Home Run Options Trading – Making A Fortune Out of a Small Amount of Money, Then Doing it Over and Over Again…

Isn’t that One of the MAIN Reasons Most of Us Got into Options in the First Place

There’s a way of trading options that specifically aims to grow an account over time by targeting the big potential home run moves in a stock by a price chart.

How Home Run Options Trading is Done…

With this method if a trader targets big trading opportunities through strategic, price action based setups on the price chart so he or she can take advantage of these big moves are repeated basis.  The notion is that and they’re winning percentage is the pretty good than but they’ll make money over time.

Standard chart paterns that you see in books, most of the time. are not nearly enough.  And in fact, those standard chart patterns and strategies are traps that usually traps a novice onto the wrong side of the markets.   A novice, emotion filled, especially fear filled trader will be drawn to market place traps; those traps will seem emotional safe.  They enter to get the cheese and before they know it, the trap is sprung and their money quickly vanishes.

You’re going to need much better home run trading strategies in order to capture home run moves in options.  You’re going to need strategies that put those marketplace traps on YOUR SIDE.  So therefore, you no longer become the sucker, but you ride the big moves with the pros to catpure extrodinary profits over and over again.

There’s also the outlook of looking to trade a system that, in combination with a money management system, where one can “mindlessly”, and very simply trade the system rules, trading every trade over and over to a point of critical mass where their trading account start getting massive.  Systematic trading of a solid system can be the homerun!  So instead of targeting one or two big moves here and there, the steady progression that a system can provide over time can build up so big that after a year, for example, especially with options, that stead progression can end up as if one hit several mega home run trades per year. 

And on top of that… if you use compounding, say, for example, 5% position sizing because your system allowed  you to do… and your trading system kept growing on a steady growth progression, as your account grows, that 5% position size grows automatically.  And as that position size grows, after you adjust it trade after trade, then with steady systems performance, your trading account value could start going “parabolic”, geometric and take off like a rocket to rediculous levels of profitability. 

You can use our systems and our strategies, for hitting home run options trades.  We’ll list a few below.  Really, you should be able to take any of our options trading systems and use them for the sake of pursuiing a trading system based home run as described above.  We have specific strategies too. 

And on the other hand you could use our systems and simply trade every trade without thinking and potentially have a home run if the results net out as they have in the past. 

We’re going to look to develop more products for this focus.  After all, home run trading is where legends are made…

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