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Covered Call Selling is a Mediocre Strategy That Doesn’t Make Much Money and Has Several Fundamental Problems On its Own – So We Fixed It!

You now have the option of making the covered calls strategy one of your more if not most prolific cash flow producing strategies…

Problems with Covered Calls:

  • Small returns
  • Caps off your stock profits to the upside  making you miss out on massive swing and trend moves for the sake of a little covered call premium.
  • If you sell a covered call into an up move your stock gets taken away from you which is not good if you wanted to keep it or avoid capital gains tax.
  • You make only a tiny amount selling calls compared to the large amount you lose, or profits you give back when your stock goes down.
  • So no protection to the downside – no way to lock in profits as your stock goes down
  • No way to actually
  • An options strategy is simply an instrument and does not help you with entries or exits.  In order to make money with covered calls you need a method, a system of entry,

– Covered Calls Fixed –  Turn Writing Covered Calls into a Potential Significant Income stream Giving You A Plan to Know Exactly When to Sell the Calls, When to Get Out, Out to Prevent Getting Called Out, How to Uncap the Upside, How to Augment Upside Profits, How to Not Only Protected the Downside Correctly But Also Make a Mint When Your Stock Goes Down…

With Our Fixes:

  • Know exactly when to sell your calls
  • Know exactly when to buy you stock if you don’t have stock already
  • Know exactly when to cut and bail at a “stop loss point”
  • How to prevent getting called out or reduce the risk significantly of getting those long term holdings from being snatched away
  • Learn how to specifically sell In The Money calls to grab much more call selling profit points on purpose while minimizing chances of getting called out at the same time.  You’ll learn from our covered calls systems when to sell right at momentum breakpoints downwards.
  • Find out how to lock in profits in your stock and not lose your shirt to the down side.  You’ll have a plan for every downswing and down trend
  • Discover how to not only properly protect your stocks to the downside but also learn the technique
  • Learn how to ‘uncap’ the upside not only by learning when to sell calls with correct timing but also with our upside profit bolster fix.
  • Discover the strategies for minimizing your risk  of getting called out significantly.
  • Find out how to potential increase your covered call profits four fold selling weekly options covered calls.
  • Could it be time right now that you take a step towards having the skills to turn your stock portfolio into something that is more safe while allowing you to potentially start making significant returns on your entire trading account possibly dwarfing afters ‘market index returns’ while avoiding treading water with the old way of selling covered calls?
  • You may want to get started now and not lose momentum on this, which is easy to do these days.  Make sure you get this information and start making a habit of implementing it!

We present you our covered calls systems below.

Mastery is a course but it teaches you new strategic approaches.  EXTREME is a Covered Call Trading System!  THETABULLY is a Weekly Options Covered Call System.  If you like covered calls, get ready to have your mind blown and discover how to take your covered call writing up another 10 levels…

Covered Calls Systems 2

Covered Calls Mastery  Awesome home study course that teaches you “Covered Calls2.0”  Relearn covered calls.  Turn a once mediocre strategy into a very powerful strategy combined with new approaches.

covered calls system

Covered Calls Extreme – Advanced covered calls trading system that shows you where to get in and get out with 4 incredible profit maximization and risk reduction strategies that turn an average strategy into a powerhouse strategy.


THETABULLY – covered calls with weekly options!  4 Times the premium capturing opportunity with  3 killer trading strategies.   Position yourself to make money on the upside, downside and from premium rot.

BUBL11 Swing Trading Covered Calls System

BUBL11 Swing Trading Covered Calls System
BUBL11 Swing Trading Covered Calls System How to Turn Your Stock Holdings into a Cash Cow… Most people have been taught about the cover calls option strategy as if it was a magic thing on its own. Fortunately those people had to learn the hard way. Cover tall is a pretty lame if you just kind of just went to sell the premium. It’s easy to cause yourself more loss while walking out profit in the stock and even getting your stock called away.

Covered Calls Accelerated Cash Flow

Covered Calls Accelerated Cash Flow
“Swing Trading Covered Calls for Much More Cash Flow” Course. Covered calls are lame on their own until you pair them with swing trading! Learn how to advance your covered calls selling significantly even to the point of a a weekly paycheck. Covered calls are lame! Well they were lame until now!

SPEYEK7 Covered Calls Swing Trading System

SPEYEK7 Covered Calls Swing Trading System