KBM12 Options Power Trend Trading System


With KBM12 Options Power Trend Trading System we position ourselves for the the power trend move while favoring a shorter-term move. This means that when we capture a Power Trend move we capture a higher velocity power type of power trend. We would capture a swing trade if the power trend didn’t workout.

That said the pace of this system is set to a power trend trading Style. As you can see from the performance results below the system is it very good and solid in winning percentage.

This system is very clear to trade. It is also very low intensity to trade. This means you can be a bit more laid back and know when to get in and out of your positions.

And on that note this options power trend trading system could make for a very good “1 hour work week” trading for a good living style type of approach to trade in the market.

Yes there is no better business, no better job, than to be a trend trader or a power trend Trader or swing Trader. You simply only have to check your positions a few minutes a night and set your entries for the next day. Watch the market all day. This can give you incredible freedom when your system performs well and compounds over time.

Performance Sample:  Results based on system’s entry and exit rules.


10.5 21 T
10.9 4 L
0.5 17 W
14 80.95% W%
78.23 Stock Points
46.94 Options Points Approximately
 $          46,938.00 10 Contracts Per Trade
 $        234,690.00 50 Contracts Per Trade
 $        469,380.00 100 Contracts Per Trade