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“Ground Breaking, BS Busting, “Covered Call Mastery Course” Opens Several New Windows of Profitability and Loss Prevention On What Was Once a Genuinely Lame Options Strategy…”

You need a solution, a strategy or two that will enable you to:

  1. Make more money when your stock goes up allowing for maximal potential upside
  2. Learn how to not cap of your stock’s upside profits!
  3. Protect your stock when your stock starts going down
  4. Make more money selling calls than “the usual” by pin pointing
  5. Know to very good probability when your stock is going up or down.
  6. Make fortunes when your stock tanks?  Yes!  Make more on your covered calls and repeatedly PLUS make more with our other strategies.

Sure.  It all sounded great at one time:  “earn cash flow off your stocks”, “receive monthly rent on your stocks”, “hey Warren Buffet did it…”   But then you tried it.  It may have  gone great for a while but then… your stocks started going down.  What do you do then?

Soon after that you may have realized that selling covered calls capped you profits.  Your stock started shooting to the moon but you could do nothing about it except take your tiny spread and covered call income.  You may have gotten frustrated   You should get frustrated.  You may have ditched the strategy entirely at this point.  But I’m here to tell you not to throw away covered calls, give them a second change but do them my way!  Please read on…

Have you been able to make money consistently selling covered calls?

Most don’t.  In fact most cause more troubles for themselves, locking themselves out of big gains, getting long term holdings called out while having no plan for when a stock goes down.

The old way encourages small gain and big loss when you’re stock goes down and over time, that math does not add up. 

When do you buy stock?

When is the best time to sell a call?

Can I sell an In The Money call for more profit?

Is there anyway to not lose when my stock goes down?

Is there any way to actually make money when my stock goes down??

Can I sell calls and still make money if my stock takes off upward?

It’s time to break the myths, the exaggerations, the fabrications… regarding covered calls!

No matter who told you, covered calls are NOT “safe” on their own
It’s a limited reward and unlimited risk (to zero) strategy. Doubt me? Ask GM (General Motors) shareholders in 2008.
Find out what happens to the basic covered calls strategy in a down trend…

Learn what happens to your long term stock holding when you don’t sell covered calls right. (hint: they can disappear leaving you with a fat tax bill if profitable!) 

Yes you can lose a fortune in loss and miss out in a fortune in potential gain by selling covered calls the ‘traditional’ way. So why sell covered calls at all?

Here’s why! We fixed covered calls now tuning a once lame strategy into a potential powerhouse of cash flow and networth building with the added benefit of stability associated with investing in the actual stock.

  • We now fixed the issue of your stock being in a medium to long term downtrend.
  • Now you can make a potential fortune to the downside in a smart way with our new options strategy
  • Learn how to sell In the Money calls the right way and collect large chucks of premium
  • Learn how to buy the stock low and sell the calls high
  • Direct strategies on how and where to sell calls according to our chart price strategies
  • Long term stock portfolio special strategies to pluck off short call premium while making chunks of cash as your stocks go down with the markets.
  • Discover the strategy that would have made you a fortune by holding GM into bankruptcy in 2008!! (yes while actually being long the stock!)
  • Why buy stock when you can buy a long term option? We’ll investigate the popular “calendar spread” strategy and give you practical application
  • Speaking of practical application – we show you these new strategies and how to apply them. There are many new and creative strategies that will open up a whole new world of opportunity to you and you’ll know exactly how to do each strategy and when.

Access this valuable course.  Apply now if you can but also it would be wise to accumulate this knowledge so you can make future plans to provide yourself an potential awesome retirement filled with lots of continuous cash flow!

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