POPS Options Trading for Quick Profit Grab Trading Usually Between 1- 3 Days

POPS Trading Is Great.  We Limit Certain Variables To Removing One Of The Most Annoying Factors Of All – Premium Decay.


  Pops Trading Style Is Designed To Take Advantage Of The Highest Velocity Sweet Spots Of A Price Swing Which Usually Happens Between 1 And 3 Days When Using Day Bars.

We are literally looking to only stay in a trade maybe one day, maybe 2 days or maybe 3 days max. We want to take that quick move and get out. We look to buy calls and buy puts. That said you can use this strategy with spreads as well.

Fortunately there are many opportunities for the POPS trading style and we found many little “loop hole” like methods that we have incorporated into our trading systems, many of which you can purchase below. Of course the trick is to have a way to trade over and over without thinking and have that way of trading be so high probability that it can give you that very strong potential to net out profits that just keep on growing…

  • Looking to trade quick moves on day bars or at the micro swing level.

  • You can think of the POPS Style like “Popcorn Cash” (a fun way of thinking about it) because we aim for fast, high velocity price action moves, the meat of a swing – take the good stuff and run.

  • Look to net out profits by stacking more wins than losses and buy winning more per trade on average vs. when a trade does not win.  You can see the results in the systems results on each product below.

  • POPS Provides a good amount of trading action for those of you who need and want more action.  The good news is that POPS can put you in a high probability position every time for winning vs. frenzied emotionalized trading which usually puts a person in a high probability position for losing…

POPS trading focuses on high probability, high velocity trades that last 1 to 3 days max usually.   Yes. That’s it.  And by limiting our variables we can put ourselves in position to make MORE MONEY.

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