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STACKERS3.0 Options Trading System Provides a Potential Permanent Options Trading Solution for Cash Accumulation and Net Worth Building During All Market Conditions...

What if you could average 77% winning with an average large return, ROI, on the stock itself but leverage that with options instead? What if you could do so year after year no matter which direction the market is going? Watch the video below for explanation:

We've stumbled upon another price action loophole many years ago in our pursuit in making solid trading systems that could stand the test of time and produce super consistent returns.

For those of you who like solid.  For those of you who like lots of action.  And for those of you who want that action in under 10 minutes a night, or morning before the markets open the next day then STACKERS3.0 is your way to go.

In fact there's not much complicated about STACKERS3.0 if you want the cash flow experience then I'd start trading this tomorrow.  You can learn this system that fast and apply it.  Then let that compounding factor kick in, month after month...

POP POP POP...  That is the Sound of Cashing Out Trade After Trade with STACKERS Options Trading System.

Looking for an Options Trading System that is Fun and You Can Do with Small Start Up Capital?  STACKERS3.0 is It!

  • STACKERS3.0 Options Trading System is a system that will be taught to you in a home study course so you will gain a skill for life that could be potentially compounded into a very large trading account while generating cash flow at the same time.

  • This system focuses on cash flow. But as cash flow builds and your money management position sizing builds then your net worth builds and so does your cash flow doing so at potential geometric rates because we are using options.

  • STACKERS3.0 Options Trading System is based on a "Trading for a Good Living" systems development approach so it was built to stand the test of time because it was build on super solid price action principles that have already stood the test of time decade after decade.
  • Can you use STACKERS to trade for a living?  The possibility is very real when the system is traded correctly.

  • Learn how to develop your own potential yet probable multiple streams of cash flow by running stackers3.0 on multiple stocks at the same time. You can use stackers 3.0 to trade stocks or to trade options. Trading options gives you the ability to trade more opportunities but trading stocks gives you a more stable approach without having to worry about premium decay, which is nice. Regardless, employing options at the start then employing stocks later to build wealth could be a really good idea.

  • How much work every day is required?  Maybe 3 to 10 minutes a night - that's it.  No watching the markets during the day.  We use contingent orders for entries, stops and profit taking exits. So a potential to replace a 40 hour work with with a 1 hour work week or less is there.

STACKERS3.0 Options Trading System Performance Sample:

Firstly, I'd like to mention that STACKERS3.0 keeps on working year in and year out.  A system that can do this is one of the most powerful types of trading systems there is.  Here is a recent update to this typing of GS Goldman STACKERS 3.0 stock performance on STACKERS3.0

GS: June 2022 to January 2023 8 months performance sample in stock P/L points

+4.86 + 11.42 - 5.39 + 3.28 + 15.89 - 4.83 +6.43 + 6.82 + 9.54 + 4.86 + 9.87 + 4.23 - 7.21 - 5.32 - 6.24 + 3.86 + 6.21 - 3.93 +7.21 - 5.46 + 6.82 + 7.13 + 8.46 + 7.14 +5.21 + 3.86 + 11.48 + 2.14 + 6.53 + 11.23 + 7.81 + 12.44 + 9.74 + 9.13 +8.74 + 9.7 - 6.82 + 15.89 + 7.1 +6.08 + 4 .72 + 3.46 + 4.84 + 7.19

= + 226.12 Excellent!  and that's only 8 months of a performance sample.

But wait, there's more.  Here's a secret:   STACKERS3.0 also works on emini futures!  Check this out

STACKERS ES Start at May 2022.  +15 + 101 + 94 + 78 +96 +54 + 29 + 32 -79 + 121 + 84 + 38 + 116 -84 + 68 + 62 -98 + 37 + 46 + 54 + 92 + 87 + 78 + 38 + 43 + 54 + 89 -42 + 43 + 47 + 94 - 62 = +1425 IN 5 MONTHS. which is $71,250 on one e-mini contract.   You can trade emini micro futures too which requires 1/1oth the margin while building your account up to use emini futures, if you're into emini futures.  Now back to stocks and options which arguably are the most fun!

Here are some system performance results.   The numbers you see here are stock points.  You can take about 40% of these moves as options points factoring in premium decay, on average.  The results are based on the system entries and exits so it's what you would see if you traded this system accurately to the rules.

Some explanation for understanding all of those numbers below:

  1. So to make sense of this performance sampling below each sample was taken a year at a time.

  2. The numbers you see below are based on the Stock points. The stock point represent the exact entry and exit according to the system. This means you get an accurate picture of the exact system rules that you would be buying.

  3. Also in terms of options profits you can use different strike prices and different time to expiration. Fortunately with this system usually the profits happen pretty quickly so short-term this can be used. Discuss that inside of the home study course that teaches you the system.  So therefore we leave the stock prices up there to represent the system more accurately. And you can determine your own personal options profits by figuring out your personal average Delta on your options due to how far out in time you go till expiration. But also understand that on average premium decay is lessened because our average holding time in a trade is only a couple to few days.

  4. As you can see below there are a good number of Trades. You can also see the winning percentage. What's the most important point? It's the net profit. In a sense winning percentage doesn't really mean much but what does mean much is that you make money when trading a system, a NET profit!

  5. Yes on that note amateur Traders go for high winning percentages and don't realize the pros go for net profits. For example did you know that the Turtle Trading System only one 40% of the time? And that's system made hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in profit.

    This system is great in that it is encouraging to see the frequency of money profits that tend to hit the trading account and almost popcorn like Style. That's a good encouraging feeling and is important especially for those who are fairly new to trading or we're fairly new to you winning and trading.

  6. Yes if you want to get used to winning then you really need to become a systems Trader. Way to have long-term ability in the market is to trade it trading systems that are based on natural number patterns, sequences and ratios on a price chart that the marketplace simply cannot deny. And plus combined good money management position sizing math with that system any of the potential to make a lot of money over time.

  7. If you want to know the options profits from the system totals of Stock points on 10 contracts simply take the stock profit you see there and divided by 1/2 for a little less than half depending on the Deltas of your options (ie. ITM vs. OTM options) and multiply by $1,000. So with 100 Stock points you would see roughly $50,000 on 10 contracts at a 50 delta.


-2.1  -3.11  7.78  
4.21  7.58  18.32  
2.08  3.25  -5.45  
3.22  3.88  -4.87  
4.32  9.21  13.54  
1.56  8.03  12.36  
2.1113L2.33  18.78  
2.87  -9.2177%Winning6.8715L
4.38  0.87  -25.4453T
-2.13  6.19  9.4138W
3.44  5.08  11.3271.70%Winning
2.77  8.26  12.21  
2.98  4.55  19.01  
1.5  6.34  -12.43  
-6.23  -5.65  8.45  
4.03  4.64  -11.89  
2.73  4.38  17.23  
-0.28  -0.28  11.34  
2.54  6.44  -6.22  
-3.43  -5.03  18.21  
2.87  4.88  16.89  
0.87  11.63  15.44  
0.78  2.13  7.23  
2.87  8.77  4.33  
1.69  5.43  -25.34  
2.88  4.49  -11.32  
1.79  8.32  11.46  
2.68  -5.11  17.43  
0.89  -3.65  -16.23  
1.97  2.54  11.87  
3.08  -3.98  4.43  
3.56  -3.02  -6.42  
-4.88  9.32  17.36  
0.97  -4.13  18.14  
1.21  8.13  7.65  
1.65  3.65  10.24  
3.32  5.33  53.22  
4.85  8.78  17.89  
3.44  3.13  -7.4  
-3.36  0.78  17.32  
1.44  6.32  16.87  
0.89  4.32  4.98  
2.45  -0.21  17.14  
-2.13  2.4  -4.98  
4.21  5.64  -4.21  
2.79  7.35  -5.33  
-2.43  4.12  13.21  
-1.48  -3.43  13.87  
-3.48  7.45  11.21  
4.32  9.34  10.45  










FSLR CLF      
-2.23 4.03      
7.28 1.87      
4.45 4.22      
8.45 4.56      
9.45 3.07      
6.89 2.89      
8.08 3.22      
4.48 2.45      
6.44 3.15      
7.36 3.7733W    
3.65 -2.1372%Winning    
4.68 2.88      
0.11 3.12      
9.57 -2.26      
-4.55 0.98      
-3.65 1.34      
4.87 -1.98      
0.19 3.04      
2.68 4.1      
-3.46 4.32      
8.49 3.7      
9.42 3.45      
7.87 4.67      
-3.77 3.87      
9.48 -2.16      
8.42 0.78      
7.13 -1.32      
-4.18 4.21      
4.86 2.76      
8.99 -1.75      
-6.48 2.67      
7.65 4.11      
4.36 1.88      
9.14 -0.98      






Systems Results Totals

Systems results are based on the entry and exit rules of the system.   These are the exact rules to which you will have access through this course.

So all 5 stocks together brings 909.77 stock points.  At 1000 shares each that's $909,770 profit.

With options it's $382,103.40 profit trading only 10 contracts each in system results.  You can see the results below if you traded more or less options contracts.


Pretty powerful ehh!  Yes.  And when a system high winning percentages with very short draw down periods (a draw down period would be several losses in a row) you can usually start with less money to get the ball rolling, granted continued performance and accuracy of executing the system by the trader.

So How Does it Work?  How Could STACKERS3.0 Actually Work for You?

  1. So you get the system and learn it.  Should take an hour or two with some price chart study.
  2. Start with 1 contract positions (the smallest position size) or use the new mini options.
  3. We use contingent orders to entry, stop loss and exit is all automatic.  This means (granted your broker has contingent orders if not get another) you can set it all the night or morning before the market opens and have your entries and exits trigger at the perfect time.
  4. You do all the deals as they come up.  It's as simple as that and let the math take over
  5. Don't get emotional or pick and choose:  just keep it simple as it is.  Why complicate it?
  6. If you start on a winning streak don't get high off of it.  If you start on a few losses don't get depressed - just do the numbers and let the systems math do its thing.

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Cash Flow Cash Flow Cash Flow! You Need It.  Here's How to Get It

  1. I'm going to copy and paste a sample of track record below and you can get a picture of how this STACKERS3.0 Options Trading System rolls.  
  2. This system should be able to work on any stock at just about any time if not any time. Actually I don't even see any sort of market condition where the system would not work in my opinion well except if a stock stops trading but that's a silly example.  Even if we went into Bizarro world where everything was reversed, STACKERS3.0 should still be able to work super well!  You can trade old boring stocks like: INTC, MSFT, F, GE, MSFT, CAT, DE, IBM etc or you can trade more fluids stocks or High Flyers such as BIDU AMZN, AAPL, TSLA, GOOGL   (or whatever is boring and fluid at the time you start looking to trade STACKERS3.0) you name it  for very rapid  stacking of Trades.
  3. This system has a pretty good frequency rate for a swing trading system. This is satisfying with its solid historical win rate and as you see profits steadily grow your trading account.
  4. In the mechanism of the system is very fundamentally sound proven itself for a very long time and will likely continue to prove itself just because of the nature  price action and how it flows.
  5. Like I said this system is not market condition dependent in terms of trending, consolidating or confused.  STACKERS3.0 was built to be able to capture profits in all. We can trade STACKERS3.0 IN fast markets or slow markets, choppy markets or trending markets, cycling markets, up markets down markets, spastic markets, erratic markets insane markets.... It just doesn't matter. Now we can't guarantee future performance because we're not allowed to but STACKERS3.0 has been working so solidly well over the years that all we can say is that THIS IS A GREAT MUST HAVE MUST EMPLOY TYPE of trading system. 
  6. And we look to trade with options on stocks. Or just trade the stocks. A lot of the time we're going to have more than one position open but most of the time we'll just be in one position, it just depends on the opportunities as in his system gives its entry signals.

STACKERS3.0 Trading System 1 Pay for $3,821.03 for a limited time only $2,997


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