Disclaimer 1

No future performance is guaranteed. No future success of yours is guaranteed or implied.  Accuracy of past performance examples it is not guaranteed. Real time trading involves many various elements that may affect performance positively or negatively.  Your ability to practice the system historically by shoving the price chart to the right and using the right arrow keys plus any demo account trading can help contribute to your success. But lack of disciplined practice will likely cause failure in trading a system, or in trying to learn a system.  Consistency is a big deal for trading a system – you must pay attention and be there for the trades. Position sizing is also another big deal when it comes to success in trading – your position size must fit your personal winning percentage with that system and must be able to handle drawdowns so you can potentially be able to recuperate when the system performs well again. Various trading systems will perform differently over different price action cycles as the market speeds up, slows down, becomes smooth or becomes wild, erratic or choppy. Do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Study other successful Traders and their stories to see how they had to overcome many internal things before they started having success.