covered calls system

An Actual Covered Calls Trading System to Aggressively Trade Covered Calls in a Way You May Never Would Have Imagined.

Learn How to Take Covered Calls Up Another 10 Levels with a Exact System of Entry and Exit

Know When to Buy Stock When the Stock Starts Going Up, Sell Calls While the Stock Starts Going Down and How to Make a Potential Fortune as Your Stock Tanks into A Big Downtrend or Big Down Swing.

  1. How to make money when the stock goes, make the full swing without up with choking off the move.

  2. How to Make money when the stock goes down selling aggressive ITM calls the right way.  But this time you have an exact entry, stop loss and take profit point.

  3. How to Make more money when the stock goes down, we’ve ‘turned the tables’ on covered calls and now you can make more money when the stock goes down using our profit maximizer method #3 (vs. losing your shirt, the old way)

  4. Find out how  you can crank up your profits when the stock goes up on top of your stock gains with  profit maximizer method #3

  5. Turn your “cash producing asset”, your stock, into a potential money printing machine in a methodical, exact, business like fashion.

What if you could pump out an average 4 points of covered calls premium vs. an average or .50 a month?

What if you no longer feared if a stock starts going down, but actually start ‘licking your chops’ over a downswing, or better yet a down trend!  Sounds crazy doesn’t it. But it’s not your average crazy – turning what used to be a universal failure point in covered call writing into a new found potential source of wealth!


Powerful, powerful strategies for buying stock, selling calls and other surprise, creative strategies to help you not only protect the downside, but potentially make a fortune when your stock goes down.

  • Discover how to pinpoint up swings and downswings with pin point accuracy.
  • Have a very real and specific plan to maximize your stock purchases
  • Know exactly when to sell your covered calls and learn how to capture a lot more premium – AUTHORITY Style “21st Century” Covered Call Writing!
  • Selling calls when your stock goes down, learn to capture extra premium the right way
  • No more selling calls too early ruining an up swing, up trend
  • Learn how to manage your short calls.  Just because you sold them doesn’t mean can’t get out of them.  See how we limit loss and enter with pin point precision with our price based exit triggers
  • Just imagine being able to take out several points 2, 4, 7 points or more on your short calls instead of measly .30 and .50.
  • Worried about getting called out?  We’ve got a solution for that which greatly reduces that possibility.
  • Why take the hit when your stock goes down?  Learn how to prevent the hit.  Then learn how to potentially ‘clean house’, make a killing when your long stock position goes down in addition to selling calls!  Very exciting.  Learn how to do this right!
  • “Inverse covered calls” we show you how to identify a major trend change and do the opposite of selling covered calls
  • Once you are able to pin point the swing, you become the boss, you control your destiny in the markets.  Once you know the swing your risk is also drastically reduced.


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