Options Power Trend Trading

Power trends are 2 to 4 weeks movements that can be very powerful. They usually are very directional with a good velocity of price follow-through. That tends to work out really well for buying calls and puts!
Check out our Power trend options trading systems below. For bigger trends to ride with options see our Options Trend Trading page.

With BBLZ6 Options Power Trend Trading System We Are Going for the Bigger Trends on Stocks to Ride with Options So We Can Crush it with a Nice Juicy Options Position…
REVERB8 Power Trend Trading System is a Power Trend options trading system that aims for collecting moves on stocks with options that offer bigger potential scope vs. swing trading. More info
KBM12 Options Power Trend Trading System. With KBM12 Options Power Trend Trading System we position ourselves for the the power trend move while favoring a shorter-term move. This means that when we capture a Power Trend move we capture a higher velocity power type of power trend. We would capture a swing trade if the power trend didn't workout.More info
"Ride Big Trends on Stocks with Options! Take Out Your Years of Angst with Options Trading and Unleash Your FURY on the Options Markets!" It's time that you unleashed YOUR FURY! Introducing the Options FURY Trading System!  More info
JackPOT Options Power Trend Trading System Learn to Ride Power Trends on Stocks with Options for Netting Out Profits and Compounding Them Over Time  More info
Cyclone II Options Trading System Set and Forget Style is a really great method to trade that we have been following for many many years. And that we have now discovered a great new tweak to make this system even better and more fun to trade. More info
JackPOT Cyclone Gives You That SUPER Easy to Trade Method You Knew, You Sense Existed in the Markets But Just Couldn’t Pinpoint Before. With JackPOT Cyclone You Can Place Your Trades Once a Month and Let the Markets Do Its Thing.. Then Just Collect Your Profits, on Average at the End of the Month. Yes. It’s That Type of DREAM SYSTEM. More info