Options Millionaire Maker Strategy 1 – One Big Bad Options Trend Trading Strategy for CRUSHING IT with Options Over and Over and Over and Over…

“I Love it When a Good Trend Comes Together… Especially When I’m Riding that Trend with Options!”

Ride Big Trends with Great Precision. This strategy coordinates with the “Millionaire Maker” / Options MILLIONZ approach.

Have a strategic plan for anticipating, targeting, honing in and pouncing with precision.  Stop missing big moves.  Become like some of the greatest traders, recorded in trading success story books, by compounding home run trades over time.  This strategy shows you exactly how to find great potential home run trades to trade with options for potential monster profits.

This trading strategy coordinates with the “Millionaire Maker” concept and it is quite a powerful one. This means that the strategy was designed to help you achieve reverse engineered goal with a strategic approach of hitting home runs with options to potentially achieve such a large goal.

No future income performance implied… But do understand this options strategy was designed to be a high probability options trading strategy. Options Millionaire Maker Strategy 1 is a high probability strategy based on past repetitive price action and reaction over many years time. The concept is tied into some very strong fundamentals of natural numbers and ratios from the natural buying and selling behavior of humans over time. This gives us a solid advantage that tends to be more dependable.


  • The exact pin point strategy for entry
  • Profit maximization profit taking methods
  • Best Options to Trade
  • Home run targeting even for 400% to 2000% types of home run targets on options.


Options Millionaire Maker Strategy 1 1