Go All the Way and Start Your Own “Options Trading Company” Transforming Your Mindset from Treating Trading as a Gimmick to Treating Trading as an Actual Bonafied Trading Business that Aims to NET Out a Profit…

Trading as a business means you are “business like” in approach which means that your focus is on execution of a plan, a set of operation predetermined by your company’s foundation and ‘board meetings’. You need an operations manual based on a set of actions and rules that is sound and has proven its self to have created success in the past.

This is a critical mentality for long-term success and options trading.  If you can pick up on this mentality then you stand a chance for trading correctly which means that you not to make continuing miss out on opportune the injured in a miniature costs well.

Date of trading as a business as you would in terms of buying and operating a franchise.  And a franchise you give a proven system for business operation.  When you buy a franchise you are buying their system of operations.  And  you own a franchisee will be required to execute the system, the operations Manual to a T.

The same thing applies for an options trading system.  Let’s say you want to own a “swing trading business”.  We would do is buy an options swing trading system, a system that is shown to do well in the past, so you can have the hopes of that system doing well in the future. So you buy an options trading system.  And just like a franchise you learn the operations Manual and practice it.  You review it.  You test yourself on it.  Then you execute it without question.  And you keep getting better and better at executing the operations Manual.  And that’s how it’s done.  Now you have a plan.  Now you have something to go by.  Now you have a system for potential success.  And with options trading, if you can have consistent success you can potentially make a fortune. 

“Operations Manuals”

Trade an options trading system for the purpose of methodically marching up gains, netting out a profit over time while letting a money management system take care of options compounding.

Get training with each options trading system on how to shift your trading over to the ‘trading as a business’ mindset.   Have an ‘operations manual’ a blueprint ready to go for you.

Options strategies are lame on their own.  They need a price based strategy to be profitable.  With a good price trading strategy, many option strategies can be wildly profitable.

options strategies

Day trade weekly options and micro swing trade weekly options.  Weekly options covered calls.  Weekly options credit spread system.  Weekly options naked puts and naked calls systems

It’s still 1999 in Index options land!  Swing trade index options.  Day trade index options.  Trend trade index options.  Micro swing trade index options!  Take advantage of nice flowing price flow.