Options Trading Signals

Options Signals Are Based on Our Systems and Strategies Performed in Real Time and Emailed to You with Entry and Exit Parameters.

  • We do trading homework for you
  • We send you really, really good trading ideas with entries, stop loss setting and profit taking exits when the time is right.
  • We give you strategies based off of our secret systems
  • You get trained how to trade professionally by following  our example
  • Learn how to trade correctly in real time
  • Learn the habits of successful options trading
  • Get a potentially stackable cash flow and net worth building plan
  • Receive inspiration for your own trading by having our signals inspire a potential home run trading idea of your own!
  • Veteran traders our services will provide some camaraderie and competition - try to out perform our signals.  We'll help keep you in the game, keep those 'juices flowing'.
  • Potentially get inspired to hit many big home run trades.
  • The potential to make a lot of money and compound that money over time. 

Employ the Options Trading Authority 3.0 New Options Trading Signal Services - "Option Newsletters" - That Provide Entries and Exits System Trading Signals As a Membership Service...

Each signal service is designed for the long term.  Study the track records of each carefully and decide if this is something for you.  Do not join a membership unless you committed to execute all of the signals exactly and correctly for at least one year!  These signals are designed to be executed in a business like fashion with correct money management  (2% to 5% max position sizes and never any bigger).  Maximum potential performance comes from executing ALL of the signals.  Periods of potential profitability will fluctuate with the markets prices flow and you must be emotionally prepared to handle any slow times, times when trades lose.

Performance, your returns are not guaranteed of course.  But we design these systems for ourselves and offer you a chance to participate in them through the trading signals services.  We deign these systems to stand the test of time and net out potential profits over time.    We are more concerned with making, keeping and then growing money from trading as a business and we believe you should be also.

But in order to net out profits over time we need to stick to the game plane.  If a system is profitable then EVERY signal has its own profit factor.  No one knows what trades will win or lose, or by how much therefore we need to execute ALL of the deals to obtain a potential netprofit as seen on the performance records.

  • STELLAR9 Options Signals take a unique way to accumulate high probability cash flow opportunity swing trading. Opportunities for large, deep in the money, fast options gains.
  • TRENDCORE Options Trend Trading Signals - High Probability short term options trend trading with options. Check out the track record.
  • CRUSHER8 Options Trading Signals Services Are a Powerful way capturing very large surprise moves, in your favor, those drama moves you see and may have been on the wrong side of in the past. With CRUSHER8 we're able to capture these types of drama surprise moves ver and over.
  • CATAPULT Options Power Trend Trading Signals take out the low hanging fruit power trend. What's a power trend? It's one of those strong directional moves that happens usually 2 to 4 weeks.
  • SAMURAI Options Trading Signals is based on a precision style trading system.
  • TERPETUALPOPS is a day trading signals service. It's a one day trade. We get in before the close and out the next day. It's day trading reduced to 2 minutes a day. Check out the track records to get a better picture.
  • OWP System E Options Signals Service is a high precision style trading system that last 5 days exactly. It's optimized to get in and get out 5 days later. You don't have to keep changing trail stops.
  • CFE2 is options signals services based on one of our Cash Flow ENFORCER type of systems. It's a 2 day trade. Get in then out 2 days later. Check out the track records to get a better picture how this system operates.

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