STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals HT15 to PP (1)
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Step Aboard STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals Service for Incredible, High Momentum Options Trading Opportunity after Opportunity

STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals Offers 3 Different Signals Services: 1. The Main Serviced Based on Strategic Optimized Opportunity for Sweet Spot Big & Hyper Move Targeting 2. 2 Services Based on Running STELLAR9 on One Stock at a Time as a System which is a Powerful Way to Trade

What's the advantage of running STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals  as a system? Systems tend to bring consistency. If you looking to generate cash flow, especially with less involvement and thinking, less figuring out, less stress then you would look to run a trading system.  

Additionally when trading a system, one would take all the trades in a row in order to run that system. This produces consistency of action that can be very helpful for most traders to advance their accounts. Sometimes people easily lose focus when trading as a strategy trader. It just depends on your personality and trading style so we offer both approaches.  So with a system you don't really have to do any research you just need to simply need take the next trade,  and that can be nice.

The hot opportunity, optimized strategy approach with STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals offers a plethora of  opportunities where we look to target extra-hot opportunities on stocks for newly hot stocks.   Most traders who subscribe you signal services arguably are looking for good trading ideas and this is the membership to have.

Is there a discount for signing up for two or three?

"Can I make a lot of money with your options signal service?"  You should be able to do so!  Most deals should produce a lot of profit. But some will being mediocre and some will stop out.   You can see that in the track record.

The key is to have proper money management position sizing that is smart that allows you to pulling a lot of profit on your winning trades will not losing much on your losing trades.

This requires a fixed percent position size of your trading account  which you would need to determine based on the track record you see and your own personal experience with the trading signal service.

You can gain confidence in the signal service by trading on a demo account and watching it in real time. If you don't have a demo account you can just pretend trade and type your entries and exits in a Word document for example. Otherwise we estimate that some of our subscribers will crush it overtime,  and that means you really really well.

= GS (Goldman Sachs) STELLAR9 Performance Samples

July 2021 + 19.54 + 17.37=+36.91

August+ 33.28 + 29.23 =+62.51

October +22.65

December + 16.64 + 19.02=+35.66

January 2022 + 39.61 + 19.28 =+58.99

Totals: + 216.72 Stock Profit Points Or $216,720 per 1000 Shares

= NVDA STELLAR9 Performance Samples

August 2021 +18.67

September 2021 +16.39

October 2021 +80.39

December 2021 +12.58 +30.48= +73.06

January 2022 +24 +44.57 +25.13 =+93.7

Totals: +282.21 Stock Profit Points Or $282,210 per 1000 Shares

Here is a picture of how STELLAR9 trades on NVDA with short terms somewhat deep ITM options taking 10 points ITM 235 calls as demonstration example:

So to give a picture of options 9 days out: Let's say we bought the 235 calls ~ 10 pts ITM. Keep in mind that right now, options prices are very high due to high volatility in the markets.
So if we buy 10 contracts of the 235 calls at 15.60 and NVDA Goes Up:
+10 Pts > 22.8 = +7.2 Options Points
+20 Pts > 31.45 = +15.85 Options Points
+25 Pts > 36 = +20.4 Options Points or $20,400 on 10 contracts.
+ 40 point gain > 49.73 = +34.13 or $34,130 per 10 contracts on one trade.
As you go deep ITM the premium decay becomes essentially a non issue.

STELLAR9 Options Signals Service - NVDA Options Example

= PINS for Pinterest STELLAR9 Performance Samples

March 2021 +14.77

April +16.11

May +7.26

July +16.94

October +46.07

November + 8.19

January 2022 +7.04 

Totals:  = + 116.38 Stock Profit Points Or $116,380 per 1000 Shares

Here are some performance samples of using STELLAR9 Run As a System, for perspective: 

Performance Examples of DE - John Deer Stock June 2021 to Feb 1 2022

DE -  Here are the trades in a row:  Figures are rounded.  Run as a system, all trades in a row. 
=+321  That's mind blowing for a "boring old stock like DE!"

=+321 Stock Profit Points - That's mind blowing for a "boring old stock like DE!"  Or $321,000 per 1000 Shares

Performance of LOW - Lowe's Stock Run as a System:
11.45 -3.64 + 7.94 + 5.36 + 9.32 + 10.67 + 14.21 + 13.86 + 16.72 -3.46 + 17.34 + 8.53 +15.36 + 11.08 + 7.92 + 3.86 + 10.34 + 4.67 + 5.49 -3.42 -3.48 +2.39 + 3.44 + 1.32 + 4.67 + 4.82 + 23.45 +12.36 +13.84 -4.32  + 9.34 + 25.08  

Totals = +256.51 Stock Profit Points: Excellent! that is January 2021 to the third week of January 2022 Or $266,510 per 1000 Shares

STELLAR9 ROKU Example - Options Trading Signals

So how do we trade STELLAR9 with options?

With stock it's easy but with options it's a little bit different in that we have to pick the right strike with the right expiration when buying or selling options. Now I'm talking about buying calls and buying puts; this is what we do mostly.

If you wanted to use STELLAR9  options trading signals for using credit spreads, naked options or other options combinations variations then you could do so as well, STEALLAR9 gives an excellent momentum signal that you can use to put strong momentum behind your other options strategy trades. 

That said, STELLAR9 moves usually mature out between 5 to 10 trading days, 5 to 10 bars on the charts.  So that time frame per trade, and it's usually 5 bars on average, sometimes even less, will have to be kept in mind as to what type of options strategy you want to use vs. time to expiration.  STELLAR9 brings strong momentum so you would want to pick the best options strategies that fit in order to make money in options in an optimized way.

The one main thing that needs to be understood before you and your position is that if you get exercised upon if you sold the option or if you let the in the money position run into expiration because you forgot about it and you simply need to be able to purchase the full amount of stock equivalent to your options position. Yes you can use margin to help with that but on the whole it is wise to pick trading positions that you can fulfill with stock just in case you run into expiration and you get assigned the stock.

But the good news with that is that you can firstly talk with your broker because different brokers have different platforms and ask them about a plan of action to make sure that your options position doesn't get exercised upon expiration if you were buying calls and buying puts.  For example, what you can do is use a time based contingent order, that your options broker should have these days, so you can set that time based contingent order to get out at say 30 minutes before close on the expiration day. 

For most people 99.9% forgetting about a position into expiration and having it exercised requiring you to buy all the stock needed to cover your options assignment is a non issue. Most options traders are paying attention.  But this is just said to bring clarity to the process of options trading.  Clarity brings accuracy and greater peace of mind.   

So when  you can take care of bottom line pitfalls up front then  you can then free yourself up to focus on making money in options.   You just want to learn how to prevent mistakes that waste money and turn that into a habit so you don't have to worry about it later. 

Now if you're in the money with very little premium on a short options position, well you can get exercised at any time. We are going to focus on buying calls and buying puts only. And we are going to buy in the money calls and in the money puts. You can do whatever you want but that's what we are doing. But if your selling naked options or even using credit or debit spreads, then usually, if you have some premium on the short option then it usually will not get exercised. 

So the point is, although selling in the money naked options is important to capture the momentum that comes with STELLAR9, you'll want to make sure there's some premium on those options you're selling.  And of course, you always want to be able to cover any stock assignment if your selling options, and technically too, if you're buying options and expire ITM. 

So we are looking to buy, usually, around 2 weeks out till expiration, somewhat deep in the money calls or puts, going long not going short, to ride the momentum move with STELLAR9.  Two weeks usually covers the trade just fine.

Occasionally we'll have a super duper run that may go a little beyond two weeks but we can always close the current position and enter a new one.   But if you like trading ATM and OTM,  you can do that too, you would just want to go out further in time to reduce premium decay rates. 

Because if you go too short term on ATM or OTM options, you're then requiring the stock to move a great distance each time to cover the extrinsic value and the premium on top of that.  Yes, you get options at cheaper prices but probability for profit becomes reduced and you lose more when trades don't travel enough. 

Why are we buying short-term in the money options?  Because once the stock moves in our favor then we start getting high delta's right away and that means we start making more money faster on our options position.  This is as opposed to putting on an at the money or out-of-the-money position which requires a certain amount of points just to cover premium decay and then cover any distance out of the money.

Also when we go deep into the money or rather fairly deep, there is not much premium on the options position so we mitigate premium decay factors that go against us. And since STELLAR9  trades usually move right away with good velocity , when the trade goes in our favor then whatever premium that was on the option becomes a non-issue since we are riding right up into very high deltas getting close to 1 to 1,  tick for tick with the stock.

Now depending on the stock the average ITM options position  trade on a good moving stock is around 9ish, currently of this typing going pretty deep in the money. But as of this typing we are in very volatile time so maybe those prices will get even better as things settle down. That's said lower price stocks will have cheaper options at this distance in the money between 4 and 7ish.    Of course you can study options chains at your broker to see.  Or just go, for example,  to get good options quotes aftermarket for study.

So what's the difference between this STELLAR9  options signal service versus STELLAR9  stock trading signal service at ? 

Sometimes, at there will be similar stocks based STELLAR9 trades but with options we have to focus on the good options to play. And with stocks, we can't go too high in price or many will not be able to afford it. Yet with options we can play more expensive stocks with options and ride more huge momentum for a lot of profit points.

Here is What You Are Getting with STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals

  1. Exact entry points on the stocks.  You can then use this price point to enter your order to trigger into the trade.
  2. Exact initial stop loss points that you set after you're triggered into the position
  3. Profit taking targets where you can use a limit order or contingent order to grab profits.  Sometimes we'll use trail stops which means that you just adjust the initial stop loss to the new trail stop price.
  4. Professional signals that you can learn from in real time.
  5. Focus: Focus in on a great trading methods.  Alert signals keep you focused and in the game. 
  6. Access to an INCREDIBLE Trading system with STELLAR9.
  7. Mind your money management.  Don't put too much on one trade. STELLAR9 trades put you in a great place of probability and potential.  But there are no 'guaranteed moves'. So, especially for you whuppersnappers out there who feel an emotional urge to go for it all on one trade: don't.  And if you actually win by doing so, that's even worse because you'll try it again and then what happens to that one next trade that doesn't work?  Just saying.  You'll find your ideal position size over time with STELLAR9 as you get used to it and get your math figured out. And yes, your ideal position size is for the sake of making the most money over the long term. 
  8. I hope you all do well with STELLAR9.  I believe many will do extraordinarily well.  But you won't unless you try.  So sign up. Get started getting used to these signals.   There is no guarantee that this signal service will be always open.  Once we reach our max membership size then you won't be able to sign up. So sign up now.
  9. Also, depending on when you read this,  we very much anticipate raising the prices considerably so if you see a low price, like $97/mo then lock it in.  You'll get to keep that rate in the future as long as you are a member. 
$99.97 for each 30 days

STELLAR9 - Run as a Trading System

STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals - CAT

$99.97 for each 30 days

STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals - ROKU

$99.97 for each 30 days

STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals - AAPL

$99.97 for each 30 days

$99.97 for each 30 days

STELLAR9 Options Trading Signals - LOW

$99.97 for each 30 days