Use Our Weekly Options Trading Systems to Leverage Quick Explosive Moves with Low Price High Delta Weekly Options Or Sell Rapidly Decaying Premium to Drain Cash into Your Trading Account

Weekly Options Trading Systems

We have several impressive weekly options trading systems below.  You can click on the image to access the information page about system.

Weekly options are its own animal. And now there are two week, three wee, four week, five week… weekly options.

This adds great flexibility to us as price traders. Why? Because different types of moves coordinate with different time frames.   And now with having an options expiration every week we can now take advantage of different types of trading setups that coordinate better with timing to expiration.

For selling options, weekly options are fantastic especially selling options into the last week. Most of the premium decay happens in the last legal expiration. You don’t even have to sell for the whole week. You could sell for the last day or two even strategically for quick cash grabs in combination with a solid price action trading method.

Check out our weekly options systems below.

Weekly Options Systems



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Weekly Options Covered Calls System THETABULLY

You asked for it and I’m delivering! So you like covered calls. You’ve got stocks and you’re wondering if you can make 4 times the amount writing weekly covered calls vs. monthly covered calls. Well I’m here to tell you – it gets even better than just 4 times the opportunity for selling calls. We’re going to turn you from being a bored stock holder to a potential cash milking machine by micro selling covered calls in addition… to additional bonus strategies for potentially making a lot more money from those ‘boring ol’ stocks’.

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Weekly Options Naked Options System PREMIUMPILLAGE

So you thought Naked Calls/Puts Extreme was off the charts, wait till ya get a load of this. First of all we correct former industry concerns over naked options fears caused by morons with their brainless strategies and marketing over the years. So have no more fear and get excited. We’ve just increased our potential opportunity dramatically for building net worth actively with weekly options. Why be covered when you can go naked with less risk (our way) and less complication.

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weekly options credit spreads system

Weekly Options Credit Spread System CREDITSNIPE

Weekly options and credit spreads provides a 4 Times opportunity to just “steal” cash out of the options market. But it gets better that that. You get a powerful highly historically accurate trading system that can take advantage of the micro swing moves that are needed with weekly options. Also learn how to trade credit spreads right with a fantastic money management system made especially for this course.

credit spreads with weekly options[/one_third_last]

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Weekly Options Micro Swing Trading System DeltaSTRYK

Highly accurate mirco swing trading system using weekly options! Yes we’ve figured out a way to bank by trading high delta low premium weekly options over 1 to 3 days. Imagine the possibility of making $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 in a day or more.

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Weekly Options Trading Systems

Any of our POPS Trading systems can be applied to short term weekly options especially.

POPS CLAW Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy is a definite must-have option strategy. It is a trading strategy you can use it whenever you want as well. We’re optimized POPS CLAW with other factors to change name more high probability entry. That’s strategies quite accurate on its own.

More Info

Good precision profit point collector for quick profit grab trades. Different than any other POPS system, all of our systems are different from another.  More Info
POPS SNAP Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy Trade High Velocity 1 to 3 Day POPS in Price Action Systematically Through the SNAP Method of Trading in 5 Minutes a Night and No Emotional Thinking.More Info
 POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy offers a unique way of looking at Price action for explosive profit Point accumulation. In fact this method can potentially produce a lot of profit point mileage on a stock.
More Info
POPS CRUSH Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy
High Precision Quick Profit Grab Method to Find Those Starts of Moves that Once Was Secret…
This is an awesome trading system that help you torch the markets and a solid way. More Info

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You can see from our weekly options trading systems you can buy options for trading or you can sell them. You can also trait combinations such as weekly options credit spreads or weekly options covered calls.

In order to sell weekly options you’ll need to be able to time well and enter into high probability setups based on the price charts. We have those systems available to you and it is very important to train with a system when trading weekly options.

Also you can obtain Quick pop movements on cheap, low price Dollar wise Weekly options with high deltas you make incredible ROI when you capture a nice POP move or price swing.