BBLZ6 Power Options Trend Trading System

With BBLZ6 Power Options Trend Trading System We Are Going for the Bigger Trends on Stocks to Ride with Options So We Can Crush it with a Nice Juicy Options Position…

With this system we are coming in at the ending gold favoring the longer-term possum of a power trim. Sometimes we don’t know if the power trend will mature into a bigger trend and if it will keep on going! And if it does we want to be there for it. That’s why With BBLZ6 Power Options Trend Trading System we cant position yourself of it very good accuracy for these big moves to mature.

It certainly is a nice feeling to be able to put on a trade and let it grow. This means that we don’t have to get so busy about trading. Just put on some very Choice extremely high probability trade sit ups let the markets just do the rest.

Yes it makes one Wonder why we tend to work so hard doing all this shorter-term trade. That said short-term training opportunities and the frequency of the opportunities with a really good system for strategy can stack up for significant returns as well. In that sense it’s good to diversify i’m not trading systems just as one would traditionally ” diversify” amongst stock Holdings.


Performance Sample:  Results based on system’s entry and exit rules.

15-Jan 4  
17-Jan 84  
  180 Stock Points
  108 Options Points Approximately
   $     108,000.00 10 Contracts Per Trade
   $     540,000.00 50 Contracts Per Trade
   $ 1,080,000.00 100 Contracts Per Trade
15-Jan 156 15-Jan
  102 17-Jan
17-Jan 480 Stock Points
  288 Options Points Approximately
   $        288,000.00 10 Contracts Per Trade
   $     1,440,000.00 50 Contracts Per Trade
   $     2,880,000.00 100 Contracts Per Trade
33.6 Stock Points
20.16 Options Points Approximately
 $              20,160.00 10 Contracts Per Trade
 $           100,800.00 50 Contracts Per Trade
 $           201,600.00 100 Contracts Per Trade


= +186.88 Wow In just 7 months and 9 days
Plus it’s so easy to trade!
Stop Aug 9 2022