Options Weekly Paychecks System A 3.0

Options Weekly Paychecks System A 3.0 1

New version of Options Weekly Paychecks System A  tweaks for lazy trading with a high flyer focus.  It’s a high flyer focus because high flyers can move a lot of points.  Once you get past a certain distance then options become “all the same” and the stocks that can fly deep into the money the fastest can make you the most money on short term swings with short term options.

Look at the example of NFLX below.  This system is about easy trading.  It’s about a lifestyle with a trading style as close to set and forget as possible.  You know your triggers for the week because they are essentially the same time every week.     Then the only time you need to pay attention is when you’re making money or the end of the week exit.  And these reasons are why people like this system.

Why people like this system reviewed:

  • it’s about as close to set and forget as possible
  • It ultra simple to trade
  • It’s ultra simple to think about.  No brain strain here!
  • You do it every week without much thought.  The experience  It’s like you roll the dice, spin the wheel and then after doing this so many weeks you end up with money!  (no promises of future performance etc disclaimer disclaimer)
  • Heck have some fun – focus on the high flyer, high roller stocks
  • You’re riding the weekly trend.
  • A lot of times big gaps go in the direction of the weekly trend as you see from our example down on NFLX.

So you’ll see this system at work form NFLX below.   Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see that NFLX nets out 340 profit points on the stock roughly in a year!  That’s a lot of points!   If you can make 1/2 those points in options points (minus premium decay factors) you’re looking at approximately 149.6 profit points in options.  So if you bought 10 contracts each trade then the profit could have been $149,000

Other factors to consider:  This is set and forget style systems.  A lot of systems that actually have made money don’t necessarily have super high winning percentages.  But those systems do have the ability to net out profit points!  And netting a profit is what counts!  And so does clarity and ease of trading in a system.  (I’m sure you’ve traded complex trading systems before that drove you nuts – well problem solve with Options Weekly Paychecks System A V 3.0!).  In short you’ll have to use good money management position sizes as well.

So let’s take a look here below.  These are listed stock points. We trade the stock but instead of buying and selling stock we use options with contingent orders.  It’s super simple.  Just buy calls or buy puts.  Contingent orders make it easy.   Every week we chime in on Monday before the market:  Place our contingent order entries and presto we’re done.  (Those who can’t do double contingents for stop will just need to place stops after entry.  There are other tricks, options positions you can do if you don’t like placing stops (which I know many of you don’t like doing so).


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