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– Arm Your Self with Options Systems or Options Strategy Month by Month onto Mastery While Increasing Your Personal Trading Power & Ability Layer by Layer –

Discover Our New “Options Armory” Program that Will Send You One Our Tried and True Options Strategies or Options Trading System that Have Stood the Test of Time for Empowering You With Solid New Ways to Trade

Here are systems and strategies you get, released month by month: Obviously you’re going to get a BIG discount by being in this program than original prices of these systems and strategies. Our intent is to have you become an genuinely great trader, not just getting into trading for a fast buck, but become great, break 7 figs and get on our Hall of Fame Board.

  • It’s $120 a month. Save a ton vs. buying the various strategies individually. You can cancel by yourself at your member’s back office anytime you want. 
  • Gain mastery over each strategy month by month, enhancing your ability to trade the best of the winning trading opportunities while avoiding losers and mediocre trade scenarios. 
  • Arm yourself with trading strategies and some trading systems that have the potential to put a lot of money into your trading account, particularly if you use them habitually over time. 
  • Become better and better at trading and reading price charts so you can put yourself in a position to have success, as you probably read about it in the Market Wizards books, while better avoiding the blunders and pitfalls that many of them got themselves into later in life because they didn’t have a broad spectrum of well-rounded education and how the markets work and how price moves around on a price chart over time.
  • Some of those Market Wizards you read about got on a lucky roll and didn’t know how to trade other types of markets. They did not trade other types of market price action behavior. And they often lacked the discipline of waiting for their ideal price action character and speed of markets that they needed.
  • By learning and mastering a new strategy per month, you’re going to increase your ability to avoid their pitfalls while getting to know price action from many new angles. 
  • So with the mastery of various trading strategies, you’ll be able to evolve into a virtuoso trader over time if you are driven to do so.
  1. PANIK3 Options Trading Strategy
  2. POWDERKEG5 Options Trading Strategy
  3. BOLT2 Options Strategy
  4. NITRO3 Options Trading Strategy
  5. NADEX Weekly Paychecks System
  6. JIVE5 Micro Swing Scalping System
  7. GS7 Options Weekly Paychecks Credit Spread Multiplier Trading System
  8. GS8 Options Weekly Paychecks Naked Options System
  9. OZ4 Credit Spreads System
  10. OZ5 Naked Options System
  11. STRIKER Options Weekly Paychecks System
  12. Index Options Weeky Paychecks System
  13. JAAKD Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy
  14. JAAM Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy
  15. JIIVE Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy
  16. JUUKE Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy
  17. BUBL11 Swing Trading Covered Calls System
  18. TIPPR2 Covered Calls Swing Trading System
  19. LOPR9 Swing Trading Credit Spreads Strategy for Weekly Options
  20. SPEYEK7 Covered Calls Swing Trading System
  21. WOPS Covered Calls Swing Trading System
  22. Swing Trading Credit Spreads Strategy LOPR9
  23. SS.NADEXSCORTCH NADEX Scalping System for 20 Minute Expirations
  24. SS.FULCRUM Options Credit Spreads Swing Trading System
  25. SS.SWINGSTRANGLE Options Power Strangle System
  26. SS.DAGGER Options Swing Scalping Trading System
  27. SS.DM1520 Options Swing Trading System
  28. Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy TRIIDON4
  29. Futures Swing Trading System SS.EMINITHUNDER
  30. Micro Options Swing Trading System SS.B
  31. BANDIT7 Credit Spreads Micro Swing Trading System forWeekly Paychecks
  32. PEARL Credit Spreads Swing Trading System
  33. GATLIN Powerful Precision Swing Trading Credit Spreads Options Systems
  34. FIBFOE2 – Options Swing Trading Strategy
  35. Options MILLIONZ How to Make Your First Million in Options
  36. Micro Swing Trading Strategy SABER7
  37. Swing Trading Options Course for Amplified Returns
  38. Options Micro Swing Trading Strategy TRIIDON4
  39. STAAR8 Weekly Options Swing Trading Credit Spreads Strategy
  40. SSSWango Options Swing Trading Strategy
  41. SlingShot3.0 Options Trading Swing System
  42. SlingShot7 Options & Stock Trading System
  43. Forex Swing Trading System SS.PINNACLEFX
  44. Forex Swing Trading System SS.LightningFX

$120 Every 30 Days.  You can cancel at anytime yourself from your members area which you get after signing up by clicking the Add to Cart button below.  

Sign up now and start receiving your new trading system or trading system each month.  You’ll have plenty of time to achieve a good degree of mastery and practice before the next month’s system or strategy.

The more of these systems and strategies you learn, historically paper trade (by “pretend trading” making a decision of what you would do bar by bar) the better trader you will become.  Your accuracy should improve dramatically in picking the right times, stocks and options to trade, in picking the right direction of the markets too.  

Over time you’ll be able to become a better and better trader.  If you keep at it, you may even become one of the best traders on the planet. But will you stick with the program and keep at it?  Winners will.  

It isn’t a lot of work but it does take some work to learn a new system or strategy, study it historically on your favorite instruments, historically paper trade it and so on.  It’s certainly way easier than going to collage, (wasting your time learning a bunch of mumbo jumbo most of which you’ll never use, ever, while not being very profitable, certainly not compared to trading!!!).   So for a few hours of learning and practicing work per month you could start to develop yourself into a potential wildly profitable trader into the future. 

If that sounds good to you, dive in, sign up and get started.  You can contact us any time through your support ticket system with your trading questions too!  

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