Strangulator Options Strategy 1

Never Again Fear a Big Move Trade Entry with this “No Lose” Strategy with 4 Big Home Run Setups

Pick the wrong direction in a big trade? Who cares! Find out especially how you could make a fortune picking the wrong direction!

A “NO LOSE” Big Move Options Trading Strategy. Both sides of the trade are covered.  One side is favored according to the price based strategy. You only lose some time decay if the trade does not trigger right away.  So we use big move trade setups based on price charts that have high probability of moving now and moving big. See the systems results below:

Never Again Fear a Big Move Trade Setup – Includes 4 Home Run Price Strategies Combined with Out Modified Strangle

“Imagine being able to take every trend break, every support and resistance move every big Fibonacci retracement, any big trade setup from now on with out fear of making a mistake!”

These Aren’t Your Daddy’s Strangles… Find Out How We’ve Fixed the Strangle:

No more worry about picking the wrong direction, worry about being ‘wrong’ or just the normal, heart freezing fear that comes along right at the entries of the best trading setups!

We’ve altered the traditional, somewhat lame, version of the Strangle into something special, fixed in combination with our price strategies.

Even if you’re trading 1 contracts,  you’ll never want to miss one of these trade setups, ever.  The number of potential home run trades you can now take is staggering.   Check out what STRANGULATOR has done to NFLX!

A traditional option strangle means that you buy a call and a put at the same time but on different strikes equidistant from the current price of the stock.  The hope is that a big move in the stock happens.

Your risk on this type of position is your bid ask spreads and your commissions.   Other than that, if your position just sits there for some time (which you wouldn’t let it) then there is premium decay costs.   The shorter the time frame you by faster than premium decay longer the time frame you by the slower the preview decay etc etc.  We deal with the premium decay issue by targeting big explosive Price set ups off a price chart that are supposed to move right away.  If they don’t – we simply exit the trade.  Presto.  Solved.

08Well traditional options strategy trading has a lot of guessing involved. We’re not interested in guessing or gambling.  We want an edge and a purpose in our trading.

We want to know the most explosive trades to take.  We want to know a directional edge. And if we are going to play both sides of a trade we want to have a high probability scenario for a single direction.

So I thought, wow, I know so many home run trading setups that are simply not being taken advantage of due to directional risk.  I’m talking about trading setups that can explode for many, many points, the big home run events. So I took Strangles and fixed them up a bit.  Then i combined them with 4 power strategies.  You’re really going to like this course!  Trading is going to get massively exciting for you very soon…


Imagine not having to place a “dang stop loss” (annoying aren’t they) any more!

This STRANGULATOR Home Study Course Includes:

  • 4 Core ultra powerful strategies and their variations upon which to place our variant Strangles!
  • How to do Strangles the AUTHORITY way.  (hint:  you don’t have to do a strangle the same way as the monotonous montage of mediocre options books say.)
  • Home run setup after home run set up
  • Learn which options to buy:  which strikes, expirations and even ratios!
  • Learn several variant Strangle Strategies and how to apply
  • Now you’re going to know how to read the charts for home run setups – the biggest of big moves.   Plus you’ll now be able to plays these big, scary, wild and nasty price swings without fear!
  • Entry is now made easy on the big moves and we make profit taking, the hardest part for most, EASY!   Learn my secret maximal profit taker strategy that works like a charm every single time.
  • Imagine making a fortune on boring stocks like MSFT, DELL, CAT, GE…
  • See how to reign in the high flyers
  • This is a video based instructional course you can access online through your members area.
  • Learn how to clean house with mid range stocks.

Straddles, Strangles as a trading strategy are pretty lame.  Actually all options strategies are pretty much useless on their own.   That’s right!

THERE IS NO MAGICAL OPTIONS STRATEGY (unless we get our hands on them!;)

But before you go burning all of those 1/2 baked options courses and books let me complete the concept.  Options strategies are not much use on their own with out a good, accurate, high probability, price based trading strategy with exact instructions for entry, stop loss and profit taking.

Strangulator Options Strategy 2

Strangulator Options Strategy 3

Strangulator Options Strategy 4

A Sample STRANGULATOR Performance Example of Using the Strategies in a systematic way (take every trading setup in a row)

Your Costs: Time decay Speed and distance over come time decay.  We use off balance strangles that favor a direction in combination with our 4 powerful strategies. Options get cheaper as price of stock decreases and price velocity slows.  Average position lasted 3 to 6 weeks.  Small net results on position would equal some loss due to time decay loss without position moving a decent amount.

NET Strategy 1 Strategy 2 Strategy 3 Strategy 4
NFLX Jan-11 107 52 55 46
55 18 41 -20
36 26 32 28
18 21 48 33
37 14 147 35
58 68 36 100.54
112 151 43 50.46
94 168 -16.39
37 46 48
7 12
51 3
4 28
July 2012 14
  Net Totals 691 607 402 304.61
All Strategies Stock Points Totals 2004.61
Approximate Options Points Totals 881.76
10 Contracts $881,760.00

In the above example:  You will be able to do all 4 strategies after you learn the course.  Imagine being able to now get rid of fear and enter all of the home run trading setup opportunities you see on your favorite stock.

Do you see the potential INSANE number of profit points that were captured – and without fear?!

That’s the key.  You won’t fear the big trades anymore.  And guess what?  If you fear a trade set up, that usually means that very trade setup will work!  (the trade set up that feel safe usually don’t work and the trade setups that feel scary usually do work– Remember that).

I think the magic here for you will be learning my Home Run Core 4 Strategies – they will blow your mind!   And again imagine trading without fear anymore!

STRANGULATOR Will be very liberating for you to trade!  Do not miss out on this very creative, Genius new method of trading!   Snatch it up while you can!

Get started today and be free!  Free to win.  Free from thinking your need to have a crystal ball or need to perform vast amounts of drudgerous work to make money in options trading.  Big money is not made that way and if you can accept that then all sorts of big opportunities will open for you.

So in essence–you don’t need that dang Crystal ball anymore now that you have STRANGULATOR!


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