POPS CLAW Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy for Short Term Weekly Options

POPS CLAW Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy for Short Term Weekly Options Designed for Quick Cash Flow & Continuous Cash Flow to Be Compounded Upon Over Time…

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POPS CLAW is a Quick Swing, Sort of Swing Scalping Method Where You Are Looking to Lock in Swing Profits Quickly According to the System’s Rules. If you like more of a feeling of control in your trading then you’ll like POPS Claw.

Play Video for Explanation:

Pops Claw Quick Pop Options Trading System And Strategy is A Very Powerful Options Trading System And Strategy.

Pops Claw’s Trading Mechanism It’s Based On A Very Powerful And Solid, Stable Method Meaning That This System Is Designed To Be Durable And Stand The Test Of Time.

  • POPS CLAW is a system.
  • POPS CLAW can also be used as a strategy to go into the markets whenever you want, when you see an optimized opportunity for profit – POPS CLAW gives you an excellent mechanism for entry and exit for profit. 

POPS CLAW Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy is a definite must-have option strategy. It is a trading strategy you can use it whenever you want as well.  We’re optimized POPS CLAW with other factors to change name more high probability entry. That’s strategies quite accurate on its own.

When one attains maturity in the marketplace one starts to understand that money is in solidity. It’s the solid concept that is dependable that one can depend upon to come through for them a solid decent percentage of the time. If you have a solid opportunity then from there you just simply run it every time and let money management do the rest.

POPS CLAW Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy Performance Sample Representing the System Rules that You Would Get when You Purchase this System.

That means that below is the closest representation of what you would have achieved if you took all of these system trades yourself.    The points are in stocks.  Points are rounded and even rounded down to include slippage.  These are stock profits or losses below.  Options profits are roughly 1/2 of the stock points when you factor in deltas and premium decay (although with POPS style trading we are usually in the trade only 1-3 days.)

Performance Example

  • High precision pops quick grab
  • Results rounded down
  • Great solid strategy with a fantastic method invented by us
  • Non stop opportunities for trades to stack up for cash flow for further compounding over time – a must have method!

Here is a more recent POPS CLAW Pops style swing trading system performance  results based on the systems rules.  Numbers are rounded down to better account for any slippage.  These in are stock points.  Then you would translate these points into options points depending on the type of options position you play:


  • Trade stocks
  • Trade OTM options
  • Trade deeper in the money options for higher delta
  • Trade NADEX Spreads and Knockouts which trade like high delta options.
  • You can even use POPS CLAW to trade futures and Forex.
LULU 2021   CAT 2021 – Jan 1   WYNN – 2021 Jan 1  
6   8   6  
4   10   11.5  
18   8   11  
4   16   13  
19   -4.5   4  
11   6   6  
1   2   6  
16   3   3  
9   -1   6  
8   -3   11 July 8 2021 Stop
3   -2   77.5 Totals: for ~6 months
21 July 8 2021 Stop 3      
120 Totals: for ~6 months 3      
    27 To Jun 21    
     76.5 Totals: for ~6 months    
2 Jan-2016  
3 31 T
2 4 L
3 27 W
4 87.10% Winning %
6 Dec-16  
115.6 Total Stock Points
48.55 Options Profits Points
i.e. $48,550 on 10 or $485,500 on 100 contracts approximately if would have taken all of the trades in just 3 to 10 minutes a night “work” 5 nights a week over a year.



5 to 10 Minutes a Night is All that Is Needed.  Actually Please Don’t do Any More Work or as Nicholas Daravas Learned – the Less You Do in Trading (with a Good System) the More You Tend to Make…

You Need to Be Doing More of This…


How fast can I start making money?

Well you can learn the system in a day technically and conceptually in an hour. And you can apply right away if you keep focused on trading correctly. So it’s basically this: If your first swing makes money then you make money! You can see the track record for a picture on frequency: We have 32 trades in a year for the example above so that’s about 2.7 trades per month, And a key about this system is that it only takes a couple few minutes and night to trade so as you start making a lot of money with it you start to free up your time.

How much money do I need to get started?

You can get started with your broker’s minimum technically and also how much it takes to get started depends on how much you have available for trading or rather for risk capital or also known as business start-up capital. But even if you have a lot of money it’s best to start very small and get used to the system while doing a lot of historical paper trading as well.

Is this system easy to learn?

Yes. If a monkey could understand English just a little bit and if the monkey could focus, and if the monkey wasn’t on social media and did not have a cell phone, then a monkey could trade it in our opinion. If kids are of the age that they they can pay attention, they could do a great job of it too. And it’s a great idea to teach kids to learn how to systems trade when they’re young before they get a bunch of gobbledygook in their heads from lame financial media or other lame ‘investing’ educators.