Options Swing Trading Systems

Options Swing Trading Systems 1

Options Swing Trading is a Great Way to Trade Calls and Puts with Limited Risk and Unlimited Profit Potential for Trading Calls and Puts

Take advantage of the short term momentum in a stock swing and ride that swing with options.  Short term high momentum moves are ideal for buying calls and puts.  Such moves can be potentially leveraged into large gains over time with a good trading system, money management system and a consistent approach.

If you’re looking to trade for a living then option swing trading is a great way to go. Why is that? Because with the use of options contingent orders you only need to trade 5 to 10 minutes and night if that. And the opportunity to compound into significant returns is a very real one in particular with a good option swing trading system.

What’s a price swing?

It’s a pretty quick move but that is relative to what time frame you are trading on the charts. For example if you are trading day bars the price swing will last 3 to 5 days are on average. If you are trading POPS swing trading style your average trade will last between one and three days. If you are trading of a 60-minute bar 120 minute bars on the micro swing level your price swing will be relative to the momentum swing of the bars as indicated by our methods.

So in other words swing trading is based on the price swing and a price swing is based on price bars going in a particular direction for a little while in One Direction and that’s it. So we play these little directional moves that usually last between 1 and 5 bars although they can go to eight bars or 13 bars approximately.

Now if you strategy trade price swings and he get very good at choosing the desk case price wings that can move the farthest and the quickest then the potential for making a lot of money very quickly is there.

On top of that there is a type of swing that is a hyper motivated swing that can last a couple weeks that we also call a “super swing”. Now those a lot of money!

Options Swing Trading Systems 2

Swing trading options for a business.

Well I’d like to push that term “trading as a business” a little further into you actually setting up a trading company. By formalizing the process one can tend to think of trading in a more professional and serious way. In order to win in trading one has to take trading very seriously. Those that don’t trade in a business like fashion but end up chasing their emotions and usually fall into pitfalls.

Swing trading offers and ideal opportunity to trade as a business or have your very own work-from-home business in Trading. If you take it seriously and learn to trade a system that has been well thought out and tested out you could stand a very good chance of trading from home for a living. Not only that when trading is done right it turns out to be the best business on the planet offering you the most potential opportunity, growth and the potential for making vast amounts of money. This is very important because not very many other business opportunities actually offer that.

What’s even more valuable is that if you swing trade for a living then you have lots of free time to do lots of other things. If you are swing trading you only need to watch the markets 5 to 10 a day (and any more watching than that is usually counterproductive!). So that’s all you need to do is trade that system 5 to 10 and you’re done. Then over time as your account grows and the system continuously performs producing cash flow that compounds the value of the account so that you can have the freedom to do lots of other things, buy things, travel, donate, do Good Deeds etc.

Swing trading can also be combined with other options strategies for powerful potential gains.

All in all the price swing in options trading can be the most profitable way to trade. Why?  A swing usually happens right away.  It happens over 2 to 5 days although it can extend into 2 weeks if you’re really rolling in momentum.  Well the shorter the term options you can use the better.  Time cost money in options in rotting time premium.  But shorter term options allow for better deltas, a better bang for the buck. Shorter term options are also cheaper in price so you can get higher ROI on your trades and risk less total dollar amounts per trade.    So if you can get good at options swing trading then this is a GREAT way to go to build cash flow and net worth.

Bottom line:  you need a good swing trading system in order for you to have a chance of making, keeping and growing your trading account over time.  Here are some of our powerful options swing trading systems:

The Following Systems Below Play Swing Trades with Options Thereby Targeting a 1 to 5 Plus Day Swing On Average

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