SLUGGER TWO options day trading System
  • Intraday Trading
  • Trades 30 Minute Bars
  • Trades within a Day and Ac cross Days
  • High Winning Percentage
  • Can Use Very Short term Slightly or Moderately ITM options for High Deltaas
  • Potential to Trade for a Living
  • Potential to Make a LOT of Money and Compound it Over Time
  • Start Small and Build
  • Since Trades 30 Minute Bars the Trading Style for Day Trading is Pretty Relaxed
  • You Can Use Contingent Order to Help Semi Automate the Process and for Increased Accuracy for Entry Triggers, Stop Losses and Profit Taking Trail Stop
  • Potential to Make a LOT of Cash Flow
  • Work Your Way Up to Playing High Flyer Stocks for Very Large Cash Flow Profit Points
  • Can Use with High Flying Cash Index Options Too
  • Could Use for Swing Trading NADEX Weekly Binary Options Too
  • Could Use for Trading NADEX Spreads Intraday