Millionaire Maker System System 1

This Is A System Designed With The Intent, The Focus, The Goal, The Specific Goal Of Coordinating With The "Strategic Plans" Of The Millionaire Maker Or Options MILLIONS Course For Purposely Going For Making One Million Dollars From Options.

Watch the Video Below for More Explanation:

Once One Has a Options Trading Goal Then They Can Back Engineer a Plan to Obtain That Options Goal.

Once You Have a Plan You Can Go About Taking Action Towards Your Goal.  and Once You Start Taking Action You'll Discover the Need for Certain Components to Fit Into Place So You May Proceed Towards the Accomplishment of That Goal.

Once you have a battle plan for conquering your 1st million you put yourself in a much higher probability position for success.  And basing our decisions on probability is the best we can do in trading for trading success.

But if you don't have an exact plan of action in trading the markets, look out, the market place knows how to handle those who don't respect the game of the marketplace, and it will take your money just as you want to take the market place's money. But if you do respect the marketplace and achieve mastery with a method, then you're welcomed into the "good ol boys club" in a way of those who understand how the market's work and why price action moves as it does.  And once you're a "good ol boy" then you can make fortunes.

Emotionalism, Hype and "Hope Dope" Avoidance:

There is a lot of this that has been going around for decades actually. And quite frankly most people who buy products such as trading systems and business strategies, don't really buy the product for the product, they just buy the product for the emotional experience that comes with buying in the product. And hey, that's fine if that's your thing but don't get confused over what you're actually doing.

Or if you simply like learning or observing trading systems, like an art collector, then that's cool too.  Maybe one day you'll be able to create your own masterpiece systems.  We have some students like that.  And some students have taken our systems, tweaked them a bit to fit their personality, and that's great.   We just want you to win and then let us know so we can make sure we're taking the right approach to teaching you.

Understand that success in trading can happen once you get engaged in the process.

Usually the best approach is going in a step by step layered way to actually achieve the success you want to achieve. That said the step-by-step layered way isn't necessarily an exciting adrenaline rush of an approach to the emotional disappointment of some who are looking for the next sugar high.

You could argue that most traders are in the markets because they want an exciting adrenaline rush or some sort of exciting emotional experience. And that's fine just as long as you're honest about it. If you simply enjoy learning about trading and being engaged in studying the markets kind of similar to as one studies art or history that's great and fine and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you actually want to make money, make a lot of money or turn trading into a business then you're going to have to have a bit of a different approach and it will likely not be as exciting at first all though your excitement can come later as you watch your trading account grow and grow.

We Can't Make Promises of Future Returns But We Can Say that This is a VERY Good and SOLID Trading System

We're not saying you will be successful if you simply buy this course (and let it sit on your desktop unused, un practiced, undeveloped.)  We're not saying that you won't chicken out after your first couple losing trades.  We're not saying that you won't dive in with real money and big positions sizes while only 1/2 learning the system and disregarding money management position sizing logic.

On top of that we're not saying you'll make a million bucks for sure even if you do everything right.

But what we are saying is that with a smart plan based on probability derived from consistent positive behavior from the past and a sharp trading system a way to your first million and beyond becomes a great chance!  And this "Millionaire Maker System 1" provides a very solid plan and pathway towards growing a trading account methodically to a million and beyond.

What is this options trading system about?

  • It's based on Strategic Plan 1 of the course
  • This is a high probability swing trading approach
  • It's a system one looks to apply over and over and over again with the proper smart money management position sizing for the sake of compounding account growth to "infinity and beyond..."
  • It's a plan, a system that you can put to work immediately because it's not hard to learn or trade
  • It "trades" on average in 5 minutes a night because all you need to do is glance at a price chart and put on your price trigger contingent orders for entry if there is one, and that's it!
  • No watching a trade all day and it's preferred that you don't even if your trade is up big time (yes its very fun watching big profits swell up in your trading account isn't it.)

Additionally:  in order to achieve the goal you must have INTENT.

You absolutely must very specifically intend and set the goal to your first million.  One you have that you can back engineer a plan to get there.  And a well figured out plan can put you in a position to succeed and succeed big.

The great thing about options is that you don't necessarily have to start with a lot of money. But you do need to start with a plan and a very solid math based, money management position sizing system that coordinates with your trading system's average winning, reward to risk ratios and streakiness of wins and losses.

Yes and in fact you theoretically actually have the possibility of starting with a few thousand dollars, (or even with a few hundred dollars although not ideal)  while systematically marching up to your first million dollars. Again don't forget the money management mathematical, position sizing per trade factor which I emphasize to you as a tip because most beginners trade way too big with no logic at all trying to shoot for the Moon on each trade which is just dumb. (Did lots of that in my youth...) So buy this system and learn trading wisdom so you can avoid wasting tons of money through dumb trading and conversely put yourself in a position through smart trading to actually win big, systematically and methodically overtime.

System Performance Sample

The numbers represent stock profit points.  Options profits on average are roughly 44% of stock points when factoring in deltas and premium decay trading first strike OTM options.

3.65June 27 2016 (6 months)


 Stock Profit Points (for only 6 months)


Options Profits Points with decay approximations and delta inclusions


20 Contracts Systems Results Profits in options


Just to note as a reminder for those who have sparkly dollar signs in their eyes: we don't guarantee you that you'll make a million bucks.  We do provide a sound strategy that has the potential, the possibility, while giving you the increased probability chance to help you get there.   You have to make the rest happen.  So we just want to set the right perspective because some folks need it.