Options Trading Systems

Discover How Solid Top Option Trading Systems Could Help You Trade Professionally with More Consistent Results…

“There is no such thing as a ‘crystal ball’ but a trading system that has performed solidly over time is certainly the next best thing…”

Options Trading Systems

OTA CORE Intuition Translated Trading for a Good Living Options System. Fundamental Foundational Options Trading System – a 25 Minute Work Week System  More info

Options Trading Systems 1

CPR2.0 Chart Patterns Riches 2.0 “The End All Ultimate System”   More info

TS55 Trend Scalper Options Trading System

 More info

L-SCALPEL2 Options Swing Trading System and MOD Strategy More info

THETAFLOW Options Swing FLOW Trading System  More info

TURTYL2 Options Swing Trading System – Powerful System for Capturing Power Trends & Power Swings

 More info

PTRENDS System B is a very powerful system because it gives you, the trader and ideal strategic targeting method of moves between the months for bigger power crane types of moves in order to capture with options. More info

TVG99 Options Matrix Trading System – Unique Interesting &  Powerful Cashflow Generator  More info

MARAUDER II Micro Swing Cash Flow Method – 2 Hour Bar Precision MOD Strategy & System for Cashflow

 More info

MARAUDER T Micro Swing Cash Flow Method – 2 Hour Bar Precision MOD Strategy & System for Cash Flow

More info

You Do Not Need A System That Has ‘110% Winning’, ‘That Never Looses’ Because that’s What Trading Losers Pursue.   In Order to Win in the Markets & Have Significant Returns You’re Going to Need to Look for a SOLID Trading System that Puts You in a Very High Probability Position to Net Out Profit Over Time.

If you doubt me on this go pick up a copy of Jack Schwager’s The Market Wizards and read about those winning traders, especially the futures traders since options is leveraged as futures are. Read about the Turtle Traders.  Read about Richard Dennis.  You’ll soon see that making money trading is not about winning all of the time.  It’ s about running a trading business where you have costs, revenues, profits and losses.  And the objective is to net out a profit over costs.  You will have costs.  Winning percentage does not matter much.  Net profit matters!

So we look to develop systems that can potentially, solidly NET out a profit, that can average a profit over time.  If we have a system to net out a profit in a solid way over time money can be made. A lot of money can be made by simply exciting that system along with a good money management, position sizing system.  In options, the correct position sizing mechanism handles compounding correctly.  If the system continues to perform fairly consistently over time, the position sizing system should allow you to achieve ‘critical mass’ where the size of your accounts starts expanding rapidly.   We include a position sizing, money management system with each options system.

Obtain a complete kit that teaches  you a way of trading to potentially net out a steady average of profits over time.

  • Learn a strategy
  • Learn a system for ‘mindless execution”
  • Obtain MOMMS options money management system
  • Hear about options trading pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Mindset for success in options trading
  • How to trade a system training
  • How to create your own “Options Trading Business”

Additional options trading Systems to help you augment your trading performance.   Learn one well and be able to perform one well before adding another.Listed below are professional options trading systems, systems that are home study courses that teach you everything you’ll need to know in order to put your self in position for potential excellent long term trading success with potential exceptional returns. These systems are available to you for purchase.

We make no promises on your personal success, because we’re not allowed to do so plus the successful performance of these systems will depend on your execution of these systems.  But… we do make solid stuff!  We designed these systems for our own trading for the bottom line purpose of making money, keeping it and growing it over time from the options market.  We have a lot of systems and are now at the stage where we can let a few of them go so you could possibly share in our success as well.

Below are a collection of several trading systems from our “Trading for a Good Living” philosophy stash.  Click on the logo to follow the link to the respective site where you can find out about each trading system.

Each trading system represents a different style of trading.  We all tend to have a particular style of trading that fits our personality better than another.

Awesome Options Trading Systems

Options trading systems are blueprints, they are abc123 instructions, they are business operation manuals for a trading business they give you a plan to put yourself and a very good probability position to make money, and compound the money over time.

We have developed many many options trading systems over the years. We have made some stunning breakthroughs with systems development. We look to develop our options trading systems based on proven fundamental time tested concepts  in addition to new discoveries with the perspective of looking to identify opportunities that are solid and dependable so we can just simply trade them over and over without a second thought. In other words we look to develop systems that could potentially make money, keep that money and grow that money over time in fact compounding that money over time in a very powerful way.

For perspective’s sake, especially for the beginner and intermediate to understand: future success cannot be guaranteed or predicted nor should you think in terms of or search for a guaranteed system or something that “just works”. Huh? Why is that? Well I’m gland you asked! We’ve worked with many, many students overtime and we have our own experience as well. The mindset that searches for “guaranteed winning”, guaranteed future returns, something that “just works”, or even “100% winning” (the “holy grail syndrome” actually that’s more like searching for 110% winning) just so happens to put you on the wrong side of the markets mentally. There is a lot of psychology to trading and if you get on the wrong side of the markets with your mental outlook, then the marketplace will kick your tail and take all your money, to put it mildly.

The correct way of thinking that our most successful students have is a “fair mindset”. They understand the marketplace is indeed a  Marketplace. It’s not some a place that hands out unlimited free money (all the great systems and strategies can make it feel like it!). You are competing against shrewd traders across the world and just as you are there to take their money, they are there to take your money.  So it is imperative you get educated, have good systems and strategies and practice those systems and strategies so you can execute them well.

So just for perspective if just one person had a 100% winning system and continued to trade it – there would be no Marketplace left because that person would take all the money. So it cannot exist technically speaking unless just use on a very tiny scale which probably wouldn’t happen.

So therefore the ones who make money don’t go for extraordinary winning percentages (although that is more fun and we have a lot of systems that have shown very high winning percentages) but the successful tend to go seeking to find a trading system that can’t put them in the position to solidly net out of profit over time, (the key word is SOLID). This is how professionals think as well.

If you’d like to learn more about this study the Turtle Traders; They made hundreds of millions of dollars winning only 40% of the time! Yikes! So there is a lot more to Trading as you may be seen floating out on the internet. We will teach you these details, the math, logic, the hidden factors, the pitfalls to avoid through our options trading systems, precision strategies. So take advantage of this opportunity to learn from us while you still can or before you get distracted by something else.

HREAPER-T Options Swing System & Strategy

More info

SWIPER6 Options Micro Swing Trading System Powerful Cash Flow Generator System More info

RightSider3.0 Trading System Stock Trading System Options Trading System

RightSider Stocks & Options Swing Trading System 

BILLIONZ A Study in Systematic Compounding.  This is important in that unless you have the understanding to how this is done and the vision plus the goals to grow a massive trading account then your first billion from trading will have a very low probability from ever happening.   More info

How to Lose 98.9% of the Time in Your Trading!  More info

CYCLONECORE Options Trading System

CYCLONECORE Simple Options Trading System

SPRINGER ONE Volume System Powerful Swing & Trend Trading System for Stocks & Options

 More info

SPRINGER TWO Volume System High Precision Swing Trading System

 More info

FLUX3 Swing & Trend Trading Options Trading System

 More info

THUNDER 1 Weekly Bar Options Trading System for Taking Advantage of Low Hanging Fruit & Big Profit Price Pops

 More info

THUNDER II Weekly Bar System for Taking Advantage Low Hanging Fruit & Big Price Profit Pops Explosions More info

THUNDER III Weekly Bar Options Trading System for Taking Advantage of Low Hanging Fruit & Big Profit Price Pops

More info

Options Swing Trading Products

Precision Explosive Options Strategy for Turning Small Accounts into Big Ones POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy for Power Momentum Moves, Reduced Risk Per Trade for the Sake of Adding an Additional Form of Money Getting from the Short Term Stock Options Market This is a must-have short-term options trading strategy for helping you that additional cash flow opportunities for short-term options trading. More info
“You’re Done!… As I Like to Say. You Won’t Need Another Strategy or System After Chart Pattern Riches. I Present You the Ultimate Trading Masterpiece for Potentially Making, Keeping and Growing a Fortune from Trading Stocks with Options…”
“The End All System”
You won’t Need Another in Stock Options…More info

STACKERS Options Strategy “CashFLOW” Provides Potential Permanent Options Trading Solution for Cash Accumulation and Net Worth Building During All Market Conditions.

NITRO3 Options Trading System
NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy Provides a POWERFUL Trading Strategy for Home Run Style Quick Burst Moves to Leverage with Weekly Options  More Info

BOLT2 Options Trading System
BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy Gives You Solid Opportunities for Potentially Plucking Profits Out of the Options Market Using Short Term or Weekly Options Up to 82% Winning or More ! More Info

PANIK3 Options Trading System
PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy High Precision Weekly Trading Strategy and System for HIGH Momentum Moves to Ride with Weekly Options 80% to 85% Winning as in the Strategy Run as a System Results Below (which means take every trade.) Panic Profits Right Into Your Trading Account! This Options Strategy is not Called PANIK for Nothing! 

FLUX2 Options Trading System New
FLUX2  Option swing trading system offers you a super solid way for creating your own high probability potential perpetual money machine. 

Options “Sling” Trading Products

Super solid swing trading system taking SlingShot3.0 up a notch.
Ultra prolific options swing trading system for advanced traders looking for incredible amounts of profit points.  More Info

SlingShot7-Options-Trading-System (1)
Solid powerful options sling trading system for more profit opportunity.  More Info

Super Simple Options Trading Products

-CYCLONEII Options Binary Vanilla System
Cyclone II Options Trading System Set and Forget Style is a really great method to trade that we have been following for many many years. And that we have now discovered a great new tweak to make this system even better and more fun to trade. More info

SIMPLIFICO4 - Simple Options Trading Sytem
Options Trading Simplified Into a Couple Powerful Clear Cut Trades Per Month for Potential Huge Profits to Be Compounded Over Time for a Very Large Trading Account. 

See The MASSIVE Amount of RUT Index Options Points VECTOR4 Index Options Trading System Was Able to Generate in Just 6 Months! 

Options Quick POP Swing Trading Products

POPS CLAW Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy is a definite must-have option strategy. It is a trading strategy you can use it whenever you want as well. We’re optimized POPS CLAW with other factors to change name more high probability entry. That’s strategies quite accurate on its own.

More Info

Good precision profit point collector for quick profit grab trades. Different than any other POPS system, all of our systems are different from another.  More Info

POPS SNAP Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy Trade High Velocity 1 to 3 Day POPS in Price Action Systematically Through the SNAP Method of Trading in 5 Minutes a Night and No Emotional Thinking.More Info

 POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy offers a unique way of looking at Price action for explosive profit Point accumulation. In fact this method can potentially produce a lot of profit point mileage on a stock.
More Info

POPS CRUSH Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy
High Precision Quick Profit Grab Method to Find Those Starts of Moves that Once Was Secret…
This is an awesome trading system that help you torch the markets and a solid way. More Info

Trade Quick 2 Day Trades – High Momentum Price Pops for Buying Short Term Calls and Puts in Index and Stock Options.
Who doesn’t like Fast Cash? Well that may sound corny but it’s actually the intent of this options trading system. FAST is an important intent to have when trading options that decay, although highly leveraged. More Info

Monthly Bar Big Move Setup Systems & Strategies

TNT III Options Explosion Method
Options Trading Simplified Into a Couple Powerful Clear Cut Trades Per Month for Potential Huge Profits to Be Compounded Over Time for a Very Large Trading Account. More info

TNT II Options Explosion Method
TNT II Options Explosion Strategy & System for Trading Monthly Bars for Big Profits and a Lot Less Effort!
Discover this new approach by trading monthly bars that could be the solution to your trading challenges of stressing yourself out by trading too often. More info

Options MILLIONZ – Millionaire Maker – Strategic Reverse Engineering of the Goal of Your First Million Dollars Products

For those who are concerned with the use of the word “Million” or “Millionaire” understand that 1. 1 million dollars these days really is not a lot of money but it’s a decent starter goal for most.  It’s not a promise that you’ll make a million dollars or become a millionaire but a program with a very real logical approach to breaking down what it takes to take a starter account and methodically grow it, while avoiding pitfalls, up to your first million dollars, from our own experience.  Unless one has a goal and a plan, success in trading over the long term becomes very tricky.  You must have a goal and a strategic step by step plan to get there in order to succeed in options trading, in our opinion.  The MILLIONZ course and the related strategies and systems are purposefully designed to fit into the overall mindset of the program to help achieve the goal of the program.

This is a system designed with the intent, the focus, the goal, the specific goal of making one million dollars from options.   Once one has a goal one can back engender a plan.  Once you have a plan you can go about taking action towards your goal.  Once you have a battle plan for conquering your 1st million  you put yourself in a much higher probability position for success.  Probability is the best we can do in trading.  More info

Powerful, solid, fundamental system that is relativily easy to trade due to a good feel coordinating with market flow vs. a system that goes directly against the feel of the market price flow which makes it harder.  You’ll definitely want to know this system!  More info

Millionaire Maker System 3 is designed to coordinate with the Options Millionaire Maker & Options MILLIONZ approach towards targeting home runs in order to target and achieve one’s first million from options trading.  More info

Options Trading Systems 3
Options MILLIONZ Course Discover How to Develop Your Own Strategic, Specific Plan for Accomplishing Your First Million Dollars from Trading Options by Reverse Engineering the Goal. You Know You Want it and Are Probably Kinda Going for It – But It’s Time to Do it Right and Make Your Exact Strategic Plan to Get Their… More info

Options Millionaire Maker Strategy 1 – Big Bad Options Trend Trading…
“I Love it When a Good Trend Comes Together… Especially When I’m Riding that Trend with Options!” More info
With the Options Millionaire Maker Strategy 2 we unleash a powerful, powerful highly charged, highly magnetized options trading strategy that gives you a serious Edge for targeting homerun opportunity after homerun opportunity.
 More info

Options Micro Swing Products

Micro swing trading is the trading of moves on price action bars that are less than one day. That means we’re looking at trading 60 Minute bars to 240 minute bars, or sometimes 30-minute bars. We found that there is a whole new world of opportunity for allowing us to capture more profit by doing micro swing Trading. Check out our micro swing trading products and learn from them. We think that you’ll be very happy you did!

credit spreads system
Sell Credit Spreads on Weekly Options Systematically for Extra Cash Flow Weekly options system CreditSNIPE provides for you a systematic approach for placing credit spreads on weekly options. This system gives you a potential 4 times a month opportunity to collect rapidly decaying weekly options premium.  More info

Options Trading Systems 4
What’s Better Than Getting Free Money for Selling a Call on Your Stock Holding? Getting 4 TIMES The Money Is Better! Discover the the opportunity for selling weekly options covered calls with an excellent cover call selling system to show you win to sell covered  More info

Options Trading Systems 5
Sell Plump, Rapidly Decaying Weekly Options Premium for Profit Capturing Opportunities 4 Times a Month or More…
Weekly options can be a premium seller’s dream scenario!  Plump juicy premiums that decay FAST!  You only need to mind positions for a week, usually less.  It’s almost cash flow heaven…. More info

Options Trading Systems 6
Micro Swing Trade Weekly Options Calls and Puts with Pin Point Precision… ULTRA Class system – Weekly Options System DeltaSTRYK is a very powerful system that will allow you to actually swing trade weekly options, even holding these weekly options overnight for 2 to 3 days on average. More info

Discover a New World of Profit Opportunities on the Micro Swing Level Giving You Greater Control of Point Risk and the Ability to Take Out More Points in a Price Swing While Also Giving  You The Ability to Capture Micro Swings for Concentrated Profit Grabs… 

See The MASSIVE Amount of RUT Index Options Points VECTOR4 Index Options Trading System Was Able to Generate in Just 6 Months! 

Options Weekly Paychecks Products

Options Trading Systems 7
Options Trading System Options Weekly Paychecks System B V. 2.0 – A Core Trading For A Good Living System And Long Time Proven Winner Must Have & Must Execute System.

Options Trading Systems 8
“NEW! Trade Big Micro Swing Moves in Index Options with Very Good Precision for the Russell 2000 and S&P 500 Now with the Index Options Weekly2.0 Paychecks Options Trading System.” 

Options Power Trend Products (2-4 Week High Velocity Trends)

Power Trend Trading means that you are taking the most robust and powerful moves that happen right away and then go strong usually for 2 to 4 weeks. Additionally power trends happen on a pretty frequent basis so there is opportunity to make absolute fortunes from the markets if you know how to time these power trends right. So what we’ve done is that we created systems that just automatically put you in position to capture these power trends with options. The potential results could mean that you keep stacking up big move after Big Move driving your options positions into very high deltas going in towards tick for tick with the stock. Power trend trading is arguably one of the best ways to trade for most people especially because of the nice moderate pacing that allows many to not get too emotionally riled by the markets as happens with some for shorter-term trading. Check out our options power Trend trading systems and add those two arsenal. As you let these systems comp every time you could end up quite happy! Additionally power trend trading on the side is great for busy people and those who are trading other systems.

BBLZ6- -Power Trend Trading System
BBLZ6 Power Options Trend Trading System With BBLZ6 Power Options Trend Trading System We Are Going for the Bigger Trends on Stocks to Ride with Options So We Can Crush it with a Nice Juicy Options Position…
More info

REVERB-Power Trend Trading System
REVERB8 Power Trend Trading System is a Power Trend options trading system that aims for collecting moves on stocks with options that offer bigger potential scope vs. swing trading. More info

KMB12 - -Power Trend Trading System
KBM12 Options Power Trend Trading System. With KBM12 Options Power Trend Trading System we position ourselves for the the power trend move while favoring a shorter-term move. This means that when we capture a Power Trend move we capture a higher velocity power type of power trend. We would capture a swing trade if the power trend didn’t workout.More info

Options Trading Systems 9
“Ride Big Trends on Stocks with Options! Take Out Your Years of Angst with Options Trading and Unleash Your FURY on the Options Markets!” It’s time that you unleashed YOUR FURY! Introducing the Options FURY Trading System!

Options Trading Systems 10
JackPOT Options Power Trend Trading System Learn to Ride Power Trends on Stocks with Options for Netting Out Profits and Compounding Them Over Time 

CYCLONECORE Options Trading System

JackPOT Cyclone Gives You That SUPER Easy to Trade Method You Knew, You Sense Existed in the Markets But Just Couldn’t Pinpoint Before.

With JackPOT Cyclone You Can Place Your Trades Once a Month and Let the Markets Do Its Thing.. Then Just Collect Your Profits, on Average at the End of the Month. Yes. It’s That Type of DREAM SYSTEM.

-CYCLONEII Options Binary Vanilla System
Cyclone II Options Trading System Set and Forget Style is a really great method to trade that we have been following for many many years. And that we have now discovered a great new tweak to make this system even better and more fun to trade. More info


VORTEX2.0 Parabolic Trend System for Stocks and Options for Targeting Hyper Accelerated Potenial Rivitingly Big Moves to Shudder Massive Scalp Tingling Profits into Your Trading Account… 

This System is for You Guys Who Love Riding Big Exciting Moves that Can Travel a Great Distance and Do So Quickly For Potential Enormous In The Money Options Accelerated Profit Expansion, the Kind of Moves that Gives You Highs Similar to 3X Sugar Highs All at the Same Time…

Ride Large Precision Trend Moves with Options On Stocks
MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trend Trading System is Options System that You Can Use to Line Up Potential Home Run Hits Or Run Over and Over Again on Your Favorite Stocks. More info

Options Credit Spread Trading Products

Options Trading Systems 11
Credit Spreads and the Concept of “Plucking Free Cash” from the Options Market is a Fun and Exciting One. The Possibilities Are There But So Are the Pitfalls. We are going to take care of the pitfalls and give you a very powerful trading system that combines with specially placed credit spreads.More info

Options Trading Systems 12
Master All Angles of Credit Spreads and Their Application Understanding What Type of Credit Spread to Sell When, Exactly, According to the Charts… Credit spreads can be a nifty way of collecting cash from the markets on a consistent basis, when done right. More info

credit spreads system
Sell Credit Spreads on Weekly Options Systematically for Extra Cash Flow Weekly options system CreditSNIPE provides for you a systematic approach for placing credit spreads on weekly options. This system gives you a potential 4 times a month opportunity to collect rapidly decaying weekly options premium. More info

LOPR9 Credit Spreads Swing Trading System for Weekly Options

More info

STAAR8 - swing trading credit spreads strategy


BANDIT7 Credit Spreads Micro Swings Trading System Using Weekly Options

 More info


NUGGET – Credit Spreads Options System on Micro Swing Level for Weekly Income – Weekly Options Paychecks

More info


GATLIN Credit Spreads System for Precision and Cashflow

More info


PEARL Credit Spreads Swing Trading System for Weekly Paychecks

 More info



.More info


Options Strangles Trading Products

STRANULATOR - Power Strangle Trading System
Never Again Fear a Big Move Trade Entry with this “No Lose” Strategy with 4 Big Home Run Setups. Pick the wrong direction in a big trade? Who cares! Find out especially how you could make a fortune picking the wrong direction! More info

Swing Swing Trading Strangle System!   Drastic risk reduction.  No more guessing on swing direction.  But you do need to learn the swing trigger pin points that we teach.   More info

Options Weekly Paychecks Trading Products

Options Trading Systems 8
“Trade Big Micro Swing Moves in Index Options with Very Good Precision for the Russell 2000 and S&P 500 Now with the Index Options Weekly2.0 Paychecks Options Trading System.”
More info

optoins weekly paychecks system a

The Point and Purpose of OWP A that Appeals to Many Traders is That This System is “Set and Forget” – then Let the Weekly Trend Smash You Out a Net Profit Over Time…

The Key with this system is to just “roll the dice” on the system signal each week and let the system do it’s thing. Don’t think. Don’t fret. This system wasn’t designed for ultra high winning percentage it was designed so you can be lazy, super lazy and compound a potential fortune over time ! 

Options Trading Systems 14

We actually purposely developed this time proven weekly trend trading system for the purpose of netting out a “weekly paycheck” from the options market.

We observed certain undeniable market tendancies and we found ways to exploit these tendancies. With this system you can give yourself a SERIOUS edge in your quest to trade for a living, grow wealth, compound that wealth and generate cash flow off that wealth. 

Options Day Trading Products

Options Trading Systems 15
“Options Daily Paychecks2.0 Provides a Powerful and Doable Way for You to Actually Day Trade Vanilla Options and Dominate Almost Every Single Price Move in a Potentially Very Lucrative Way…”

Options Trading Systems 16
“Discover Your Potential to ‘Kill It’ Trading Weekly Options on an Intraday Basis with Index Options on the RUT and SPX! Using ‘Cheap’ Weekly Options…”

More info

Your other option would be to day trade binary options. You can find a lot of opportunity for day trading binary options on our Binary Options AUTHORITY site.