"How to Trade Options Consistently for a Potential Very Good Living by High Momentum Swing Trading Options"

Learn a Most Solid, Stable, Consistent Powerful Way to High Velocity Swing Trade Options on Stocks with SlingShot3.0 Options Trading System for a Potential Good Living and Net Worth Retirement Building…

"SlingShot Options3.0 Premium Options Trading System Has Been Injected with a Dose "Velocity Accelerator" to for the Sake of Hyper Trading Account Growth…"

Gaudy Levels Winning Below Make this Options Trading System Suited Only for Those Who Can Actually Handle The Possibility of Large Amounts of Potential Success…

You know we can’t guarantee future success and all that in the world of trading and investing. But a secret to future success is putting yourself in the highest probability scenarios based on past performance. Past performance is no guarantee but it certainly does give us better chance into the future especially if we base our system off of core human fundamentals in the marketplace in buyers vs. sellers dynamics and natural laws or price action – with both of which we have quite a bit of familiarity. That said, this is a really good system!

We’re Quite Confident and Passionate About Our Slingshot3.0 Options Trading System. You Kinda Get That Way After Watching the System Perform and Perform and Perform Over the Years… for Two Decades. This System is Not Based on ‘hocus Pocus”, Obviously, but a Unique Way of Taking Advantage of Price Action That the Marketplace Just Can Not Deny.

Yes you’ll have to have a high sense of self worth in order to be able to handle this system. Because if you make money in options too quickly it could go to your head! (technically it goes to your heart which then influences your brain) Ok but don’t worry. If you do strike it big as some of our students tell us they do then we can help you handle it. As a tip if you make money too fast: a. take a wad of cash out and eliminate your debts, including your mortgage b. Just keep following the system and the money management system like clockwork

Imagine Being Able to Run a System With Up to 88% Winning on Main Stream Core Stocks Such as GOOG While Pulling 571 Stock Points Off That Stock in One Year. THIS IS UNHEARD OF!

Ok ok.  Don’t depend on that level of winning percentage.  Also winning percentage doesn’t necessarily mean making much money!  Netting out profit with an optimized positions can mean making a lot of money!

AND SlingShot Options3.0 isn’t Your Daddy’s SlingShot Options! This SlingShot3.0 Is Very Different than Previous Versions – much more powerful if that could be even possible…


  • Trades in 5 to 10 minutes a night.  Set your orders.  Set your contingent stops.  Set your contingent trail stops.  That’s it.  Really.  Anything more will probably cause error. Keep the simple systems mindset to win.

  • You’ll have the possibility and potential to trade options for a living by swing trading high momentum price swings systematically.

  • Could trading SlingShot3.0 options eventually become your new work from home job? Trade from home business?

  • “The 30 Minute Workweek”. If SlingShot3.0 works out for you this could be all you have to do potentially to establish cash flow and grow net worth. And if you do, there is no much else to do besides get your trades ready for the next day in as little as 10 minutes a night or less with your contingent entry and exit orders. (Actually if you stare at the ticker all day you’re more likely to get yourself making mistakes since the ticker can hypnotically suck you in to doing the marketplaces bidding…).

  • So if you can trade SlingShot3.0 professionally you’re also creating free time and a ton of it. Maybe you could start to do some other enjoyable projects you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe you could do more with your family.


  • Trades 10 minutes a night with contingent orders for entries, stops and profit taking exits before the market opens the following day which means that you have the potential to grow trading into a full time cash flow and net worth building business. 

  • Comes with a options money management system for position sizing and proper options compounding.

  • Almost 30 years accumulated market and trading wisdom packed into education inside of this home study course.

  • And this is a home study course that teaches you the system – “teaches you to fish” – so you can trade the system on whatever you want, when you want years into the future. (So it is not software)

  • Trades short term options for high momentum price bursts. Short term options are usually cheaper with higher deltas. And premium decay is more limited due to shorter term nature of trade.

  • Be able to stack momentum moves to accelerate potential compounding factors

Secrets Revealed: SlingShot3.0 Options Options Trading System Home Study Course


Yes, we’ve done it! We’ve decided to release some of our best trading systems to you for a limited time so you can potentially find success, a lot of it, and faster. You now can control your own pace, your own destiny choosing your own stocks and be able to capture opportunity in any stock as you see it develop now with your very own copy of SlingShot3.0 Options Trading System.

Beware! This is system has been very powerful and very accurate!
And it’s different than anything you’ve ever seen to date!

Version 3.0 Combines our Latest in Systems Development Discoveries in “Profit Proliferation Profit Stacking” (for those of you used to the original SlingShot Options):

This SlingShot3.0 Options Trading System is a home study course that teaches you the secrets of our SlingShot3.0 Options trading system – how to enter, place stops and nab your profits. We also teach every angle of successful options trading , much I bet you’ve probably never heard before. I mean these are secrets, real core secrets that only lots of success after success and after many years of testing, trading and tweaking can bring.

In essence, this system is for those options traders who like to squeeze maximum profit out of the options market while taking minimized risk. It is for those who also like to leverage shorter term options. You will be able to trade short-term options with control because most trades last the duration, on average, for about a week. Yes you will be able to trade under 30 day to expiration options to leverage lower prices and higher deltas due to the usually immediately explosive nature of SlingShot3.0.

  • Discover how to become a professional options trader where you can now put yourself in position to profit consistently and stack those gains over time for the purpose of making, keeping and growing money from the options market.

  • Finally, a money management system that makes sense and allows for proper compounding of profits with options while enabling low stress strain at the same time — simply ingenious.

  • Understand that we teach you all you need to know to trade the system well, so you can trade this system the next 20, 30, 40 years, potentially compiling profits, stacking them were potential massive network.

  • We will teach you how to trade as a business, and actually have to setup your own trading company.

  • This system allows you to trade short-term options due to the momentum time frames, with a unique way this capture price swings.

  • Additionally this system is a good system that you like trading because it feels enjoyable to trade and you can feel like you’re in better control of the markets in your portfolio

SlingShot3.0 System Performance Results:

See the performance sample below. Each system result below is based on the exact entry and exit points of the system, the system you are looking to buy today. Buffering has been added to simulate common slippage based on our experience. This means that the system is more accurately represented to what you would be purchasing.

  • Points below are stock profit or loss points
  • Options profit points will differ personally depending on how far out in time you play options expiration and how ITM vs OTM your position is
  • Results give you a fair representation
33Jan-16 92016 
-26  6  
65  29  
56  9  
14  13  
8  24  
8  15  
16  13  
5  39  
-8  -4  
18  41  
7  36  
18  9  
138  -9  
36  -7  
38  7 51
-22dec 31 2016 5 15
+436 Stock Totals Profit Points  -2 36
+ 191.84 Approx Options Profit Points  -3 70.59% Winning
 $         191,840.0010 Contracts 12  
 $         383,680.0020 Contracts 21  
 $         959,200.0050 Contracts -7  
 $     1,918,400.00100 Contracts -4  
   8end of Jan 2017
   489  Total Stock Profit Points  
   215.16 Approx Options Points Totals  
   $56,980.0010 Contracts
   $113,960.0020 Contracts
   $284,900.0050 Contracts
   $569,800.00100 Contracts


 GS   AAPL  
Jan-166   1  
 -5   5  
 2   4  
 -11   3  
 5   3.8  
 -2   -1  
 -2   -2  
 3   11  
 -231T 1040T
 910L 911L
 821W 3.529W
 -468%W% 0.373%W%
 10   4.5  
 2   3  
 2   1  
 0.5   1  
 -2   0.2  
 2   -2.2  
 1   1.5  
 -2   2.2  
 7   3.5  
 2   2
 -2   -1.7  
 -2   3.2  
 26   -1.8  
 4   -1.6  
 26   -1.7  
 27   0.2  
 12   3  
 7   2.8  
dec 31 20162   2.6  
 129.5 Totals Stock Profit Poitns   -2  
  +56.98 Approx Options points.    -1.5  
  $                 56,980.0010 Contracts 2.2  
  $               113,960.0020 Contracts 2  
  $               284,900.0050 Contracts 0.3  
  $               569,800.00100 Contracts 2.1  
     +71.2 Total stock points.  
      +31.33 Approx Options Poitns  
      $              31,328.0010 Contracts
2016     $              62,656.0020 Contracts
      $            156,640.0050 Contracts
      $            313,280.00100 Contracts



192.93THAT’S FREAKY!   
 Those are stock points!    
4.23  35.36  
23.22  -11.32  
15.08  31.85  
9.64  2.36  
9.32  -13.23  
9.36  7.21  
9.08  -6.32  
7.32  -6.89  
6.93  26.23  
5.91  9.87  
4.06  7.33  
3.92  29.68  
18.33  16.87  
7.8  12.23  
-9.36  11.76  
-18.24  29.68  
-4.93  8.32  
8.17  9.71  
12.32  11.34  
6.48  81.77  
10.39  82.54  
11.46  21.36  
4.32  6.71  
7.48  3.23  
4.88  2.9  
5.46  18.56  
3.87  11.71  
4.21  12.65  
3.55  4.6  
+189.53 Total Stock points +14.32  
+83.59Approx Options Points 571.09Total Stock points+251.27 Approx Options Points

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