Options Strategic Home Run Trader Training & Coaching Program


Learn How to Identify, Anticipate and Pounce on Large Trading Opportunities with Larger than Average Position Sizes for Larger than Average Profits, Over & Over. 

Learn a New Strategy Monthly and How to Find These Strategy Setups, “Stalk” them and Pounce, Like a Tiger to It’s Prey and Land a Big Win for High Percentage Options Returns.

Discover Why Home Run Trading is the Way to Go with Huge Reward to Small Risk Ratios to Put Trading Math Heavily on Your Side So You Could Potentially Make Fortunes Even with a Crappy Winning Percentage (Although We Train You in How to Have a High Winning Percentage.

  • Tap Our 3 Decades of Experience in Trading & Systems Development to Help You Better Get into Profits, and BIG Profits Fast
  • Many Traders Would Do MUCH Better with the Home Run Trader Mindset vs. Systems Trading
  • Discover How Home Run Trading Shows You How to Slow Down So you Can Make Money FASTER.  It’s the Turtle that Wins the Race.   The Hare Wastes Time.
  • Learn a Homerun Trading Method Per Month So You Can Start To Anticipate And Pounce On Moves That Has A Potential To Take a Tiny Account Into A Very Large One.  Yes.  So if You Have a Small Options Account, Arguable the Best Way to Turn it Into a Large Account is through Home Run Trading in that You Take Large Reward to Risk Ratio Trades of the Highest of Probability  and an Optimized Position Size.
  • Discover Home Run Trading Money Management Position Size Optimization for Best Profitability and Long Term Durability. 
  • Get Started in Trading to Today with our Monthly Trading Coaching for a Living Program through Home Run Trading with Options – One of the BEST Ways to Trade Options!
  • Home Run Trading Works – Many if Not Most of the Larger Trader Success Stories Over Time Have Come from a Methodical Approach to Home Run Trading from Jessie Liver More to Warren Buffet to the Turtle Traders to Dan Zanger


What’s This Worth?  What if You Could Make 5, 6 or Some, 7 or 8 Figures on Your First Trade?  Your FIRST Trade.  (We Are Aiming for 4x to 20x Types of Returns on Stocks, Using Options. You’ll Be Learning Exactly How to Position Yourself in Extremely High Probability Positions and for Winning BIG with Our Trading Strategies that We Use with Options.

Learn to:

  • Ride Big Trends & Power Trends
  • Identify and Get in Before Powerful High Probability Chart Patterns.
  • Be Ability to Identify So Many Home Run Opportunities Over time That You’ll Be Able to Better Pick the Best of the Best Trading Opportunities
  • Start Learning How to Maximize Large Opportunities with Short Term Options on the Micro Swing Level, Where There is a Whole New World of Opportunity Waiting for You to Make Big Score After Big Score with Short Term Options
  • Discover How to Even Make Very Large Gains INTRADAY on a Day Trading Basis, yes with Vanilla Options or Even with NADEX Daily Options or Spreads for 400% to 1000% with Short Term High Delta Options

The GOAL for You on This Program is to Train You to Get You On Our Hall of Fame Board & Then into One of the Future Series of Market Wizards Books.  But You MUST Have a Logical & Strategic Overall Plan & You MUST Master Many Strategies to Take Advantage of What the Marketplace is Offering at the Moment.  So this is Why We Developed this Options Strategic Home Run Trader Training & Coaching Program

  • Can you grow a small amount of money into a large amount of money in options? Yes of course.
  • You need to learn how to anticipate opportunity correctly.
  • You need to be able to identify opportunity very specifically through very powerful price trading strategies.
  • You need to understand how a options work in buy the right options.
  • But you just need to know what you’re doing put yourself in a very high probability position for only getting involved in trading positions moves that have the potential to bring large returns.
  • We do this through price chart mastery.  We’ll teach you month by month a new home run strategy and how to anticipate that home run, how to stalk it and how to pounce at the right time.
  • You’ll get video training and an exact plan of action each month.
  • You’ll get educational training on the mechanics, the mind state, the emotion state, the focus, the goal setting the strategic planning it takes to succeed and keep succeeding and growing.

Tap our 3 decade experience in cracking the codes of price action charts. If you want real “inside information” better than any verbally stated “inside information” then you’ll want to learn the secrets displayed on a price chart. By being able to read price charts in a specific way for targeting.

 $697/mo $197 for next 100 members.  

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