Weekly Options Systems

We have several weekly options systems that either day trade or micro swing trade listed below.  The first three are options strategies based systems that use weekly options, especially designed for weekly options.  DeltaStryk micro swing trades weekly options.

The other systems are intraday trading systems where you are in and out within the day – out by the end of the day.

Weekly options systems that we have basically the micro swing trading systems, the intraday trading systems and the POPS systems.

Also credit spread systems are weekly option systems and the naked option systems are weekly option systems as well. We look to sell as short of a time as possible on average with our options selling.

On the other hand when we want to trade for a short-term with a higher momentum price burst we want to use weekly options as well but usually will go a little in the money in order to take advantage of the high Delta Advantage, which is the main purpose of trading weekly options versus longer-term options.
The other reason to trade weekly options would be to hit an astronomical score with cheap options, even slightly out of the money, on a move that has the potential to move dramatically within a day or two, maybe three. Yes these moves are possible you just need to know how to identify them and play them. Also you need to have systematic money management approach so the times that don’t can be well overcome by the times that do work, you know, like the Turtle Traders, math and logic speaking wise.

Options Weekly Paychecks Has a Bunch of Really Good Options Trading Systems for Cheap Options Using High Momentum, High Probability Micro Swing Trading.

Weekly Options Systems 1

Options Micro Swing Trading Systems

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Weekly Options Systems 2

Options Weekly Paychecks System A |
Options Weekly Paychecks System B

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POPS Systems & Strategies

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