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 Micro Swing Trade Weekly Options Calls and Puts with Pin Point Precision Using DeltaSTRYK Weekly Options Trading System…

ULTRA Class system – Weekly Options System DeltaSTRYK is a very powerful system that will allow you to actually swing trade weekly options, even holding these weekly options overnight for 2 to 3 days on average.

  • Ultra Accurate, very high winning percentage
  • Hit short term momentum pops.
  • Pin point moves inside of price swings by using intraday bars
  • Unique, pinpoint accurate trade setups – closest thing to a ‘holy grail’ that you are likely to ever see
  • Trade low premium, high delta cheap weekly options
  • Profit maximizer method for extracting maximal profits out of a swing pop move
  • The system has clear cut exact entries, stop placements and profit exits
  • For bigger picture moves you will get numerous setups to ride parts of a bigger move.
  • Profit potential can be staggering especially on Thursdays and Fridays of weekly options where premium is very small and deltas are massive
  • System can be traded for a potential very good living
  • Money management system included shows you how to position size the right way and compound options correctly

Watch the Overview and Review Video Below Explaining How DeltaSTRYK Works and How You Could Start Putting it to Work

weekly options micro swing trading

Micro Swing Trading Weekly Options for Quick 1 to 5 Day Trades

Check out a 4 month sample track record of DELTASTRYK system results.  Accuracy was quite high although that’s no surprise.   Entry and stop loss points are precise. On the ‘micro level’ we have more control over risk in terms of being able to more accurately place stop losses for smaller amounts.  And we use contingent orders for stop losses.

Once you have something solid, something you can control, that gives you confidence, then it’s simple a matter of good money management to ramp up to good numbers in your trading account…

Check out the system’s results in this track record sampling:  the entries and exits here are based off the exact system rules that you’ll find in this systems home study course:

How does it work?  How do you make money trading DeltaSTRYK?  

It’s pretty simple. You learn the system and you learn how it works first of course from our video course that will teach you how to enter, where to exit for profit taking and stop loss points.

And what you do from there is that in real time, start with one stock that has options pricing that you like. You need to find those stocks if you don’t have your favorite already.  And really, all you really need is one good, favorite stock to make fortunes.

We like to target closer term weekly options that are slightly in the money so we can get into the higher deltas right away. It’s really a sweet spot that you’re looking for between premium decay and delta’s on your options.

So in micro swing trading you your going to be casually watching the markets throughout the day. You don’t have to stare at the screen all the time because you are trading one hour bars. You can glance over here and there but especially around the hour mark.

And the advantage of trading one hour bars is that there are many more  profit opportunities and you’ll be able to take out more profit points versus just trading the day bars. You’ll be able to get into a swing earlier and you’ll be able to leave the swing later with more accuracy and more profit points on average.

You can see the performance example below. Each stock will behave a little differently than the other of course. You may want to look at high flyer stocks that can move a ton of points vs  boring stocks with great options prices.  Both types provide you an opportunity to make fortunes off of each. Find that sweet spot of options pricing deltas and their coordination with the average move on your underlying stock and go for it.

 You can see from the performance sample below trades that are taken one at a time. This system is designed for any market condition.  You don’t need to have a certain type of market in order to trade the system.  You don’t need a hot market. You don’t need a boring market either. On the micro swing level there is continuous opportunity. And as market price action slows down you will also find lower options prices in general with cheaper deltas so you can make money faster.

Imaging your self making these profits year after year and compounding…

DELTASTRYK Systems Result Sample
0.96 3.04
-0.23 8.26
1.18 4.28
0.63 1.06
0.16 5.32
1.57 20.65
0.17 6.08
-0.34 L 6 32.86 L 1
0.08 W 18 21.39 W 19
0.45 T 24 12.36 T 20
0.29 W% 75.00% 22.15 W% 95.00%
-0.32 13.06
0.88 13.64
0.68 33.78
1.13 -5.08
-0.28 11.25
-0.33 20.32
1.48 22.49
0.68 4.23
0.56 15.97
-0.61 267.11  4 Months Track
0.88  801.33 Points Annualized!  200% Cash Stock Return
0.97 @ .5 Delta
0.48 133.55 Options points
 Total 11.12  4 Months Track 10 Contracts $133,555.00
 33.36 Points Annualized! 20 Contracts $267,110.00
@ .5 Delta 50 Contracts $667,775.00
5.56 Options points 100 Contracts $1,335,550.00
10 Contracts $5,560.00
20 Contracts $11,120.00
50 Contracts $27,800.00
100 Contracts $55,600.00

Here is a look at a picture of what the system results look annualized.  That means it’s the 4 month sample x3

Annualized Totals Annualized
16.68    Approximate Options Points $400.67   Approximate   Options Points
10 Contracts $16,680.00 10 Contracts 400,665.00
20 Contracts $33,360.00 20 Contracts $801,330.00
50 Contracts $83,400.00 50 Contracts $2,003,325.00
100 Contracts $166,800.00 100 Contracts $4,006,650.00
200 Contracts $333,600.00
500 Contracts $834,000.00

Recent CAT results since we talked about CAt in a recent overview video of DeltaSTRYK:

+13.5 +12.8 +7.2 +5.6 +4.8 +1.2 +3.8 +6.3 +3.7 +1.2 -1.6 +5.9 = +64.4  Starting June 1 to Aug 1 2020 as seen on video above.   So 64.4 on CAT (Catepillar) points in 3 months CRUSHES IT on the stock and on the options!      Get started and put DeltaSTRYK to work!  Stop missing out on all of this sweet compounding!

Weekly Options Swing Trading System DeltaSTRYK sells for $4997.00

It comes with video training showing you exactly how to execute the system.  It also comes with a money management system, training on how to run your trading system like a professional and pitfalls to avoid.    You may ask us your trading questions at any time.

$129,000  Student Price for now is $4,997

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