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Recurring Membership management billing is managed entirely by you in your back office so you can stop, cancel your membership at anytime.

RECURRING BILLING FOR MEMBERSHIPS, TRADING SIGNALS TERMS: If you are signing up for a membership that has monthly billing or any other type of billing that is recurring it is your responsibility to cancel your membership from your members back office. You can do so by logging in, going to Payments/ Access menu button, finding your order and then click on stop recurring. We do not handle cancellation request. You will be responsible for canceling your membership before re billing if you want to cancel. We will not cancel for you. We will not go back and refund your order because you forgot to cancel ahead of time. On the other hand, providing you the ability to manage your own membership gives you the control and advantage as a consumer so you don’t have to worry and you can cancel at anytime you want.

All options systems,  systems results, are to be considered “hypothetical” .  We feel by showing the exact entries and exit rules of the system best represents a system or strategy, vs. someone’s rendition of the system which can easily be distorted.  It is not easy to trade a system or strategy but you can get better at doing so over time.  Also all options prices you see for systems results are approximated using a delta that we believe best fits in premium decay along with stock price movement.

Your results will likely vary.  We have students who email us claiming their successes.  We usually don’t hear from those who have failed unless they are asking for trading support.  Understand market price behavior will change and cycle over time.  Systems could perform better or worse.   Price behavior could go ‘dead’ in a stock even or can just cycle back later.  The markets are continually changing so systems performance will likely continually change.  We are not trying to predict the future but we are trying to put ourselves in position for best chance success based on historical probability – and that’ s the best we can do.

Any trading systems or home study courses sold from this site are deemed to be valuable proprietary information. Because of the value of this information there will be no refunds accept where applicable by law. Additionally we will pursue you to the full extent of the law for past, present and future damages (which can be considerable) if you steal, copy, or distribute our information products or services. We aim to make an excellent product and you need to respect that. On the other hand if you feel that there is any way to improve out product please email us from the contact link on this site and we will be more than happy to consider your suggestions to potentially improve our material. But in short, ask your questions and think wisely before you purchase – ask yourself if you are willing to put in the work and change in lifestyle, mindset to make a trading program potentially work for you.  Also if you are struggling contact us we want to help.  If you and we deem that a system or strategy is not going to work for you, after following our instructions to improve and correct, then we will look to replace that system or strategy with another.

Newsletter Only: This Website is a publisher of a trading educational newsletter. Historical trade records, trade listings and statistics are not guarantees or indications of future performance. As stated in the government disclaimer above there is always risk in the financial markets. But reward usually does not come without risk. The key is to make intelligent risk, to know what you’re risking and to define your exit before your entry — and for that matter to find your risk before your entry.

Sometimes in the markets even your predetermined risk may not be valid due to rash, unexpected events that can drastically change a stock’s price. So you are warned that overnight news in stocks, especially near earnings season reporting time can create large overnight moves and these moves can go in your favor, which is great, or they can go drastically against you, which stinks. That is just a risk that you’re going to have to accept for being in the stock market, but there is a risk in anything, and in any business.

For your comfort and confidence study stock charts to see the possibilities of such moves, how they usually have been in the direction of the trend, and how frequently they happen over the course of the years in various stocks and you’ll find.

Trading signals services:  Through the use of this site and by joining any membership at Options Trading Authority you hereby agree that any trading that you do is your responsibility. You agree that any trade signals are simply trading ideas for your education. You also agree that if you take any trading idea and trade it that you are responsible for any trading action in your trading account. It is your money and it is your responsibility. You agree to hold harmless Options Trading Authority, it’s parent companies, subsidiary companies, owners and employees for any losses you may incur through trading in any related to any one of our trading products, trading systems or trading signal services.  Investing in stocks, futures or options either by buying or selling short carries risk and Options Trading Authority, it’s parent companies, subsidiary companies, owners and employees are not liable for any trades you or your clients make.

By using this site you agree that Options Trading AUTHORITY products are for educational purposes only.  Also you agree and understand that all trading systems and strategies are to be considered purely hypothetical ideas based on past performance observations.  Also you agree to understand that there may even be error in determining past performance due to oversight or error.  Options Trading AUTHORITY aims to be as accurate as possible so if you do find error please contact us.   You also agree that you understand that you could make a lot of money, then lose a lot of money by getting emotionalized and careless and or you could lose a lot of money, all your money and even more than all of your money if you use margin.  You agree that you are taking a chance when you are trading and that no future outcomes are guaranteed.   You also agree that you will not trade with money that you can not afford to lose.

OptionsTradingAUTHORITY.com does not warrant that the information contained herein or distributed from this site or from messages, including instant messages, eMail, or stock data from this website or its employees will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, nor that this site or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. By using this site and messenger services you assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction of your computer hardware, software, or databanks. 6375 South Pecos Road,  Las Vegas, NV 89120.

Note: there is no “lifetime access” to a product. There’s no guarantee of Lifetime access to a product. You did not buy the recordings you bought access to the information. When that access is cut off due to business or technical problems as noted below then you will have no more access do the product. Yes you have access as long as this website is up but when the website is down then all of your access to all products that you purchased is terminated. So your access to be able to go back and access the information from the product is limited to this website’s availability. Hence your purchase was to enable you immediate access to the information but no future access to the information is guaranteed. Now we hope to have this website up for a long time but we cannot promise you the future. And if we stop to stop doing business, if we go out of business, if we forget to renew our domain, if we forget to renew our hosting, or any other scenario that would cause us to stop maintaining our websites or have technical problems all information can disappear in a “poof”.

We also tell you this now so you will pay close attention to the materials you purchased and learn them now. You’re supposed to do that anyways and that is for your benefit. So learn the materials now and put them to work. Make sure you take good notes.

So in summary rewrite this for clarity because some of you have a lot of our products. Some of you have bought some of our products many years ago and have sought to gain access many years later after forgetting a login. So we are reminded to tell you that you do not have lifetime access to our products you have only immediate access although we hope to provide you access for a long time we cannot guarantee you that. This is just how things are on the internet with membership area accessed products.

You agree that we reserve the right to cut off access from any customer who acts in a belligerent or offensive way towards any member or employee of our company through any form of communication.

If you chargeback a product instead of asking for help and negotiating with us it’s through our various contact and support channels then you agree that you forfeit access to not just the purchases you charged back but all product purchased and you agree that your  access to your members area will be terminated.  You agree to be banned for life as a customer of ours.  Chargebacks harm our company. We have a no-refund policy that you agreed upon before you purchased. If you are struggling in your trading then let us know. If a system or strategy is not working out for you then let us know and we’ll see if you are accurately understanding the strategy or system first and then if so we can look to replace the product for you with another similar product.   Many students who have struggles with our products simply never actually learned the product correctly in the first place and therefore are not in position to judge the product as good or bad since they don’t even know what the product actually is. If  you are struggling with the product then it is your obligation to reach out to our support  desk for help. We can then make sure usually through screenshot annotation if you are understanding the trading system or strategy correctly. If you are and it’s not working out for you we can replace the product you purchased with another one.

By using our website or by contacting us through email or support ticket we reserve the right to use any positive feedback you provide on our testimonial page, customer feedback page, customer success story page or Hall of Fame page. By using this site and emailing us you agree to these terms with or without you your specific permission to do so. Additionally we will not use names but initials as to respect your privacy. But if you really enjoy the product and it has helped you trade better then we appreciate any good feedback and even any sort of video test you know you can send us. Thank you for the consideration