What if you could win four out of five trades on average with very large returns when you win?

The Secret of trading math…

Have you ever studied the Turtle Traders? I have. I have studied the detailed course that explained their system and why they’re so successful by Russell Sands, sometime ago. And what he explained was quite shocking at the time.

And what was so shocking was that the Turtle Traders only one 40% of the time! That means most of their trades lost money yet they were one of the most successful groups of Traders on the planet. So how does that work out?

Well that’s where the secrets of the markets are. The money is in the math and few people understand this concept. Professional trading companies usually do. Banks usually do. Casino certainly do.

When you get your probability lined up with your trading math while running consistent, repeated deals incoordination as the the markets reveals them on a price charts, then you can make money and compound two extraordinary levels over time. The trick is to find those methods that have the repeatable patterns in price action, that are not fad based, but are based and tied into fundamental rules, laws and ratios of nature, of the universe.

Now when the Turtle Traders won, they won big usually. They targeted the big trend. The big trend would pay for all the small losses incurred in order to get to one of those big trend moves. It just worked out for them. Plus the futures markets had the drama followthrough that made it much easier to trade a system like that at the time.

But what about the times where the markets are not so dramatic? Do we have to wait for the markets to be extraordinary dramatic like the Futures markets of the 70s for the stock market of 1997-2001 in order to have any sort of our own dramatic success? No! Because on average many stocks and even the entire marketplace are fairly dramatic, or dramatic enough in relation to certain types of price chart trading scenarios. And certain stocks can move more dramatically than others. So then we can Leverage those moves with options. And that’s what we do.

If you’re looking for a way to mimic some of those Turtle Trader moves then take look at our Power Trend Options Trading Systems and our “MILLIONZ” Systems and Strategies.

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