“How I Turned $13,000 into $425,000 in 4 Months Through Trend Story Investing…”

“Discover the Inner Game Intuitive Approach from My Whuppersnapper Days That I Developed Out of My Teenage Years to Identify Big Moves on Stocks, and Then Ride Those Big Moves in Waves, with Options…”

Learn from a master intuitive trader who stumbled upon the concept that his powerful intuitive method could be translated into a set of rules.  But it’s even better than that!   What took a lot of energy and focus for a one shot deal that came around every now and then, couple, maybe few years has now been translated into this repeatable method that can be done over and over, many more times over for compounding up potential fortunes by hitting successful trend story after trend story in a more mechanical way.  This course is about the intuitive method underneath the system.  If you want the system you can get it here OTA CORE Options Swing Trading System and OTA CORE PRO which is the TURBO version of the OTA CORE system for extra, powerful trades.

Now This is a Fascinating Story That Originates Many Years Ago. It Was Essentially the Birth of the Concept of Systems Trading for Me. How So?

Well I took a small sum of money and I turned it in using my intuition, and some would call “talent”, yet it took many years from my early youth to develop that “talent”, to ride what I called a “story trend” back then.   A story trend was a new, bigger picture move of momentum, it was a big shift in relation to a story of anticipation to a fairly near epic event of good, or even bad news for a company.  I focused on the positive back then.  Some could related this to a “buy on the rumor sell on the news” type of concept.

It was the mystery within the anticipation that caused people to invest, keep buying and buying until the event of the announcement when amateurs to the markets would expect there stock to shoot up a “million dollars per share” or something fantastical like that.  But the season investor knows that the money is in the anticipation.   And the seasoned trader knows that the big money is riding the waves of momentum as the fear of missing out combined with breaks in momentum where people reassess the opportunity, get more excited about it and find more funds to invest into it happen.  The anticipation intensifies usually leading to a blow off hyper acceleration peak where the most juicy options returns are made, not to mention all the profits that were made in riding the waves upwards.

This concept of Story Trend Investing at the time was not new to me and I have rode many similar Story Trends in the past with stocks. But now I was into options.

I did not use stop losses.  I used behavioral and character analysis, which was based on an intuitive sensing that I likely also developed from over a decade of high level classical music performance and study, having gone to some of the best of the best music schools and festivals.

But before I got to this point, I got into options by reading some marketer’s options books and decided to do what he said. I thought, “Gee if it’s in the book it must be true!”. And so I proceeded onwards doing several of these strategies that were not very well thought out all. And I took a big hit to what took me many years to build up in stocks.  I was appalled.  Gullible youth.

Now to be fair this teacher of trading actually had some good intangible things he taught although I’m not quite sure he knew he was actually teaching those intangibles. But his strategies we’re not even strategies they were just different ways to “roll the dice”, or “pull the lever” for the most part. They were not well thought-out they did not have specific entries and exits.  I was just so fascinated in the concept of a price chart at the time I threw out my common sense and intuition.  But after I learned that lesson, I threw that slop aside and turned to what I knew how to do which was, find the story trend and ride it as I had done over and over and over with stocks.  But this time, I was going to ride the waves of that story trend only.

Now I didn’t know anything about Elliot waves or any other kind of wave at the time so those are not the waves I’m talking about. The waves in a trend as I saw them were waves of “emotional flow” and followed the underpinning “emotional line” to give me my entries and exits (well that last exit was hard for me to take at the time since it was so euphorically exciting – and euphorically exciting is a great profit taking exit trigger which I learned after the fact). So I simply traded off of that with options.

I was able to run up $13,000 to $425,000 peak in about 4 months in my early whippersnapper trading days.

It’s just one of my many trading stories, but it’s a fun and kind of funny one from which you can learn a lot.   I was actually pretty good at exiting intuitively. But for the fourth and final run I got a bit euphoric and ended up cashing out somewhere around $225,000 to $240,000 as I remember.  Not bad for methodically turning  $13,000ish into $225,000 ish in about 4 months.  And really this story is not that big of a deal but for most people staring out in options, this story gives hope in that it is very possible to methodically, smartly and shrewdly march up a small amount into a large amount using options on stocks.

In this course I teach the underlying intuitive concepts which enabled me to enter and exit with accuracy.  This is very important to know and can help you making system trading blunders in the future.   If you want the exact method translated into mechanics then get OTA CORE Options Swing Trading System and OTA CORE PRO

So in this course:

  • I’m going to reveal the process of this concept I identify as story Trend investing.
  • I’ll explain how to identify and ride the emotional waves concept, how to follow the “emotional line” concept as much as possible.
  • You’ll start to learn about how price action movement on charts is it’s own language, in a sort of similar way to music notation.
  • I’m going to explain how to differentiate emotions versus gut intuition which sometimes can be hard to do.
  • I’ll speak about homerun position sizing and how to do that smartly.
  • This course teaches you the inner game on how to tap your intuition and pair it with the “knowing logic” (which is logic with intuition based on the feeling derived from past similar types of events).  So you can seek out your sweet spot, low hanging fruit opportunities ONLY and pounce on them when the moment is right.
  • This is not a trading strategy or trading system with entry, stop loss and profit taking exit rules.  This is the inner game stuff that is underlying strategies and systems.  And in fact, if you want to only trade the best of the best moves, you will certainly need to develop and use your knowing intuition to find them.
  • Using intuition takes a whole lot of involvement, focus and energy.  Using a simply, cerebral trading system requires very little time, energy and focus, once you trust that system.

Bottom line you’re going to learn a lot of really neat stuff in this course. It will open your mind to the possibilities in the markets. This course will get you dreaming up new goals with excitement because unless you have the vision of possibilities you’re not going to set the goal for those possibilities.

You also start to get the right mindset about systems training and how incredibly powerful systems trading can be. You understand that how a repeatable method trading that you can do over and over in the markets is a limitless gold mind.  It can be extremely profitable. Also you’ll start to understand the emotional realm in the markets better as well and how to get a better connection with your intuition that has the source of all right answers.

In short this course could become a gold mine of knowledge and understanding for many of you who like trading the markets and want to make something special happen. Take from this fun story of my youth and learn. Learn a new concept for your stock investing, your stock trading and your options trading that can help you tremendously. Finally learn the inner workings of the concept of buying on the rumor and selling on the news works so you can put this powerful, herd energizing phenomenon to work for you!

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