Options Daily Paychecks 3

“Options Daily Paychecks2.0 Provides a  Powerful and Doable Way for You to Actually Day Trade Vanilla Options and Dominate Almost Every Single Price Move in a Potentially Very Lucrative Way…”

Version 2.0 is a whole different animal.  It combines 3 different proprietary techniques to allow you to potentially dominate price flow intraday with very short term high delta weekly options!

Weekly options on intraday trading provide incredible leverage.  If you can have a solid net profit average trading weekly options, the leverage is there to ramp up to large potential profits.

I let some secrets out of the bag that maybe I shouldn’t have on this one.

Arm yourself with a trading weapon of MASS DOMINATION with Options Daily Paychecks New Version 2.0!

Why a version 2.0?  Why not?  Wouldn’t you rather have a system that can potentially make a lot more money.   Wouldn’t you want to have higher winner percentages?  Would you want a system that is now potentially so solid that it can handle heavier, more aggressive position sizing?  Wouldn’t you want a system that has been designed to withstand the pursuit of $50,000, $100,000… $300,000 a day averages?  (Can’t do that volume with binary options but you can in vanilla options!)

Systems results:  Based on systems entry and exit rules of the system:

AAPL Daily Totals
4/20/2012 -6.12 13.08 7.21 6.08 20.25
19-Apr 7.26 7.09 5.28 1.87 21.5
3.05 1.65 -1.48 7.63 6.98 17.83
27.26 11.08 11.86 6.32 56.52
17.6 5.22 -3.09 -3.09 3.66 6.65 26.95
11.09 8.26 1.69 1.29 22.33
2.08 1.23 2.64 5.95
4.19 2.87 3.56 2.44 13.06
-3.56 8.03 9.36 8.12 -0.58 1.45 22.82
5.24 2.28 -1.38 1.06 2.89 10.09
-2.34 4.23 7.41 2.01 1.28 1.37 0.23 14.19
-3.36 1.06 0.89 -0.36 -1.36 3.06 -0.07
-4.21 -4.87 1.87 1.67 -5.54
4/2/2012 15.3 2.39 17.69 with average .5 Delta options
Totals:  Stock Points  |  Options Points 243.57 121.79 Options Points
10 contracts $121,785.00

20 contracts $243,570.00
50 contracts $608,925.00
100 Contracts $1,217,850.00 (Would be pretty sweet making $1.2 Million in 18 days wouldn’t it!)
In JUST 18  Days of April 2012 Systems results (so yes pre 7 for 1 split and you can apply that average speed of price action to whatever is moving around pretty well today.)

You can also take advantage of high delta, low priced weekly options with this options daily pay checks method.

As you can see from the systems results examples below the system can be very powerful.  As the system results below show $25,930 for trading BIDU on just 10 contracts in one month and $39,584.00 for trading GOOG on just 10 contracts in just one month.  This equates to a $65,514 monthly paycheck or a $3,119.71 DAILY PAYCHECK.  Sounds good doesn’t it.  So the question is – how is it done and how can you personally make this happen with the Options Daily Paychecks Home Study Course Trading System?


  • Imagine scoring a daily paycheck of $1,000, $3,000 and then growing that to $10,000 to $30,000 a day net average simply by increasing your position sizes step by step according to our MOMM’s money management system (included)
  • You get to use the new weekly options released by the CBOE – this means on popular stocks you have options expiration week EVERY WEEK!  Do you understand what this means??  This means you have very low cost, cheap options that can quickly make HUGE percent return moves.
  • There is no restriction on the number of contracts you can buy just as long as you have the cash to buy them
  • You’re day trading off stock price movement not slippery futures or massive Forex spreads and stock price movement can be more smooth intraday.
    Imagine controlling $150,000 in stock for $2,000 for 10 contracts worth! while riding nearly tick for tick with the stock!  Sheer fortunes can be made especially on Thursdays and Fridays once you know what you are doing.
  • You’re done at the end of the day!  No more worry about crazy news nonsense gaping the markets against you anymore.  So in this case you reduce risk.  Once you get good at this system and do the position sizing right according to our MOMM’s money management system then you reduce your risk even further, while at the same time allowing your self a potentially much greater return vs. holding options position over night.


    Is this software?  No it’s a home study course with videos, audios and PDF’s that show you our secret formula for the Options Daily Paychecks system

  • How long will it take me to learn the system?
  • Do I need to watch the markets all day?  The entries focus around the morning and mid day but you will need to watch your position for optimal profit.
  • Isn’t it hard day trading options?  No at all.  In fact there are many advantages day trading margins as in you don’t have to have an up tick rule, you don’t have to worry about moving the market or the market moving up to gun your stops,


    An options brokerage account with at least $25,000.  Why $25,000?  Because there is an annoying rule for your “safety” (not). The markets still have a ‘pattern trader’ limitation that requires you to hold a position overnight if your account is under $25,000.  We don’t want that – that would be a different system of ours to hold a position overnight.  In reality you’re going to have to have more than $25,000 to allow for bad trades and mistakes on your part – or you’ll just have to deposit more funds if you dip below $25,000.  They are very strict with that $25,000 rule for stocks and stock options intraday trading.

  • Go through the Options Daily Paychecks home study course three times with a notepad, taking notes and sending us any trading questions.
  • Real time charts of course.

Imagine being able to day trade options on stocks.  Now imagine being able to use super cheap, yet high delta weekly options – you know, those new types of options that expire weekly now.  (for more information on weekly options go to CBOE site http://www.cboe.com/micro/weeklys/introduction.aspx )

This system has been developed through over 10 years of testing and is a solid way to work the stock options market that could become potentially quite lucrative to you.  Imagine not having to deal with the daily gut wrenching wonder nightly to see if your overnight options position is about to get hacked!  With options daily paychecks you don’t hold positions overnight!

This system is a home study course that covers every angle for trading successfully in general and trading this system specifically.  If you are interested in making a career shift this system is a great way to start.

Please study the track record below.  You’ll essentially take a maximum of 5 trades a day.  There are specific trade times so you are not waiting around for an entry all day.

The results below on on just two stocks.  What if you were able to work up to 5 stocks?  Or… what if you were able to trade up to 100, 200,  300 contracts on just one stock’s options?…

Options Daily Paychecks Performance 1.0 Systems Results (the old version)

-1 -0.6
0.5 2.5 2.1
1 0.5
4.5 5 1.5
-0.75 1.1
-0.5 1 1
1 1 2
3 -1
-0.7 -0.7 1 0.3 2
1 -0.6
1 0.5
1.5 -0.5 -0.5
2 1
0.5 0.5 1.5
2.5 -0.5 -0.5
0.5 2 0.5 1.5
4.3 0.1 -0.5
-2.3 2.2 1
1.2 -1 2.5
19.25 7 1 27.25 10.4 9.5 19.9
Total: 47.15
Options pts 25.93
10 cc profit $25,930
50 cc profit $129,650
1-Apr 1.8 3.2
-2.1 6.3 -2 -2
10.33 -1.3 2.1
2.21 2.8
3.5 1.7
2.12 1.7 1.47 -0.8
1.34 2.45
4.13 1.87
-1.54 -1.54 -1.54 -1 1.22
-1.68 1.89
13.56 -1.12 11.32
-4.98 6.32
5.04 -1.65
2.67 2.88
2.14 1.54
1.64 -1.24 -1.24
1.09 11.14 -1.32 9.56
-1.53 -1.12 -1.12
1.07 0.54 1.28
29-Apr 2.54 1.55 1.77
43.35 17.6 -1.54 59.41 17.46 22.09 39.55
Total: 98.96
Options pts 39.58
10 cc profit $39,584.00
50 cc profit $197,920.00
5 cc profit $196,542.00
10 cc profit $393,084.00
50 cc profit $1,965,420.00
System Fee Based off of 2% on 5 Contracts $3,930.84  Now $4,997.00 and will go up as more purchase – it’s that powerful!

Performance WILL vary from month to month as it always does in the stock market.  Performance is not guaranteed whatsoever etc… Study the track record above so you understand the nature of the system and general fluctuations in the stock marketing between slow and fast periods.  Of course you’ll need to actually pay attention in order to capture the trades and just get better at capturing trades over time.   That said you do give yourself an awesome plan with this system, a plan that can keep you on the right side of the markets.

One pay of $4997.00 or 2 Pay of $2,500 now and $2,500 in 30 Days

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