  3. How will I know this will work for me?  Answer:  Although we produce solid trading systems from the "Trading for a Good Living" approach that have great probability to stand the test of time, you won't and can't know if it's going to work for you.  You have to be able to work the system.  It will take practice and then discipline to execute a system correctly.  But ultimately if you don't take a chance on your trading education, by purchasing a system that could potentially solve your trading ills for good, potentially putting you on the path to a life time of income from the markets, then you're simply going to have to figure it out on your own which could costs years, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs while missing out on potential millions, tens of millions in profits you could have been making by running an good trading system that performs over time...
  4. Are there refunds if I don't like the system?  Answer: No. Due to the customer abusive nature of the industry and the protection of current customers we decided not to offer refunds.  Do not buy the system course if you think you want a refund later.  Do you get refunds on trades you lose?  No. Your first winning trade could more than pay for your purchase for many of you - think of it that way. You have to take the chance on something that could potentially change your life, providing incredible potential success.  Additionally we must protect the system from scammers who are looking to steal the system and we must protect those who own the system through limited distribution as much as possible.
  5. Are the results real? Answer: the results are real systems results - the same results you could have had if you executed the system trades by the system rules. You will be able to verify performance yourself once you know the system.  Future performance depends on the performance of the actual system plus your performance of the system!  That said the systems are pretty straightforward and you should be able to learn to start trading correctly, quickly
  6. How can I find out more about this system?  Answer: you can go to our contact page to contact us with questions.  Make sure you join our newsletter as seen above, to the right because we will be educating you more on this system as well as other solutions for your success in options.  Plus we run special offers from time to time from that newsletter.
  7. Do you teach options money management?  Answer:  Actually we teach you the MOMM system - Magical Options Money Management system.  This system has the power to cure many trading ills and could be the final solution to your trading if you've been treading water for years
  8. What else in this trading system course? Answer:  We'll teach you:  options money management, proper options compounding, all sorts of psychological tricks to get your self trading the right way (vs. emotionally which is 99.8% wrong), how to trade as a business, how to set up your own options trading company, pitfalls to avoid from out quarter century of investing and trading experience and much more...