weekly paycheck in options

 The Weekly Trend is a Price Phenomena that Gives Us an Edge in Trading Options

We can ride intra week micro swing moves, weekly trends with calls and puts.  We can also use the weekly trend, weekly moves to sell covered calls, credit spreads, naked options etc.

Out of the weekly trend concept evolved the “Weekly Paycheck” concept where we not made the the “Weekly Paycheck” our end goal, desired result.  We then created the following foundational systems:

Then we recently went on to expand the “Options Weekly Paycheck” concept into many new systems and strategies below.  Click on a box to see more about each system as details will pop open into another browser tab:

Each option system with the weekly paycheck philosophy has the power potentially get the job done and help you establish cash flow that you have been wanting.  Ultimately what you need to do is get focused, get a system or develop your own and put it to use.

How to Make the Weekly Paycheck Concept Come to Life for You!

  1. Get a system!  Get a plan.  Or make one yourself!  Have the INTENT of creating an extra weekly paycheck from the options market.  You have a few different options:
    1. Micro Swing Trade
    2. POPS – trade price pops on day bars
    3. Micro Chart Patterns
    4. Weekly options covered calls
    5. Weekly options credit spreads
    6. NADEX Weekly Binary Options
  2. Do a lot of virtual trading at first. Make your mistakes virtually in order to practice accurate execution while avoiding extra strong emotions that come from trading real money while not being 100% sure about what you are doing.  So work it out virtually.  Become comfortable about the way you are about to trade with real money.  I don’t know why people overlook this critical part of becoming a good trader.  You don’t have to now.
  3. Start trading tiny.  Get used to your new system.   Many rush ahead.  Don’t do that.  Be shrewd!   Remember you are actually battling the market place to take the marketplaces money!   And you better bet the marketplace wants to take your money!