What's the Best Option Strategy to Use?

What’s the Best Option Strategy to Use?

What’s the best option strategy to use?  One that is Easy.  One that is Fun.  One that Makes Money Most of the Time.  One that Makes a Lot More when it Wins vs When it Loses.  One that Jives with Your Personalilty…

Well if you can just focus on one and go with it then we’ll list that below. If you’re the type that likes to explore the different possibilities then we’ll list a different possibilities on the best option strategy to use.

Now if you’re looking for the best options combination strategy that’s another question. Some people get confused between options combination strategies and options trading strategies.

An options trading strategy is one that gives you entries and exits based off price chart or some sort of other type of event.

An options combination strategy could be a spread, a covered call,  a butterfly, an iron condor, naked option selling, simple buy calls and buy puts trading and so on.  Options combination strategies can get very complicated and confusing and traders that often find themselves getting caught up in them find that trying to figure out every options combination strategy there is can create a lot of stagnation. So therefore we have helped options traders get focused over time onto the simple buying of calls and buying a puts although we do have many credit spread and debit spread in addition to covered calls and naked options strategies and systems too.

Most traders do best with a simple option strategy. A simple option strategy that you can do over and over and that is fun to trade is arguably the best option strategy for most people. 

What do you need to succeed in order to do well in options?  What’s our best option strategy pick?

This one

POWDERKEG5 Options Trading System

This is good too:

Options Millionaire Maker Strategy 1

And this one

Options Millionaire Maker Strategy 2

You’ll want to have a positive optimistic attitude because this will draw you towards the more profitable and probable opportunities, believe it or not. You want an overall goal of what you’re trying to accomplish. What are you trying to accomplish? If you don’t know just make up a goal that sounds fun and exciting to you.

Of course you’ll have to get to know great options trading strategy and study it on price charts historically. You’ll want to find the best stocks to trade with that option strategy. So you want to start studying price charts of various stocks. You may want to start studying the stocks that a lot of people like to  trade and you can find that by doing simple search engine searches on best stocks to trade,  the stocks to swing trade etc.

Some people look to find all the faults and possible ways to lose in a strategy because they’re looking for some sort of feeling of emotional safety.  They want to know that there strategy will “never lose” or “let them down” making themselves sure canidates for losing in trading and probably in all of their relationships for that matter.  Those people stuck in that fearful mindset will always lose because they are looking for losing so that’s what they will find.   They’re looking for some emotional security blanket or someone to treat them nice like their mommy and daddy.  Forget that nonsesense.  THe markets are their to take your money and you’re hear to kick the market’s tail. When you go into the market you’re going in to conquer. You’re going in to make epic scores over and over again.  Now go get a great options trading strategy and start beating up the markets. 

Here are some options strategies below and our best picks above and below to answer your question regarding What’s the Best Option Strategy to Use?. 

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