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Get a Trading Plan. Get Educated on How to Win in Options Trading. Where to Start? Here is a Starter List of Systems Below to Consider

Options Trading Systems Are a Blueprint,  An “Operations Manual” for Running a “Trading Business”.  Just “Get Good” at Trading the Blueprint and Everything Gets Easier.  Once Profits Are Rolling in then Life Starts to Become Much Easier.  That’s Where You Want to Be.  Use One Of Our Options Trading Systems to Help Get You There:  Financial Freedom.  Time Freedom.  Turn Your “Work” into a 25 Minute Workweek with Options Swing or Even Less with Options Trend Trading.

Why Options?  When you learn to use options smartly as we teach you, you’ll have smarter risk to reward ratios and you’ll be able to methodically, strategically, systematically put your self into a high probability position for profiting over and over vs. feelings and emotions. 

  • OTA CORE – Start Here. This is an Ultra Solid Options Swing Trading System and is the First and Foundational System of this Options Trading AUTHORITY Site, in Addition to Our Other Options and Trading System Sights. OTA CORE Was the Discover that an Extremely Profitable Intuitive Based Trading Method Could Be Translated into a Set of Rules that Were Super Simple to Execute. This Also Meant that the Profitable Moves Derived from The Intuitive Method of the Founder of This Site Could Be Done Over and Over and Over Again, Capturing Much More Profit without Having to Be So Mentally & Emotionally Engaged as Intuitive Trading Required.
  • OTA CORE PRO – Next Step – Some Time Later, a Method to Double the Profit Opportunities was Discovered to Add More Profit to the OTA CORE System. With OTA CORE & OTA CORE PRO, in Our Opinion – You Could Be Set for Life if Properly and Consistently Executed with Logical Position Sizing.
  • Options Weekly Paychecks System A – Set and Forget Style Options Trading System for Low Maintenance Trading Targeting Weekly Trends
  • Options Weekly Paychecks System B – Long Time Student Favorite – Takes Out Weekly Price Action Swings on the Micro Level
  • STACKCERS3.0 – Range trading options system – super solid cash flow machine type of system – a student favoriate.
  • FLUX3 – an “EverTrend” Swing & Trend Trading Hybrid Designed for Perpetual Profiting – another must know and must be doing. 
  • SlingShotOptions3.0 – Rapid Momentum Reversal “Sling” Options Trading System, long term stable swing trading system. 
  • RightSide3.0 Micro Trend Trading Options Trading System Tight Shadowing of Micro Swings Keeping You In on the Up and Down Price Fluctuations at Potentially Better Entries and Exits. Increased Control with Micro Swings with the Potential to Turn into Power Swings or even Parabolic Moves.
  • MAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trading System is Options Strategy / System. We all need to be running home run trades and this is a great precision approach for spotting monster opportunities. 

OTA CORE is a Great Place to Start


Options Trading AUTHORITY CORE – Options Swing Trading System

Get a Trading System Business Plan Blueprint for the Sake of Developing Your Own Options Trading Business & Trading for a Good Living

OTA CORE is the method that was the starting point of Options Trading AUTHORITY over 20+ years ago. We should have launched this system a long time ago. It’s the secret from scary accurate, highly developed trading intuition which was then translated to paper in order to trade this method over and over with very little effort or thinking.

This system which was figured out intuitively before even knowing much what a price chart was CRUSHED it running $13k up to $425k in 4 months – now it’s been translated into a set of rules so you can do this method over and over and over again.

OTA CORE PRO is a Great Next Step  More Info


OTA CORE PRO Trading System Upgrade to OTA CORE Trading System for Another World of Trading Opportunities

OTA CORE PRO Trading System –  More info

Add STACKERS3.0 “Cash Flow Machine” next and add an additional cash flow stream method.  


More Info

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Mastery Coaching Programs

OWP Trading Systems Designed for Potential Job Replacement Cash Flow


Learn More About The “OWP” Systems Above for Stocks, Options, NADEX Spreads & NADEX Knockouts for an Instant Trading Solution

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OWP System B v2 for OTA

OWP System A for OTA


OWP System T for OTA


Options Trading AUTHORITY Products

Options Trading Systems – Options Trading Strategies – Options Courses – Options Signal Services – Options MASTERY Coaching Program

Learn How to Become a Really Good Options Trader, Exactly!

We have focused Options Trading AUTHORITY into the trading system development emphasis of “Trading for a Good Living”. This means we develop systems and strategies that can have the potential for standing the test of time with consistent performance on average.

Trade options for a living? How? Run a solid system. Which one? Any product that is called a “system” is designed in the “Trading for a Good Living Core Systems Development Philosophy”. These systems have been designed for our personal use and or to meet a specific desired way of trading suggested by students.

“Which system should I start with?” Here is our pick: STACKERS3.0 or SlingShot3.0 – both systems are great for beginners because they are pretty simple to run, they have a good feel while running them, they are super solid and they take only 2 to 10 minutes a night to run.

These systems (in addition to the other systems here) provide you an opportunity to completely blow away what you could make from a franchise for a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the time needed, a fraction of the worry if any worry at all, trading is way more fun and with trading you can travel the world or be on vacation and still run your business in just 2 to 10 minutes a night through the internet or cell phone.

Options Trading Signals

See Our Latest Options Trading Signals on BEST Trading Signals.net


GREAT Cheap Options Trading Signals Services for Day Trading or Swing Trading Options

OMNIPOPS-Stocks-and-Options-Day-Trading-Signals-Service (2)

More Info

STRIKER7-Stocks-and-Options-Swing-Trading-Signals-Service-1 (2)

More Info

RC1-PRO-Cheap-Weekly-Options-Signals (1)

More Info

Options Power Trend Trading Signals Services

TRENDCORE Trend Trading Signals Services

More Info


Options Trading Swing Signals Services

STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals HT15 to PP (1)

More Info


More Info

Options Day Trading Signals Services

OMNIPOPS-Stocks-and-Options-Day-Trading-Signals-Service (2)

More Info

Options Day Trading Signals Services


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QQQ Options Trading Signals Services


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Options Micro Swing – Options Combination Strategy Products



Sell Credit Spreads on Weekly Options Systematically for Extra Cash Flow Weekly options system CreditSNIPE provides for you a systematic approach for placing credit spreads on weekly options. This system gives you a potential 4 times a month opportunity to collect rapidly decaying weekly options premium.  More Info


What’s Better Than Getting Free Money for Selling a Call on Your Stock Holding? Getting 4 TIMES The Money Is Better! Discover the the opportunity for selling weekly options covered calls with an excellent cover call selling system to show you win to sell covered.  More info


Sell Plump, Rapidly Decaying Weekly Options Premium for Profit Capturing Opportunities 4 Times a Month or More…Weekly options can be a premium seller’s dream scenario! Plump juicy premiums that decay FAST! You only need to mind positions for a week, usually less. It’s almost cash flow heaven….  More info

Options Power Swing Trading Systems

BBLZ6- -Power Trend Trading System

BBLZ6 Power Options Trend Trading System With BBLZ6 Power Options Trend Trading System We Are Going for the Bigger Trends on Stocks to Ride with Options So We Can Crush it with a Nice Juicy Options Position…More info

REVERB-Power Trend Trading System

REVERB8 Power Trend Trading System is a Power Trend options trading system that aims for collecting moves on stocks with options that offer bigger potential scope vs. swing trading. More info

KMB12 - -Power Trend Trading System

KBM12 Options Power Trend Trading System. With KBM12 Options Power Trend Trading System we position ourselves for the the power trend move while favoring a shorter-term move. This means that when we capture a Power Trend move we capture a higher velocity power type of power trend. We would capture a swing trade if the power trend didn’t workout.  More info

Options Trend Trading Systems of Various Types


“Ride Big Trends on Stocks with Options! Take Out Your Years of Angst with Options Trading and Unleash Your FURY on the Options Markets!” It’s time that you unleashed YOUR FURY! Introducing the Options FURY Trading System!

More Info


JackPOT Options Power Trend Trading System Learn to Ride Power Trends on Stocks with Options for Netting Out Profits and Compounding Them Over Time

More Info

CYCLONECORE Options Trading System

JackPOT Cyclone Gives You That SUPER Easy to Trade Method You Knew, You Sense Existed in the Markets But Just Couldn’t Pinpoint Before.

With JackPOT Cyclone You Can Place Your Trades Once a Month and Let the Markets Do Its Thing.. Then Just Collect Your Profits, on Average at the End of the Month. Yes. It’s That Type of DREAM SYSTEM.

More Info

-CYCLONEII Options Binary Vanilla System

Cyclone II Options Trading System Set and Forget Style is a really great method to trade that we have been following for many many years. And that we have now discovered a great new tweak to make this system even better and more fun to trade. More info


VORTEX2.0 Parabolic Trend System for Stocks and Options for Targeting Hyper Accelerated Potenial Rivitingly Big Moves to Shudder Massive Scalp Tingling Profits into Your Trading Account…

This System is for You Guys Who Love Riding Big Exciting Moves that Can Travel a Great Distance and Do So Quickly For Potential Enormous In The Money Options Accelerated Profit Expansion, the Kind of Moves that Gives You Highs Similar to 3X Sugar Highs All at the Same Time…

More Info


Ride Large Precision Trend Moves with Options On StocksMAEDAY2.3 Home Run Striker Options Trend Trading System is Options System that You Can Use to Line Up Potential Home Run Hits Or Run Over and Over Again on Your Favorite Stocks. More info

BOLT2 Options Trading System

BOLT2 Options Strategy Starter Options Weekly Paychecks Strategy Gives You Solid Opportunities for Potentially Plucking Profits Out of the Options Market Using Short Term or Weekly Options Up to 82% Winning or More !

More Info

TS55 Options Trend Scalper Trading System

“Ride Big Trends on Stocks with Options! Take Out Your Years of Angst with Options Trading and Unleash Your FURY on the Options Markets!”

More Info


VORTEX2.0 Parabolic Trend System for Stocks and Options for Targeting Hyper Accelerated Potenial Rivitingly Big Moves to Shudder Massive Scalp Tingling Profits into Your Trading Account…

More Info


Ride Large Precision Trend Moves with Options On Stocks – an Options Trader’s Dream System for Crushing it with Options…

More Info


TURTYL 2 Options Trading System

TURTYL2 Options Swing Trading System – Powerful System for Capturing Power Trends & Power Swings

More info

FLUX3 Options Swing Trading System Options Trading System

FLUX3 Swing & Trend Trading Options Trading System

More info

Options Micro Swing Trading Systems (Also See OWP Above)


MARAUDER II MOD Micro Swing System and Strategy 2 Hour Bars

MARAUDER II Micro Swing Cash Flow Method – 2 Hour Bar Precision MOD Strategy & System for Cashflow  – More info

MARAUDER T MOD Micro Swing System and Strategy 2 Hour Bars

MARAUDER T Micro Swing Cash Flow Method – 2 Hour Bar Precision MOD Strategy & System for Cash Flow – More info

SWIPER 6 Micro Swing Trading System

SWIPER6 Options Micro Swing Trading System Powerful Cash Flow Generator System More info

RightSider3.0 Trading System Stock Trading System Options Trading System

RightSider3.0 Stocks & Options Swing Trading System More info

Weekly Bar Based Options Trading System for Low Hanging Fruit Opportunity


THUNDER1 Weekly Bar System

THUNDER 1 Weekly Bar Options Trading System for Taking Advantage of Low Hanging Fruit & Big Profit Price Pops

More info

THUNDER2 Weekly Bar System

THUNDER II Weekly Bar System for Taking Advantage Low Hanging Fruit & Big Price Profit Pops Explosions More info

More Info

THUNDER3 Weekly Bar System

THUNDER III Weekly Bar Options Trading System for Taking Advantage of Low Hanging Fruit & Big Profit Price Pops

More info

Options Trading Courses


More info

swing-dna-course-2More info


More info

Monthly Bar Big Move Setup Systems & Strategies


More info


More info

Options Quick POP Swing Trading Products

POPS Claw Options Trading System

POPS CLAW Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy is a definite must-have option strategy. It is a trading strategy you can use it whenever you want as well. We’re optimized POPS CLAW with other factors to change name more high probability entry. That’s strategies quite accurate on its own.


Good precision profit point collector for quick profit grab trades. Different than any other POPS system, all of our systems are different from another.


POPS SNAP Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy Trade High Velocity 1 to 3 Day POPS in Price Action Systematically Through the SNAP Method of Trading in 5 Minutes a Night and No Emotional Thinking.


POPS TRIPWIRE Quick Pop Options Trading System and Strategy offers a unique way of looking at Price action for explosive profit Point accumulation. In fact this method can potentially produce a lot of profit point mileage on a stock.


POPS CRUSH Quick Pop Options Trading System and StrategyHigh Precision Quick Profit Grab Method to Find Those Starts of Moves that Once Was Secret…This is an awesome trading system that help you torch the markets and a solid way.


Trade Quick 2 Day Trades – High Momentum Price Pops for Buying Short Term Calls and Puts in Index and Stock Options. Who doesn’t like Fast Cash? Well that may sound corny but it’s actually the intent of this options trading system. FAST is an important intent to have when trading options that decay, although highly leveraged.

SlingShot Based Options Swing Trading Systems


Super solid swing trading system taking SlingShot3.0 up a notch.

More Info


Ultra prolific options swing trading system for advanced traders looking for incredible amounts of profit points. More Info


SlingShot7-Options-Trading-System (1)

Solid powerful options sling trading system for more profit opportunity. More Info

Options Swing Trading

CPR2 - Chart Pattern Riches 2

CPR2.0 Chart Patterns Riches 2.0 “The End All Ultimate System”

More Info

TVG99 Options Swing Trading System

TVG99 Options Matrix Trading System – Unique Interesting & Powerful Cashflow Generator More info

TS55 Options Trend Scalper Trading System

TS55 Trend Scalper Options Trading System  More Info

L-SCALPEL Options Trading System and MOD System

L-SCALPEL2 Options Swing Trading System and MOD Strategy More info


THETAFLOW Options Swing FLOW Trading System More info

TURTYL 2 Options Trading System

TURTYL2 Options Swing Trading System – Powerful System for Capturing Power Trends & Power Swings

More info

TURTYL R Index Options Trading System

TURTYL-R RUT Index Options Trading System  More info


HREAPER SYSTEM T Options Trading System

HREAPER-T Options Swing System & Strategy

More info

POWDERKEG5 Options Trading System

Precision Explosive Options Strategy for Turning Small Accounts into Big Ones POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy for Power Momentum Moves, Reduced Risk Per Trade for the Sake of Adding an Additional Form of Money Getting from the Short Term Stock Options Market This is a must-have short-term options trading strategy for helping you that additional cash flow opportunities for short-term options trading. More info

More Info


“You’re Done!… As I Like to Say. You Won’t Need Another Strategy or System After Chart Pattern Riches. I Present You the Ultimate Trading Masterpiece for Potentially Making, Keeping and Growing a Fortune from Trading Stocks with Options…””The End All System”You won’t Need Another in Stock Options…More info


STACKERS Options Strategy “CashFLOW” Provides Potential Permanent Options Trading Solution for Cash Accumulation and Net Worth Building During All Market Conditions

More Info

NITRO3 Options Trading System

NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy Provides a POWERFUL Trading Strategy for Home Run Style Quick Burst Moves to Leverage with Weekly Options

More Info

PANIK3 Options Trading System

PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy High Precision Weekly Trading Strategy and System for HIGH Momentum Moves to Ride with Weekly Options 80% to 85% Winning as in the Strategy Run as a System Results Below (which means take every trade.) Panic Profits Right Into Your Trading Account! This Options Strategy is not Called PANIK for Nothing! More Info

FLUX2 Options Trading System New

FLUX2 Option swing trading system offers you a super solid way for creating your own high probability potential perpetual money machine.

More Info


More Info

Volume Based Options Trading Systems

Discover secrets of trading off of volume with excellent accuracy in combination with out strategic entry and exit points. 




SPRINGER ONE Volume System Powerful Swing & Trend Trading System for Stocks & Options

More info

SPRINGER TWO VOLUME SYSTEM High Precision Swing Systems

STACKERS Based Options Swing Trading Systems


STACKERS3.0 “Cash Flow” is an excellent, solid trading system proven over many years. A great system to employ and turn into a habit. Make sure you know this one!

More Info

STACKERS4.0 System C

STACKERS5.0 Options Swing Trading System

STACKERS6.0 Options Swing Trading System

STACKERS7.0 Options Micro Swing Trading System


Options Strangles Strategies & Systems

Options Trading AUTHORITY Products 4

Options Trading AUTHORITY Products 5

Options Trading AUTHORITY Products 6

Options Trading AUTHORITY Products 7


Options Trading AUTHORITY Products 8

Options Trading AUTHORITY Products 9

Options Trading AUTHORITY Products 10