We Have Now Listed Several MASTERY Memberships for Different Foci Upon and Into Helping You Rapidly Advance in a Particular Genre of Options Trading on Towards the Goal of Mastery, Being Able to Have a Profitable Strategic Action for Just About Every Price Action Scenario in the Market Place

These Memberships Can Save You Thousands in Education while Saving Your Hundreds of Thousands from Mistakes and Loser Trades in the Markets While Helping Save You Potential Millions and Tens of Millions in Lost Revenue

  1. Options Trading Cashflow MASTERS Training & Coaching Program
  2. Options Strategic Home Run Trader Training & Coaching Program
  3. LEARN Options Program - an Overall "Every Angle" Approach - Learn the Inner Game, the Outer Game, the Traders Math Secrets to Success, the Mechanics, Secret Insights, Proprietary Strategies, How to Trade Various Options Strategies Correctly, Avoid Historical Pitfalls, Learn to Avoid Hidden Pitfalls that Only Experienced Trader, Teachers and Systems Developers Know... How to Combine Options Combination Strategies with Price Opportunities for Consistent Profiting, New Options Combination Strategies, Cash Flow Tricks and Cash Grabbing Tricks, Profit on Demand Concepts and More...
  4. CREDIT SPREADS STRATEGIES MASTERS Membership - We've got a ton of credit spreads strategies and systems.  If your focus is here we'll help get all the info you need more quickly and more focused and more.  Learn to MASTER the credit spread.
  5. COVERED CALLS STRATEGIES MASTERS Membership - We've got a ton of covered calls strategies and systems.  If your focus is here we'll help get all the info you need more quickly and more focused and more.  Learn to MASTER the covered call.   Find out how to generate retirement cash flow off your stock portfolio.   Discovered how to retire early with your own covered calls portfolio.
  6. NAKED OPTIONS SELLING MASTERS Membership– We've got a ton of naked options options selling strategies and systems.  If your focus is here we'll help get all the info you need more quickly and more focused and more.  Learn to MASTER the naked options options selling.   Find out how to generate retirement cash flow off a pile of cash using naked options options selling.

This program focuses on getting you cash flow strategies so you can put yourself in a high probability position to make money in a repeated high probability way using options and price action combinations. Teach you swing Trading, micro swing Trading, pops, intraday trading, weekly cycle Trading, weekly bar training, weekly options trading and more. We will teach you different option strategies for cash flow.

We will deal with buying options and selling options. We will use strategies such as credit spreads and debit spreads and so on. We have tons of strategies and systems that are just sitting on the shelf that you could be putting to work even compounding over time. So using this format of a coaching program allows us to put those strategies to work while helping you potentially achieve your dreams.

What's a home run? A homerun trade is a very large return, even a thousand percent return or more on just one trade. The average home run trade is 200% to 400%. There are so many opportunities that fly by, day by day week by week, and month by month that people are just missing when they could be capturing these very large moves over and over. Even if one just started with one contract it could be very well worth it. But of course eventually as one gets becomes more comfortable in a particular options trading strategy then they can gear Up with larger position sizes and really hit it out of the park.

Speaking of money management position sizes we need to address how to play home runs with smart money management that can really help us avoid trouble and put us ahead of the game. So we will be teaching you price action home run strategies for trend trading, position trading, power trend trading, giant investor trends, micro swing home runs and even intraday home runs, day-trading style, believe it or not, with highly-leveraged high delta low price options.

There is a massive world of opportunity and options and we've tapped a large percentage of it over the past couple decades. Learn our strategies and put them to use like many of our students have and discover a way of trading that could be your ticket to move forward in a very robust way.

Our Naked Options Selling MASTERY Program membership focuses on teaching you strategies directly for naked option selling. Options selling is a very popular way to trade. A lot of people have had a lot of success at selling options overtime but on the other hand there are a lot of blunders, immensely blunderous stories out there too. We will teach you how to avoid the blunders while maximizing your profitability in very powerful smart ways.

If you're looking to be an option seller you will certainly want to learn our option selling trading strategies. Are option selling strategies are based primarily on price action so you have a specific plan for entry and exit in selling options every single time. We are far more interested in option selling with price action instead of just selling an option for the sake of selling it to collect premium only. Therefore our way can increase your profitability while putting you in a position to reduce your risk considerably.

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