Credit Spreads Mastery 3

Master All Angles of Credit Spreads and Their Application for Cash Flow, Bigger Scores, Premium Collection, Reduced Cost and Risk Long Call/Put Replacement, Creative Concepts & Pitfalls to Avoid…

Credit spreads can be a nifty way of collecting cash from the markets on a consistent basis, when done right.

They can surprisingly sink you if done the wrong way, especially as preached by some popular options marketers.  Let’s do credit spreads the right way.

credt spread tradingThere is right way to trade in options and there is a wrong way. Options can provide wonderful opportunity for making money.  The leverage can be very profitable when used correctly.  The problem is that most carry the leverage too far wanting to ‘leverage the leverage’.  It’s a strange problem and I think has been created by bad marketers over the past 30 years (yes I’ve seen about everything).  You don’t need to ‘leverage the leverage’ you just need to use the inherent leverage in options, use basic solid positions and simply trade stocks with options.

Imagine being able to know exactly when to sell a credit spread…

  • Discover how to place credit spreads at support and resistance points on price ranges, indicators, trends specifically.  We will show you strategies!
  • Ever imagined being able to swing trade credit spreads?
  • Learn about our “Super Spread”
  • Find out how to stack spreads, and when to do so
  • See how you can replace naked calls and naked puts with far less of a margin requirement wit credit spreads.
  • Discover weekly options and credit spreads!

Yet credit Spreads alone not make you money.  Actually they can lose you a lot of money if applied as some educators suggest.  Credit Spreads plus price based strategies can make you money in a consistent way over time.

Discover techniques in placing credit spreads for excellent potential returns:

  • Let’s get the real math figured out about credit spreads, and credit spread risk to reward ratios.
  • Find out strategies on how and when to place credit spreads
  • Discover bounce techniques that allow you to place credit spreads at the bounce, bouncing past your strike in the desired direction

If you’re looking to feel good about selling credit spreads in an intelligent way for MORE profit MORE often while avoiding crazy pitfalls ideas taught by others in the past then pick up credit spread mastery.  Let’s get started: